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Event: attach( key id ){ ; }

Triggered in an object when the object attaches or detaches from agent.

• key id the avatar if attached, if not attached NULL_KEY.



  1. When the object is attached to an avatar
    • From the ground
    • From inventory
    • When the avatar wearing the object logs in
  2. When object is detached (id == NULL_KEY)
    • Dropped to the ground
    • Derezzed to inventory
    • When the avatar wearing the object logs out

Not Triggered

  1. When the avatar wearing the object teleports
  2. When the avatar wearing the object moves from one region to another


The following is a simplified example of the attach event. The variable id will be the key of the avatar the scripted object is attached to otherwise it will take on the value of NULL_KEY. The conditional if statement is used to determine the value of the variable id. <lsl>default {

   attach(key id)
       if(id)//tests if it is a valid key and not NULL_KEY
           llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"I have been attached!");
           llSay(PUBLIC_CHANNEL,"I have been detached!");



on_rez & attach

on_rez will be triggered prior to attach when attaching from inventory or during login.

Derez Timing

Durring derez, an object is only given so much time to execute it's attach events. If these events are active when the script derezzes but have not completed, execution will finish when the object is next rezzed (this may not be desirable). It is advisable to keep you detach code simple.

See Also


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Deep Notes


event void attach( key id );