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These MLPV2 troubleshooting tips are for normal end users and builders.

User issues

These issues can be seen by any MLPV2 user even when the furniture is reasonably set up.

Why am I not being animated?

Try turning off your Animation Overrider, if you have one. Whether this is an issue for you depends on a techical detail: the priority of the animations in your AO and the priority of the animations in the MLP/MLPV2 product.

Why am I floating?

Sometimes we can be using a pose and suddenly we rise about 1 meter higher and stay there. Sometimes this happens in everyone's view, and other times it only appears for some. This is an SL bug and happens with any animation system, not just MLP/MLPV2. The problem usually goes away if you select the pose again, or stand and sit again. Sometimes it may be necessary to relog.

Balls won't rez when I choose a pose!

First, try STOP. If the balls got deleted for any reason, they won't rez when you pick a pose and the MLP still thinks the balls are there. STOP fixes this. (The timeout in many MLP objects also help avoid this, by doing a STOP if nobody's used it for a while.)

Second (if first doesn't work), try resetting via the MLPV2 menu: "OPTIONS -> Shutdown... -> Restart".

Consider if maybe they *are* rezzing, but way below you or way above you -- check the description line of the MLP object to see if there is a number in there, in which case set it to 0.

Check to make sure that the ~ball object inside the MLP has not been deleted by mistake.

Menu doesn't come up

Make sure you're on land where you are allowed to run scripts. There is a "no scripting" icon at the top of the viewer screen if you can't.

If you can't, try setting your group to the land's group. If that makes the no-scripting icon go away, set the MLP object to the land's group. (Do this in the Edit tab, or be wearing the group tag when you rez the object.)

If that isn't the problem, most likely it had a stack/heap error when you were away.

If the object permissions allow it, select the object and use "Reset Scripts". (In original style viewers, this is SL menu "Tools -> Reset Scripts in Selection". For SL2, I have no idea where it is. Naughty LL for goofing everything up.)

If this is a recurring problem, there is an MLPV2 recovery script; ask the MLPV2 group for more info. Alternatively, delete some of the poses, to allow more room.

"Animate me" permission popup not happening

You won't get the animate permission popup if you were the last person on a particular poseball. It keeps your permission. You also don't get animate permission for yourself when MLP is used as a HUD, because worn items give permission automatically. (So do sat-upon items, but in the case of MLP, the script that takes permission is in the furniture, not the ball.)

avatar != perm key

This is some debugging code that Lear had left exposed by mistake in some versions. It can be ignored; it is not really an error.

If it is annoying, just update to the latest script set. (Users can do this if the item is modifiable, but users should ask the maker first in case the maker has made custom modifications or is using add-on scripts.)

OPTIONS menu doesn't work after deeding to group

If you deed an MLP, you lose the OPTIONS menu unless you remember to change all the OWNER menus to GROUP menus, and even then you won't be able to use full shutdown.

Could not find animation '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'

Often one user will get this, and not another. Some have speculated it could be AO issues (even if the AO is turned off) or something indeterminate related to the avi. The speculation comes from forums where users have reported the issue and said that it went away as inexplicably as it started, by either a relog, clearing network cache, tping away and back, taking AO off completely for a bit, etc. Or went away over night.

It could also be the asset server playing silly buggers, and a sim reboot (if possible) might solve it.

In any event, what's certain is that there is nothing wrong with the actual MLP product.

Builder issues

Animation xyx not found

  • Check that the animation is indeed in the prim
  • Check the spelling
  • If you are using expression suffixes, check that you didn't put a space before the expression suffix
  • Check that as a separator in POSE lines you have used only
    You can also use two spaces on each side of the vertical bar, but you cannot use three spaces: the superfluous space is not stripped away while reading the notecard; instead, it gets treated as part of the animation name, and thus the animation name can't be found.
  • Also check for invisible soft-returns that may have come in if you were doing your work in another program such as Microsoft Word.

Animation won't remember its position

This can occur that even though you've triple-checked all your work; there will be an animation that sometimes will come out in the right position, sometimes not. After a bit of head-banging, you realize it all depends on which animation you played just before it. If the creator of that animation did not set a hip position for it, you will get different results depending on which pose you ran last. That is, if you have 3 animations, 2 with hip positions and one without, the hip position for the one without will be left over from whichever of the last two animations you used. Which may throw your pose all off. There is nothing you can do except abandon use of the animation; the problem is in the animation itself, and it's not suitable for use with MLP-like scripts though it may work fine as sold in a static poseball.

Balls rez on top of each other, even though you are sure you have positions right.

Check for duplicate stored positions. *Any* duplicate stored positions, even those not related to the pose in question, can cause this.

Check for the memory script having blown up during booting. It's easy to miss this, as the error bubble only shows for a short time then goes away. To ensure you don't miss it, you can in Preferences for "Text Chat" turn on "Show script errors and warnings as regular chat." That way, you'll be able to see such script problems even after problem bubble has faded.

Balls: not enough rezzing

You have a Menu with poses that have 4 animations to them, but only 2 balls are rezzing. ||Check that you didn't tell the pose to only rez 2 balls. Example:

MENU Cuddles | ALL | BLUE | PINK

for 4 animations should be something like


(or whatever) . Easy mistake for tired eyes to make!

Also, check that you didn't drop the permission parameter. For instance, if you say

MENU Cuddles | PINK | BLUE 

forgetting to put in there the [ALL | GROUP | OWNER] parameter, MLP will get mixed up, think that PINK is the permission parameter, and only rez the blue ball.

if you say

MENU Cuddles | PINK 

No balls will rez at all.

Fix: put a permission parameter back in.

Booting up: MLP starts, gets a bit of the way, then goes no further

Check that you have both a .MENUITEMS and .POSITIONS notecard in there.

Couldn't find (script)" error

If you get a message like this upon first dragging and dropping the MLPv2 scripts into a prim, disregard it. It occurs because a prim contents are very slow to refresh in SL, and one script thinks another one is not there yet. Do nothing; it will sort itself out in a few seconds.

llDialog: button labels must be 24 or fewer characters long

You have almost certainly forgotten a


in a POSE line. Consequently, the scripts were counting the Button name and the first animation name as the button name, making the button name too long.

Notecards: I set my notecards to full-perm but customers can't open them to save positions, etc.

This happens if the object is no-modify. You can't open notecards in a no-modify object. SL limitation.

"No Unused TOMENU" Getting this msg but I know that's not right

Check the top of your main MENUITEMS card, referring to the help in this section

Props don't rez and I have everything right

  1. Make sure you have the ~props script in the MLP object. (Actually, this won't keep the prop from rezzing; it will keep it from saving its position, and keep it from deleting itself when moving to a new pose.)
  2. MLP is very case sensitive. CHAT 2 in .MENUITEMS does not equal Chat 2 in the props notecard. Check to make sure the case matches.
  3. Watch the prim count on the parcel where you are working. If the available prim count is going down, then your prop is rezzing -- just not somewhere where you are seeing it.

"Script run-time error / Stack-Heap Collision"

This is a clue that, sadly, there are too many items in your or notecards for the script memory to handle. Congratulations, you've just been initiated into the battle-scarred club like the rest of us.

First, make sure the scripts are compiled Mono, not LSL. By default they're Mono and you're better off if you do NOT recompile them.

Second, make sure you have no unused positions stored in any .positions notecards. See tidying tip here Tidy, restart and see if that helps.

Third: try optimizing your saved .POSITIONS. If you have old .POSITIONS notecard data with lots of trailing zeros, you can get them trimmed down using this procedure:

  1. drop .MENUITEMS.reorient (from MLP Tools box) in.
  2. Menu Reset.
  3. Use the Reorient menu to move all the poses by 1 cm. This will save all the poses, with only a small change. If you don't want the 1cm change, then just move it back 1cm after it finishes. Wait for both props and pose adjustment to complete! (Be patient!)
  4. dump pos, dump props, and save to appropriate notecards.
  5. Delete MENUITEMS.reorient, and restart.

This will strip all the trailing zeros.

Fourth: if your anims are mod, you can change the names. Use short names, which take less memory. Short button names also use less memory.

The last resort is more drastic. You must give up on some poses, and delete their POSE lines from the .MENUITEMS* cards, and their position settings from the .POSITIONS* cards. You may leave the actual animations in the MLPv2 prim, but you might as well remove them as they won't be used anyway.

What do I do about balls that are sunk into the mattress?

This problem is caused by the animation hip offset being too high. One fix is to redo the animation and set the hip offset lower. If you can't do that, then there are workarounds.

One workaround is to make sure the first pose on every menu has a position where the balls are visible.

The other workaround is to change the sit target in the poseball, so the balls will be higher for the same avatar positions.

Note: this will affect all poses, making the balls appear higher for all poses.

  1. Pull out ~ball. Open it, and edit the ~ball script inside.
  2. For MLPV2.4x and later, near the top of the script:
    1. Look for this: "vector SitTarget = <0.,0.,.1>"
    2. Change it to : "vector SitTarget = <0.,0.,-.4>" (Note that .1 changed to -.4: adjust to taste.)
  3. Versions before MLPV2.4x:
    1. Look for this: "llSitTarget(<0.0,0.0,0.1>, ZERO_ROTATION);"
    2. Change it to : "llSitTarget(<0.0,0.0,-.4>, ZERO_ROTATION);" (Note that .1 changed to -.4: adjust to taste.)
  4. Take the ~ball object into inventory
  5. Delete ~ball from the MLPV2
  6. Drag the updated ~ball from inventory into the MLPV2

This will make all the poses .5 M lower than they were, with the balls at the same place. If that's a bigger change than you wanted, try -.2 or -.1 (that is, adjust to taste).

For versions prior to MLPV2.4z6, you will then need to adjust all the positions to compensate. I suggest you use the .MENUITEMS.reorient notecard for this.

Sequence just won't run

Q: Heres what I have setup in the .sequences notecard:

SEQUENCE | Romantic
MENU | Romance
POSE | standing
AVWAIT | 0 | Waiting for someone to sit on ball
WAIT | 10
POSE | Kiss
WAIT | 10
POSE | Enter
WAIT | 15...

It shows up in the menu selection, but no poseballs are rezzed when you select the sequence. Here's what I have in the .MENUITEMS notecard pertaining to the sequence-

MENU Romantic
LINKMSG Romantic | 0,-4,-12001,SEQUENCE Romantic

A: Your problem is simple: you have two buttons with the same label, which isn't allowed.

Sequence just won't run or skips poses in it

Currently (2011), the sequencer script won't complain to you if the poses you reference actually exist or not. You're on your own for making sure they actually exist and are named exactly the same (in a menu card) as the way you are referring to them. So watch for this.

Xcite! features such as tilt / arousal just don't seem to work

Make sure you have the latest set of partner scripts (as of Jan 2012, the latest release was I think in 2009.) Make sure your own Xcite! bits aren't horribly out of date -- you need 3.0 bits or higher. Contacting xcite help isn't of much use; as of mid 2011 they became non-responsive to business partners.

That being said, features won't work unless the xcite partner script is set be either no copy or no transfer. They also won't work if the perms were wrong when you rezzed the product, so edit the script and reset it. That will make the script start to run -- it dies upon start up if perms on the script are wrong.