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Function: float llListStatistics( integer operation, list src );

Returns a float that is the result of performing statistical aggregate function operation on src.

• integer operation a LIST_STAT_* flag
• list src

If a list entry type is not a float or an integer it is silently ignored.

Constant Description
LIST_STAT_RANGE 0 Returns the range.
LIST_STAT_MIN 1 Retrieves the smallest number.
LIST_STAT_MAX 2 Retrieves the largest number.
LIST_STAT_MEAN 3 Retrieves the mean (average).
LIST_STAT_MEDIAN 4 Retrieves the median number.
LIST_STAT_STD_DEV 5 Calculates the standard deviation.
LIST_STAT_SUM 6 Calculates the sum.
LIST_STAT_SUM_SQUARES 7 Calculates the sum of the squares.
LIST_STAT_NUM_COUNT 8 Retrieves the number of float and integer elements.
LIST_STAT_GEOMETRIC_MEAN 9 Calculates the geometric mean.


Deep Notes

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function float llListStatistics( integer operation, list src );