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Function: llSetVehicleRotationParam( integer param, rotation rot );

Sets the vehicle rotation parameter param to rot.

• integer param VEHICLE_* flag
• rotation rot

Constant Description
VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME 44 rotation of vehicle axes relative to local frame


The reference frame can be computed and set in two steps:

  1. Place the vehicle with front facing east(red arrow) and with left side facing north(green arrow)
  2. llSetVehicleRotationParam( VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME, ZERO_ROTATION / llGetRootRotation());

See Also


•  llSetVehicleFloatParam Sets a vehicle float parameter
•  llSetVehicleVectorParam Sets a vehicle vector parmeter


•  Linden Vehicle Tutorial

Deep Notes

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function void llSetVehicleRotationParam( integer param, rotation rot );