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|also_functions={{LSL DefineRow||[[llGetAgentInfo]]|}}
{{LSL DefineRow||[[llGetAnimationList]]|}}
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Function: string llGetAnimation( key id );

Returns a string that is the name of the currently playing locomotion animation for avatar id. See the table below.

• key id Agent UUID in the sim.

This function isn't all that useful, llGetAgentInfo and llGetAnimationList provide more information in a more useful manner.

Value Description
"Hovering Down"
"Hovering Up"
Value Description
"Sitting" The avatar is sitting on an object.
"Sitting on Ground"
"Falling Down"
Value Description
"Standing Up"
"Soft Landing"
"Turning Left"
"Turning Right"


See Also


•  llGetAgentInfo
•  llGetAnimationList

Deep Notes

Search JIRA for related Issues


function string llGetAnimation( key id );