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Volunteer - Live Help


Group charter

This group is run by Mentor Volunteers and is meant for new residents under 6 months of age that require assistance.

Questions can be asked in this channel. Live Help Mentors may answer on availability.

Ask a Live Help Mentor for an invite.


  • This group is only meant for answering questions from residents under 6 months of age or to provide general advice to all of them at once via group notices or in groupchat.
  • This group is totally opt-in for Mentors only and new residents.
  • All Mentors can invite new residents into this group. (Attention: ONLY invite them in the everyone role if possible otherwise!)
  • The Owners of the group will eject all account holders above 6 months of age about every month (this may be subject to change depending on the growth or possible problems with the group).
  • If a resident asks a question, only one good answer should be provided in group chat. More complex matters are best handled in an IM with the resident. This means no discussions in groupchat, only questions and answers!
  • No spamming or general talk in groupchat is allowed.
  • It is not allowed to call for a Linden for assistance.
  • All Mentors have to abide by the Tao/ToS/CS standards.

Someone not following these rules is subject to possible ejection from this group, with or without warning.

Available Roles

  • Role name: Everyone - Title: New Resident (will only be able to talk into the group channel and to receive group notices)
  • Role name: Greeter - Title: LH Mentor Greeter
  • Role name: Greeter Tour Guide - Title: Greeter Tour Guide
  • Role name: Linden - Title: I <3 Volunteers
  • Role name: Second Life Mentor - Title: Live Help Mentor

Only the group Owners will be able to set the role names and titles to LH Mentors. Choose your favorite role in the General tab of the group. Contact one of the owners if your title is missing.

Only the group Owners will be able to sent group notices.

Everyone else - besides new residents - will be able to vote on proposals, sent by the Owners.

If - for whatever reason - a Mentor lost it's role, they will be ejected from this group.

Treat every new resident with the utmost respect as the Tao prescribes! We want to create a good New User Experience (NUE).

Mentors can request an invite from the group Owners: Amilie Anatine, Constanza Amsterdam, JoJo Balut, Lisa Lowe or Lord Sullivan

Not Linden Lab endorsed

This group is founded by a group of Mentors. It is not endorsed by Linden Lab. The group is opt-in. This is meant as an enhancement and not a replacement for the Second Life Volunteer Mentor program.

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