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Function: vector llDetectedTouchPos( integer index );

Returns the vector position where the object was touched in region coordinates, unless it is attached to the HUD, in which case it returns the position in screen space coordinates.

• integer index Index of detection information

index does not support negative indexes. For the touch category of events only. The prim that was touched may not be the prim receiving the event, use llDetectedLinkNumber to check for this; likewise you can use llDetectedTouchFace to determine which face was touched.


  • HUD attachments currently return coordinates relative to the center of the screen rather than the attachment point. SVC-3425
  • If index is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
  • TOUCH_INVALID_VECTOR is returned when...
    • The avatar's viewer does not support face touch detection.
    • The touch has moved off the surface of the prim.
    • The event triggered is not a touch event.

Important Issues

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   For HUDs llDetectedTouchPos does not return positions relative to attach point, position is relative to screen center?


    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        llWhisper(0, "Pos clicked: " + (string)llDetectedTouchPos(0));
vector GetRealTouchPos(vector pos)
//  By Ariu Arai for free use to anyone
//  Returns a useful HUD Position Vector from the llDetectedTouchPos(); function
//  USE: vector pos = GetRealTouchPos(llDetectedTouchPos(0)); .. Etc.
//  This function is intended to be used to move child prims to where the user clicks. This does not work on the root prim.

    integer point = llGetAttached();
    vector offset;

    if      (point == ATTACH_HUD_TOP_RIGHT)    offset = <1.0, 0.933,-0.5>;
    else if (point == ATTACH_HUD_TOP_CENTER)   offset = <1.0, 0.000,-0.5>;
    else if (point == ATTACH_HUD_TOP_LEFT)     offset = <1.0,-0.933,-0.5>;
    else if (point == ATTACH_HUD_BOTTOM_LEFT)  offset = <1.0,-0.933, 0.5>;
    else if (point == ATTACH_HUD_BOTTOM)       offset = <1.0, 0.000, 0.5>;
    else if (point == ATTACH_HUD_BOTTOM_RIGHT) offset = <1.0, 0.933, 0.5>;

    //return (pos - llGetLocalPos()) + (offset * llGetLocalRot());
    return ((offset - llGetLocalPos()) + pos) / llGetLocalRot();

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All Issues

~ Search JIRA for related Issues
   For HUDs llDetectedTouchPos does not return positions relative to attach point, position is relative to screen center?


function vector llDetectedTouchPos( integer index );