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A key is a unique identifier in Second Life for anything mostly, be it a prim, avatar, texture, etc.

You may see key referred to as UUID, UID, "Asset UUID", or "asset-ID."

The key itself is formed of hexidecimal characters (a-f and 0-9) and each section of the key is broken up by dashes.

An example key:


Getting a Key

There are several ways to acquire the key of something:
1) Having someone supply it to you;
2) Using a native LSL function such as llGetKey, etc.
3) In your inventory, right-clicking over something and choosing "Copy Asset UUID." Note this will only work on items that you have full permissions to.

Converting Keys

When a key is supplied to you as a text string, you convert it to the key data type like this:


Testing for a valid key

To test for a valid key, just do this:

      //do something

if(uuid) will only return true if it is supplied a key that is both (A) valid, and (B) NOT a NULL_KEY.

Tip! In techy talk, this method is called "passing it as the parameter for a conditional"

Here is an example of how to build a function around this:

<lsl> integer isKey(key in) {

   if(in) return 2;
   return (in == NULL_KEY);

} </lsl>