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Function: llSetCameraEyeOffset( vector offset );

Sets the camera eye offset for avatars that sit on the object.

• vector offset offset relative to the prim's position and expressed in local coordinates

This is the position of the camera's eye, not the point it looks at.


  • Setting this will not update the cameras of seated avatars, it will only effect avatars that subsequently sit down. The camera settings have to be prepared in advance.
  • The offset is locally relative to the object, if you want it relative to the seated avatar (which likely has a custom sit rotation and offset) or the region, you must do the computation yourself.
  • ZERO_VECTOR offset will cancel any eye offset.
  • Camera position set by this function is a Prim Property. It will survive the script and it will survive prim taking and prim rezzing
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// Sit the avatar looking at an arbitrary direction
// Look over the avatar's shoulders from behind once it sits down

back_view(float degrees)
     rotation sitRot = llAxisAngle2Rot(<0, 0, 1>, degrees * DEG_TO_RAD);
     llSitTarget(<0, 0, 0.1>, sitRot);
     llSetCameraEyeOffset(<-2, 0, 1> * sitRot);
     llSetCameraAtOffset(<2, 0, 1> * sitRot);

        back_view( 208 );
        llSay(0, "Please sit down");

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function void llSetCameraEyeOffset( vector offset );