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This page is to define and describe the specific editing and posting Guidelines for the LSL Wiki Portal.

About The LSL Portal

Mission Statement

"To provide accurate documentation for the scripting language of Second Life: LSL"

Goal Statement

"To provide documentation to help scripters of all skill levels."



Old Discussions


  • Pages specific to the running of the LSL portal or category pages should be prefixed with 'LSL '.
  • All other existing pages documenting LSL with the LSL prefix are to be moved out of the LSL prefix unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.
  • Questions should be posted on talk/discussion pages and signed (use -- ~~~~ to sign comments).
  • Before posting a feature suggestion on the wiki check to see if it has been suggested on Jira first.
  • When posting a script if it is a complete script, it should compile without error and be fully functional or marked otherwise. Code fragments should compile if properly installed into a script (no internal errors in the code fragments).
  • Scripts that are posted should have a consistent style through out the script; whitespace consistency is important.
  • Modern web browsers come with or have available spell checkers. All content should be spell checked before being posted.