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Function Constant Description
llSetVehicleType VEHICLE_TYPE_NONE 0 Turns off vehicle support
VEHICLE_TYPE_SLED 1 Simple vehicle that bumps along the ground, and likes to move along its local x-axis
VEHICLE_TYPE_CAR 2 Vehicle that bounces along the ground but needs the motors to be driven from external controls or timer events
VEHICLE_TYPE_BOAT 3 Hovers over water with lots of friction and some angular deflection
VEHICLE_TYPE_AIRPLANE 4 Uses linear deflection for lift, no hover, and banking to turn
VEHICLE_TYPE_BALLOON 5 Hover, and friction, but no deflection

VEHICLE_REFERENCE_FRAME 44 rotation of vehicle axes relative to local frame

VEHICLE_ANGULAR_FRICTION_TIMESCALE 17 vector of timescales for exponential decay of angular velocity about the three vehicle axes
VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION 19 angular velocity that the vehicle will try to achieve
VEHICLE_LINEAR_FRICTION_TIMESCALE 16 vector of timescales for exponential decay of linear velocity along the three vehicle axes
VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DIRECTION 18 linear velocity that the vehicle will try to achieve
VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_OFFSET 20 offset from the center of mass of the vehicle where the linear motor is applied.

VEHICLE_ANGULAR_DEFLECTION_EFFICIENCY 32 slider between 0 (no deflection) and 1 (maximum strength)
VEHICLE_ANGULAR_DEFLECTION_TIMESCALE 33 exponential timescale for the vehicle to achieve full angular deflection
VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE 35 exponential timescale for the angular motor's effectiveness to decay toward zero
VEHICLE_ANGULAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE 34 exponential timescale for the vehicle to achive its full angular motor velocity
VEHICLE_BANKING_EFFICIENCY 38 slider between -1 (leans out of turns), 0 (no banking), and +1 (leans into turns)
VEHICLE_BANKING_MIX 39 slider between 0 (static banking) and 1 (dynamic banking)
VEHICLE_BANKING_TIMESCALE 40 exponential timescale for the banking behavior to take full effect
VEHICLE_BUOYANCY 27 slider between -1 (double-gravity) and 1 (full anti-gravity)
VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT 24 height the vehicle will try to hover.
VEHICLE_HOVER_EFFICIENCY 25 slider between 0 (bouncy) and 1 (critically damped) hover behavior
VEHICLE_HOVER_TIMESCALE 26 period of time for the vehicle to achieve its hover height
VEHICLE_LINEAR_DEFLECTION_EFFICIENCY 28 slider between 0 (no deflection) and 1 (maximum strength)
VEHICLE_LINEAR_DEFLECTION_TIMESCALE 29 exponential timescale for the vehicle to redirect its velocity to be along its x-axis
VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_DECAY_TIMESCALE 31 exponential timescale for the linear motor's effectiveness to decay toward zero
VEHICLE_LINEAR_MOTOR_TIMESCALE 30 exponential timescale for the vehicleto achive its full linear motor velocity
VEHICLE_VERTICAL_ATTRACTION_EFFICIENCY 36 slider between 0 (bouncy) and 1 (critically damped) attraction of vehicle z-axis to world z-axis (vertical)
VEHICLE_VERTICAL_ATTRACTION_TIMESCALE 37 exponential timescale for the vehicle to align its z-axis to the world z-axis (vertical)
VEHICLE_FLAG_NO_DEFLECTION_UP 0x001 This flag prevents linear deflection parallel to world z-axis. This is useful for preventing ground vehicles with large linear deflection, like "Wikipedia logo"bumper cars, from climbing their linear deflection into the sky.
VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_ROLL_ONLY 0x002 For vehicles with vertical attractor that want to be able to climb/dive, for instance, airplanes that want to use the banking feature.
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_WATER_ONLY 0x004 Ignore terrain height when hovering.
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_TERRAIN_ONLY 0x008 Ignore water height when hovering.
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_GLOBAL_HEIGHT 0x010 Hover at global height instead of height above ground or water.
VEHICLE_FLAG_HOVER_UP_ONLY 0x020 Hover doesn't push down. Use this flag for hovering vehicles that should be able to jump above their hover height.
VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_MOTOR_UP 0x040 Prevents ground vehicles from motoring into the sky. This flag has a subtle effect when used with conjunction with banking: the strength of the banking will decay when the vehicle no longer experiences collisions. The decay timescale is the same as VEHICLE_BANKING_TIMESCALE. This is to help prevent ground vehicles from steering when they are in mid jump.
VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_STEER 0x080 Steer the vehicle using the mouse. Use this flag to make the angular motor try to make the vehicle turn such that its local x-axis points in the same direction as the client-side camera.
VEHICLE_FLAG_MOUSELOOK_BANK 0x100 Same as above, but relies on banking. It remaps left-right motions of the client camera (also known as "yaw") to rotations about the vehicle's local x-axis.
VEHICLE_FLAG_CAMERA_DECOUPLED 0x200 Makes mouselook camera rotate independently of the vehicle. By default the client mouselook camera will rotate about with the vehicle, however when this flag is set the camera direction is independent of the vehicle's rotation.