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(This is a English summarized version of my User Page. You can see complete that page in the Spanish version)

Irene Muni and "Aventura y Viajes" ("Travel & Trips")

  • Irene Muni live in SL from 7.1.07. But a previous avatar is in SL from 6.1.05.
  • In RL I'm from Spain.
  • Languages: Spanish and English. I can understand -with difficulties- the Italian language.
  • I coordinate the Aventura y Viajes Group, and their lands and events:
  1. Activities, active tourism, destinations, travel...
  2. Anything relating to the world of Travelers and Explorers in SL.
  3. Web and forum: Aventura y Viajes.

The Spanish language in Second Life

Please, see the Spanish version of this page.

In Volunteering Program (mentors)

My roles

Web resources for Volunteers and other Residents

  1. Extensive documentation in Spanish: Blog de Manuales en Español about Second Life.
  2. Resources for Volunteers (especially Spanish-speaking Volunteers) and Residents at this page.
  3. Forum in Spanish language about Volunteering in Second Life: here.
  4. # Important. If you are a Mentor who speak spanish, you must see this page about us.