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! Event: control( key id, integer level, integer edge ){ ; }
15 Event ID
0.05 Delay

Result of llTakeControls library function call and user input.

• key id
• integer level bitfield of CONTROL_* flags, non-zero while one or more keys is being held down.
• integer edge bitfield of CONTROL_* flags, non-zero when one or more keys have been just pressed or released.
Constant Value Description
CONTROL_FWD 0x00000001 Move forward control ( or W)
CONTROL_BACK 0x00000002 Move back control ( or S)
CONTROL_LEFT 0x00000004 Move left control (⇧ Shift- or ⇧ Shift-A [ or A in mouselook])
CONTROL_RIGHT 0x00000008 Move right control (⇧ Shift- or ⇧ Shift-D [ or D in mouselook])
CONTROL_ROT_LEFT 0x00000100 Rotate left control ( or A)
CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT 0x00000200 Rotate right control ( or D)
CONTROL_UP 0x00000010 Move up control (PgUp or E)
CONTROL_DOWN 0x00000020 Move down control (PgDn or C)
CONTROL_LBUTTON 0x10000000 Left mouse button control
CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON 0x40000000 Left mouse button control while in mouselook


Important Issues

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   llTakeControls overrides existing controls


<lsl>default {

       llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS);
   run_time_permissions(integer perm)


llGetRot in mouselook for an attachment returns the angle the avatar is looking in.

If llMinEventDelay is set to at least double this events delay, then this event will treat the llMinEventDelay as if it were half; in other words, this event can trigger twice as often as other events if the llMinEventDelay is greater than 0.1

There are some bugs when you put two scripts in the same prim and call LlTakeControls(), the id may be not intended one. See SVC-3187.

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All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   llTakeControls overrides existing controls


event void control( key id, integer level, integer edge );