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Here you will find a list of contributions to the old Scripting Library from 2003 to 2009. See the LSL Library here on the wiki for newer contributions (or add your own!). Most of these scripts will work as well as they did when they were posted, some were made obsolete or will need updates due to changes in Second Life over the years. This is a first pass, some organization and missing bits will come later.

KBcaution.png Important:

Some archived script sources were damaged by the conversion process. If you see the code suddenly goes italic then a variable i was probably mangled into an HTML <em> tag. If you see a Forums-archive Wink.png emoticon, it is probably a mangled ;. If you see other unexpected formatting, an LSL list expression like [url] was probably mistaken for a bbcode tag.

If your browser can support user scripts, this little Greasemonkey script can fix the damage noticed so far. The script will be updated from time to time if other problems are found. Tested with Greasemonkey on Firefox and GreaseKit on Mac Safari, will check Chrome and some others later.


Name Author Posted Description
Spinning Object (discussion) Cory Linden, Peter Linden 2003-04-14 basic llTargetOmega example
Simple Elevator (discussion) Nada Epoch 2003-04-14 physical elevator, no buttons
Basic door (heavily commented) (discussion) Zanlew Wu 2003-04-14 opens and closes on chat commands
Lockable sliding door (discussion) Phil Metalhead 2003-04-14
Random Color Generator (discussion) Nada Epoch 2003-04-15 llFrand example
Rotating linked objects (discussion) Dragon Grimm 2003-05-24 llTargetOmega in child prim example
donation box (discussion) Jean Cook, Ama Omega, Nada Epoch 2003-05-29 basic tip jar example
Coded door Wednesday Grimm 2003-06-10 keypad lock
Look at you Wednesday Grimm 2003-06-10 demonstrates llSensorRepeat, llSetHoverHeight, llLookAt
stand still! (discussion) Wednesday Grimm 2003-06-10 avatar anti-push
Simple clock (discussion) Wednesday Grimm 2003-06-10 SL time as floating text
Vending script (discussion) Wednesday Grimm 2003-06-10 short simple single item vendor
floating name (discussion) Xylor Baysklef 2003-06-12 llSetText example
rgb to hsl (discussion) Xylor Baysklef 2003-06-12 color space conversion
Auto-Die if left on public land (discussion) Christopher Omega 2003-06-23 semi-obsolete; true public land is generally extinct, Governor Linden is usually the owner now
Find by name in inventory (discussion) kohne Kato 2003-06-30 llGetInventoryKey example
Basic Lighting Zanlew Wu 2003-07-11 fade a prim between white and black on touch; extremely detailed comments
getDayName() Christopher Omega 2003-07-22 returns the day of the week
getDaylightSaving() Christopher Omega 2003-07-24 find SL's current time zone (PST or PDT)
FinalFlight 2. Nada Epoch 2003-07-26 basic "dash" example, boosts avatar speed
Take controls example Wednesday Grimm 2003-07-26 llTakeControls demonstration
Pathfinder Karl Longwell 2003-08-09 find a route between regions on the tiny grid of long ago
Bulk integer storage / quasi-pointers Madox Kobayash 2003-08-10 compactly store small integers in rotation variables
Comparing Rots for equality Grim Lupis 2003-08-11 uses rounding to check float values for near equality
Keep unstable builds inside the region Christopher Omega 2003-08-16 from when Olive was a sandbox neighboring regular regions; a timer could be more sim friendly than the while loop
Radar controller (discussion) Huns Valen 2003-08-29 avatar scanner, uses rotating dish
Object Inventory Organizing Functions Christopher Omega 2003-08-20 semi-obsolete, see LSL Inventory for current function selection
Simplified llAxes2Rot interface Xylor Baysklef 2003-08-22 2 axis version of llAxes2Rot
Sign Up Board Christopher Omega 2003-08-29 add avatars who touch the object to a list
StringReplace function Coyote Murphy 2003-09-08 find and replace text
Incremental movement functions (less intensive then physical damping) Christopher Omega 2003-09-09 smooth nonphysical prim movement
Event Lottery Script (discussion) Ama Omega 2003-09-19 opt-in random money giver
GetIsNight Artemis Tesla 2003-09-19 find when sun is far enough below the horizon for it to be night
evenly spaced object radial effector Piprrr Godel 2003-10-06 crates circular column patterns like gazebos or Stonehenge
visitor counter Aaron Linden, ramon Kothari 2003-10-13 tweaks on the standard Linden visitor script
Argument multiplexing for inter-object shouts ZHugh Becquerel 2003-10-30 use llParseString2List to separate command tokens
Channel relay agent ZHugh Becquerel 2003-10-30 repeat chat heard on the specified channel
game rule instantiation module v2 (discussion) ZHugh Becquerel 2003-11-03 basis for a combat system
Simple AI module v2 ZHugh Becquerel 2003-11-03 attack robot works with game rule instantiation module
Basic Vehicle script---heavily commented Cory Linden, Ben Linden 2003-11-21 motorcycle, see also Andrew Linden's version
Simple airplane vehicle script (discussion) Andrew Linden 2003-11-25 free airplane, just add airplane
A Basic llSitTarget Tutorial Ryan Linden 2003-12-02 more information at llSitTarget
Anti-Push Attachment Sapphire Bombay 2003-12-03 also known as a move lock, tries to stop avatar pushes
sprintf() for LSL Carnildo Greenacre 2003-12-06 C-like string formatting
Notecard Dispenser Essence Lumin 2003-12-09 simple llGiveInventory example
Multidimensional Arrays! (well... sort of) Christopher Omega 2003-12-18 simulate arrays using LSL lists
getLocalVec() Christopher Omega 2004-01-03 shows how to use llMoveToTarget and llSetPos across region borders
Multi-Script Free Memory Reporter Christopher Omega 2004-01-03 report llGetFreeMemory for several scripts with llSetText
Token Sequence Recogniser Mezzanine Peregrine 2004-01-05 use control patterns as commands
Prim Quota/Land Usage Calculator Catherine Omega 2004-01-06 find land size needed for number of prims or the reverse; will need adjustments for homesteads or prim bonuses
Group Picture Display Pete Fats 2004-01-16 display the last texture dropped into a prim with llAllowInventoryDrop
Count and Highlight Prim Face Aki Kojima 2004-01-22 cycle through prim sides, highlight and announce face number
Web Logging from inside SL Jarod Godel 2004-01-23 LSL client and Perl server for blogging inworld
The Laziest way to get color vectors Aki Kojima 2004-01-27 llGetColor value to chat on touch
Vending script Ryen Jade 2004-01-30 simple single item vendor
scrambleWordsIn() Christopher Omega 2004-02-01 shuffle letters inside words and keep them legible; background here
resizeSide() Christopher Omega 2004-02-07 make llSetScale shrink and grow in one direction instead of from the middle
LSLisp v.2 Jarod Godel 2004-02-11 tiny Lisp language parser; link to explanation is broken
XyCalc v1.0 Xylor Baysklef 2004-02-12 command line calculator
Homebrewed splitter Jarod Godel 2004-02-13 like llParseString2List but without 8 separator limit
A looping setpos - With automatic error recovery Christopher Omega 2004-02-17
Bitwise Integer Ops Pat Murphy 2004-02-26 rotate and reverse; semi-obsolete, LSL has better bit operators now
Psyke's Music Script v4.15.1 (discussion) Psyke Phaeton 2004-03-06 play a series of audio assets as a single track or song
Single Prim Clock (discussion) Xylor Baysklef 2004-03-10 instructions are for old style prims; see Dina Vanalten's post for a script to build it now
Side Numbering Script Xylor Baysklef 2004-03-10 replaces prim textures with face number labels
Avatar unit direction and rotation functions Huns Valen 2004-03-14 helpers to find a point in front of an avatar and face it
Realistic Car Script (discussion) Aaron Perkins 2004-03-17 with turning wheels, correct reverse movement
Point and emits particles at a sensor target (discussion) Christopher Omega 2004-03-21 scripts are intact, build illustration was lost
Movie Monster Particles Justice Monde 2004-03-28 trigger different particle effects on command
Sending Email via ATL under Windows Adam Zaius 2004-03-30 C++ code to send SMTP messages
GetGameWallclock() Xylor Baysklef 2004-04-01 clock based on SL's four hour day cycle
automatic light control Chromal Brodsky 2004-04-01 lights on and off by time, avatar presence
Bitfield manipulation functions Huns Valen 2004-04-03 semi-obsolete, LSL has better bit operators now
List nearby avatars Jim Bunderfeld 2004-04-06 one shot avatar scanner, needs work
Two truths and a lie: Game control script Bob Brightwillow 2004-04-07 score keeping aid
SL controlable MP3 player Jarod Godel 2004-04-12 play music in Internet Explorer, controlled from SL
/me scripting tip Strife Onizuka 2004-04-17 use emotes to identify script chat
Example motorcycle Cory Linden, Andrew Linden 2004-04-21 free motorcycle, just add motorcycle
integer <-> binary (string) (obsolete) Strife Onizuka 2004-04-21 conversion functions
Encrypted Email Example Francis Chung 2004-05-06 symmetric XOR scrambling
Auto-Raffler Neo Rebus 2004-05-13 give prizes or L$ to random nearby avatars
Notecard2EmailTechSupport Strife Onizuka 2004-05-20 send notecard text to email; semi-obsolete, we file bug reports on JIRA now
Stop Running Animations Strife Onizuka 2004-05-31
Automatic Light (discussion) Alpha Zaius 2004-06-07 switches on and off with llGetSunDirection
Club Elite Protection Script (discussion) BigJohn Jade 2004-06-14 ban list with access by trusted avatars
Notecard giver doug Donovan 2004-06-21 llGiveInventory on touch example
Selective Teleporter (discussion) Nick Fortune 2004-07-02 llSitTarget teleporter with access list
Public Land Scanner Eddy Stryker 2004-07-16 find who owns land in a region
A Real Vendor Script Jade Bard 2004-07-18 simple vendor with scroll buttons
SkyDiver Setup Nada Epoch 2004-07-21 takes you up 4000 meters, then releases you into free fall
Chat Bubble Script and Word-Wrap Jeffrey Gomez 2004-07-25 crate avatar word balloons with llSetText and a particle border; scripts OK, dead example texture link
State Examples Hank Ramos 2004-07-29
Elevator script with call/floor buttons (discussion) Ingie Bach 2004-08-01 physical elevator
Simple Keyframe Script Darwin Appleby 2004-08-04 record and replay prim movement
Maze Generator (discussion) Apotheus Silverman 2004-08-10 builds mazes from prims
Orbiting an object around a single point Juntalis Drago 2004-08-19 several methods
Verbal reset of scripts Tigsen Fairplay 2004-09-03 reset all scripts in the same prim on command
Sales Assistant (Split Profits with Partner) (discussion) Nick Fortune 2004-09-05 single item vendor with splits
Name/Description Changer Jason Keegan 2004-10-02 llSetObjectName and llSetObjectDesc example
trim() Rickard Roentgen 2004-10-10 string trim and replace functions
Greeting Script Jim Bunderfeld 2004-10-14 a few greeters using sensors and collisions
Make your own working TVs Angel Leviathan 2004-10-18 instructions to convert video into textures for llSetTextureAnim (not parcel media)
Anti-Grief Script (discussion) Siro Mfume 2004-10-19 llPushObject shield, anti-push, flight boost
Simple Drop Texture Display Cid Jacobs 2004-10-19 display textures dragged into the prim
Picture Display/Slideshow Board (discussion) Cienna Rand 2004-10-28
"Flight-Responsive" attachment scripts Cross Lament 2004-10-31 hide and show prims during avatar flight
Free Photo Viewer Script (discussion) Hiro Pendragon 2004-10-31 picture display script
Solop dance machine Evil Fool 2004-11-04 popular single prim multiuser dance ball system
Even or Odd integer detection Chris Knox 2004-11-08 several methods to do this
Personal Pilot v0.1 Shack Dougall 2004-11-09 auto-pilot for your avatar; fun now, handy when there were telehubs
Float to Scientific Notation (discussion) Strife Onizuka 2004-11-22 pass floats through strings without losing precision
Compass Dan Medici 2004-11-22 displays the direction an object is currently pointing towards as floating text
Fixed Steel Door Scripts (discussion) Cutter Rubio 2004-11-22 update of JohnG Linden's door lock script
AcidicFlight Land Scanner Chance Small 2004-12-02 automation for land speculation
Basic Pet Script (Follow and face towards owner) (discussion) Logan Bauer 2004-12-05
Hex to bin, or Web colors to LSL colors LordJason Kiesler 2004-12-12 convert RRGGBB string to vector
GetPSTDate() date conversion function Elle Pollack 2004-12-19 llGetDate to SL date (no daylight saving adjustment)
Date-settable present Doalyn vogel 2004-12-23 gives inventory on touch, but not before requested date
Simple Particle Setup Alex Parks 2005-01-02 llParticleSystem example
Hue/staturation fading on command Jesrad Seraph 2005-01-03 smooth prim color transistions
Simple vehicle beacon, reduce vehicle litter Cubey Terra 2005-01-03 sends location messages so owners can find lost vehicles
elapsed() - Time elapsed down to milliseconds Chromal Brodsky 2005-01-05 compare llGetTimestamp values
Universal Prim Torture Script (library) Strife Onizuka 2006-01-06 wrappers for llSetPrimitiveParams
Compact Local Vector Function Jeffrey Gomez 2005-01-07 coordinates relative to rotation
Dialog Example (discussion) Parsalin Gullwing 2005-01-09
Client-Side Color Loop (discussion) Jeffrey Gomez 2005-01-14 cycles prim colors without lag using llSetTextureAnim
Speedometer Working By Hypotenuse (discussion) Jiminy Roo 2005-01-16 alternative to llGetVel
Offset Rotations Tread Whiplash 2005-01-16 make an object orbit a point
Growable trees and seasonal coloration Jesrad Seraph 2005-01-19 prim plants that grow branches and leaves
Notecard Settings Reader (discussion) Konigmann Lippmann 2005-01-20
Sensor avatars, and formatted dialog with Next/Previous Buttons (discussion) Evil Fool 2005-01-20
Particle Questionnaire (discussion) Mike Zidane 2005-01-28 llParticleSystem wrapper with less geeky names
LSL based FORTH interpreter Alondria LeFay 2005-01-31 Forth programming language in a prim
Script for boxed object and lazy buyers (automatic object directory creation) Kyrah Abattoir 2005-02-03 automate opening product boxes on touch
C# XMLRPC Example JustAnother Millhouse 2005-02-10 code for an external server to talk in XML-RPC to a prim
sgIsNumber -- Determine if a string contains a valid float Bob Bauhaus 2005-02-13
Hiro's Super Vendor Software (discussion) Hiro Pendragon 2005-02-17 popular panel vendor
llGetTimestamp() <-> unix timestamp Masakazu Kojima 2005-02-18 convert between llGetTimestamp and llGetUnixTime format
reap_contents v1.0 Spuds Milk 2005-02-19 llGiveInventoryList example
non subjectline email (discussion) phoenix Behemoth 2005-02-20 extract bodies from email messages
Simple pose script for chairs (discussion) Till Stirling 2005-02-27 furniture and pose ball example
Simple Teleport script with adjustment of rotation (discussion) Till Stirling 2005-02-27 llSitTarget short range teleporter
BVH-to-Prim Importer, prim.blender (discussion) Jeffrey Gomez 2005-03-02 prim animation
Fractal Tree Open Source Ming Chen 2005-03-05 create realistic looking trees from prims
Script File System (discussion) Caoimhe Armitage 2005-03-06 database with storage in script memory
Simple Music Stream changer (discussion) Gattz Gilman 2005-03-08 set parcel music URL from chat
Prim Mirror (discussion) Jeffrey Gomez 2005-03-08 building tool reverses prim geometry
Format a list of buttons so that llDialog displays them in the correct order (discussion) Huns Valen 2005-03-27 reorder llDialog buttons as top to bottom
Teleporter Function -- In Sim Version Ahroun Maelstrom 2005-03-28 llSetPos teleporter
Prim book scripts (discussion) Issarlk Chatnoir 2005-03-29 animated 3D book uses textures for pages
Copy/Paste/Delete Scripts (discussion) Alondria LeFay 2005-04-03 shuffle scripts between objects with llRemoteLoadScriptPin
URL Loader (discussion) Eloise Pasteur 2005-04-06 choose URLs to open from a notecard list
Sim Crash Counter (discussion) Strife Onizuka 2005-04-08 uses time comparisons to detect region crashes; CHANGED_REGION_START was not available then
Sherades Game v1.02 (discussion) Graham Mondrian 2005-04-10 example guessing game
Advanced Pet 'Float and Follow' script (discussion) Foolish Frost 2005-04-18 based on Logan Bauer's Basic Pet Script
Nexcom Transport (discussion) chad Statosky 2005-04-19 automatic nonphysical vehicle/long range teleporter
A different kind of DOOR...Air-Lock (discussion) Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons 2005-05-07 uses hollow changes to open and close a one prim door
General Menu Library (discussion) Zonax Delorean 2005-05-10 llDialog helper with notecard configuration
dialog menus (discussion) Kyrah Abattoir 2005-05-13 menu example with llDialog and listen handler
A Two-Button Texture Vendor (discussion) Karandas Banjo 2005-05-29 single price multiple item vendor
Scientific Calculator (discussion) Zindorf Yossarian 2005-06-03 command line calculator with lots of functions
Dialog Based sounds vendor (discussion) Kenny Jackson 2005-06-04 single price, multiple item sound vendor
Yet Another Multidimensional Array Script (discussion) Christopher Omega 2005-06-08 more details here
Free, open-source pose ball code for anims (discussion) FlipperPA Peregrine 2005-06-11 includes no listen version for less lag
Advanced, semi-realistic helicopter script (discussion) Apotheus Silverman 2005-06-13
Simple Linked Objects Animation Script (discussion) Nightspy Rebus 2005-06-16 record and play back prim positions
Simple freebie tracking vendor (discussion) Fairge Kinsella 2005-06-19 item giver with logging; from before the transaction history included L$0 items
Tiled Texture Offsets By Index Utility (discussion) Ushuaia Tokugawa 2005-06-21 texture atlas helper function
Pretty fast case-insensitive word filter (discussion) Huns Valen 2005-06-23 find and replace text
really really heavily commented vehicle script (discussion) jester Knox 2005-06-27 flying car example
Default Animation hpAnimation2String() (discussion) Hiro Pendragon 2005-06-28 compare llGetAnimationList to llGetAnimation; from before SL went open source
Photosynthesis... kinda (discussion) Cid Jacobs 2005-07-01 make prim size react to llGetSunDirection
KDC animator, fastest smallest Animation overrider (discussion) Kyrah Abattoir 2005-07-01 bare bones AO; pulse should be 0.1 or larger
FreeView 1.2 WebGuide - Picture Viewer & Video Control (discussion) CrystalShard Foo 2005-07-12 popular parcel media controller
Passive (no lag) Vendor (discussion) Wolf Rocco 2005-07-15 "no lag" means "no listens" here; some parts were described but not posted
Builders' Tabs (discussion) Timeless Prototype 2005-07-15 precision building tool
Face expression animations script (discussion) Seagel Neville 2005-07-17 llDialog based emoter
PST/PDT function (discussion) Jon Marlin 2005-07-27 convert GMT to SL time, needs update to work after 2010
UTC Date-time vs. UNIX time_t (discussion) AnneDroid Lily 2005-08-02 convert between llGetTimestamp and llGetUnixTime format
Particle Based Book Reader (discussion) Moriash Moreau 2005-08-02 displays book pages as particles floating above the prim
Simon 1.1 Game Script (discussion) BelGarath Stern 2005-08-05 flashing lights memory game
Scripting 103 Class Project - Simple Networked TV System (discussion) Hank Ramos 2005-08-09 tutorial synchronizes textures on different objects (not a parcel media TV)
Personal Teleporter (discussion) Teneo Hope 2005-08-12 rez llSitTarget teleporters on demand
Online Detector v1.1 (discussion) Gaz Hornpipe 2005-08-27 with instant message relay, logout time display
Donations with optional goodie bag (discussion) Eloise Pasteur 2005-09-09 can give out a prize with a minimum donation
Basic airplane script with variable lift (discussion) Cubey Terra 2005-09-11 evolved from LL example
Szentasha's custom Hiro 1-prim vendor script (discussion) Szentasha Salome 2005-09-13 tweaks for Hiro Pendragon's Super Vendor
User Friendly Generalised Fractal Generator (discussion) Seifert Surface 2005-09-15 creates fractal trees from prims
Delete all of something in an object (discussion) Aliasi Stonebender 2005-09-21 delete all items with the given name from inventory of all prims in a linkset
LindenAIML (discussion) Azrael Baphomet, Luciftias Neurocam 2005-10-12 simplified AIML-like processor for chatbots
Vector to... integer! And back! (discussion) Cross Quartermass 2005-10-17 convert vectors so llRezObject can use them
Basic Local Rotation and Position (discussion) Logan Bauer 2005-10-22 prim animation helpers
Vehicle orbited in the sandbox? Here's some code to help track down the pusher (discussion) Huns Valen 2005-10-29
Smooth rotation transition using llTargetOmega() (discussion) Lex Neva 2005-10-30 make rotation changes look nicer
How to make buttons without a script in each button (discussion) Obsidian Stormwind 2005-11-02 quick and useful tutorial
Group Updatable Library Index (discussion) Padraig Stygian 2005-11-06 shared notecard repository
Link Restore Script (discussion) Oasis Perun 2005-11-14 remembers link numbers before unlinking, to preserve when relinking
Color Changing Script (discussion) Masakazu Kojima 2005-11-14 set colors by #RRGGBB, vector, or name
Key Compressor (discussion) Yumi Murakami 2005-11-16 squish UUIDs into 22 characters
WeatherPrim v1.0 (discussion) Jarod Godel 2005-11-19 Perl and LSL pair to retrieve WeatherBug data
Alternative to llLookAt using llSetRot (discussion) Senuka Harbinger 2005-11-20
Date to Day (discussion) Jokey Domela 2005-11-20 retien day of week for a date mm/dd/yy
Online Status Tracker for Multiple Avatars (discussion) Lindsey Dassin 2005-11-20
Round to.. (discussion) Haravikk Mistral 2005-11-21 round a number to x decimal places
Simple slideshow style radio tuner (discussion) Osgeld Barmy 2005-11-25 switch parcel music URL on touch
Communist Tip Ball (discussion) Deight Boccara 2005-11-27 in Soviet Russia, tip jar pay you
Left/Right Justify SetText (discussion) Zodiakos Absolute 2005-12-02 rough text justify with space padding
camping chair (discussion) Ante Flan 2005-12-05 caution: under current rules, only registered scripted agents should use these on land listed in search
Water Event/Collision Detection (discussion) SiRiS Asturias 2005-12-06 compare object position to llWater on a timer
texture picker (discussion) RacerX Gullwing 2005-12-06 cycles through textures in prim inventory, displays 5 on each touch
Client sided XMAS lights (discussion) White Platini 2005-12-14 make blinking lights with llSetTextureAnim
"Fran Rocks" Random Rock Maker (discussion) Francis Chung 2005-12-18 add random deformations to prims on rez
Email Terminal v1.0 (discussion) Doc Nerd 2005-12-18 send email using chat
Do something for someone on touch Once and Once only (discussion) Ginge Reymont 2005-12-19
Santa Server 1.0 (discussion) Jora Welesa 2005-12-19 gift card system
Single Neat Elevator (discussion) Seagel Neville 2005-12-21 nonphysical elevator
Go Board (discussion) Jonathan Shaftoe 2005-12-24 the game called Go
Detect if key is empty (discussion) phoenix Behemoth 2006-01-01 has a bug, see discussion
State Driven Land Ownership Scanner (discussion) Kristian Ming 2006-01-04
Sim crash/reboot detector/logger (discussion) Kyrah Abattoir 2006-01-09 compare times to detect region crashes, CHANGED_REGION_START was not available then; old method is still good to detect serious sim lag
Touch on and off for Light and Phantom (discussion) ArchTx Edo 2006-01-11 PRIM_MATERIAL_LIGHT still works but is now deprecated, use PRIM_FULLBRIGHT in new work
Safe list-to-string conversion script (discussion) Keknehv Psaltery 2006-01-12
Auto-updater Server (discussion) Kage Seraph 2006-01-21 inworld product updater
isNumeric() function (discussion) Bosozoku Kato 2006-01-22 check if a string represents a base 10 number
Ugly Sign/Billboard Hider (discussion) Yiffy Yaffle 2006-01-23 sign of the times; mainland was overrun with billboards before the ad farm policy arrived
Float2Hex safe transport for floats without need of a parser (discussion) Strife Onizuka 2006-01-25 see Float2Hex for latest
Chat logger for forums (discussion) Patch Lamington 2006-01-26 records and replays nearby inworld chat
llSetLinkTexture Dialog Workaround, Random Self Checking Item Delivery System SiRiS Asturias 2006-01-27 pointer to some scripts on the old Xstreet forum
Walking script (discussion) Zepp Zaftig 2006-01-28 vehicle that simulates walking
Make pipes using cylinders and toruses (discussion) Lex Neva 2006-02-05 tool to make well aligned pipe systems
Land Filler to Reduce griefer attacks (discussion) LaserFur Leonov 2006-02-10 rezzes many prims to use up parcel prim limit; possibly obsolete, SL has more anti-attack throttles now, some could even stop this
Rent-All rental cube script (discussion) Rizado DaSilva 2006-02-13 land rental system
Knowledge Representation for AI applications (discussion) Luciftias Neurocam 2006-02-23 "artificial learning" functions
Off the Dole (discussion) Ushuaia Tokugawa 2006-03-05 returns weekly stipends to Governor Linden ¯\(°_o)/¯
Multi-Pose Animation Stand (discussion) Teddy Wishbringer 2006-03-08 three prim switching pose stand
Path Maker (discussion) Seifert Surface 2006-03-09 makes prims join to form a path
Gradient colors on prims (discussion) MeLight Korvin 2006-03-09 set a series of prims to a gradient between 2 given colors
Anti-Grief Shield/deflector (discussion) Exile Loudon 2006-03-12 simple bullet deflector
Non-Portable Script (discussion) Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons 2006-03-13 make scripts run only if the prim creator matches
Remote camera controller Yumi Murakami 2006-03-15
2 Left Feet? (discussion) Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons 2006-03-16 check if an attachment is on the correct point
Simple Camera Attachment (discussion) Frost White 2006-03-17 llSetCameraParams example
Synchronized sound/music playback from multiple prims (discussion) Huns Valen 2006-03-24 play a sound clip from multiple linked prims in perfect synchronization
Multi-Category, Quasi-Networked Versatile Vendor System (discussion) Fenrir Reitveld 2006-03-24 also called MechMind SVN System
nnKey2FirstName (discussion) Nepenthes Ixche 2006-03-26 takes avatar uuid and returns first name
Simple Toggling 1st person camera script (discussion) Exile Loudon 2006-03-27 llSetCameraParams example
ControlCam (discussion) Azurei Ash 2006-03-27 control your camera with your movement keys
KDC camsys: make your SL experience feel like a movie (discussion) Kyrah Abattoir 2006-03-28 llSetCameraParams system with remote control
Builders' Buddy (discussion) Newfie Pendragon 2006-03-28 rezzing and positioning tool for large builds
Control iTunes from within SL (discussion) Jarod Godel 2006-03-28 LSL and Python scripts use XML-RPC to remotely control iTunes. uBrowser mentioned in the thread was a precursor to Shared Media.
SLurl maker (discussion) Dyne Talamasca 2006-04-02 returns the SLurl of your current position
Very advanced rental space script (discussion) Kick Madonna 2006-04-03 land rental system
Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange (discussion) MC Seattle 2006-04-07 proof of concept
Market Data Scraper (discussion) MC Seattle 2006-04-10 PHP example scrapes market data from SL, see also this blog post for pages that are easier to parse
Particle system script (discussion) Teffler Detritus 2006-04-13 create particle systems interactively with chat commands
Land Manipulator (discussion) ed44 Gupte 2006-04-13 terraforming tool
Binary Math (discussion) MC Seattle 2006-04-14 arithmetic functions
quick HUD tipper (discussion) Yumi Murakami 2006-04-18 attachment pays land owner L$1 on touch, does not work on group deeded land
Top Logger (discussion) Top Tank 2006-04-20 generalized script logging functions
Timeless Linked Door (discussion) Timeless Prototype 2006-04-23 a very popular door
Point a child prim at a region-coordinate target (discussion) Cross Lament 2006-04-25 rotation example
Face Colour Haravikk Mistral 2006-04-26 prim face visualizer
Single Neat Elevator II (discussion) Seagel Neville 2006-05-03 WarpPos teleporter system
Login Proxy (discussion) Eddy Stryker 2006-05-11 PHP script for login; from before SL went open source
Avatar Magnet (discussion) Intent Unknown 2006-05-13 llPushObject toy
jelly prims (discussion) Osgeld Barmy 2006-05-14 fun demo makes a prim morph in Gumbasia style
MLP - Multi-love-pose 1.0 (discussion) Miffy Fluffy 2006-05-15 See MLPV2 for newer versions
SN_AnimVendor (discussion) Seagel Neville 2006-05-20 multiple item multiple price animation vendor
Window Tinting System (discussion) Lecina Enigma 2006-05-22 can control all windows in a house
Reset a script on rez ONCE (discussion) Graysen Graff 2006-05-23 cause another script in the same prim to be reset when the object is rezzed for the first time
Adler32 CRC (hash) and char -> ASCII functions (discussion) Huns Valen 2006-05-23
Simple method of generating multiple sequential dialog menus (discussion) Tex Armistice 2006-05-24
Preload Gesture Sounds (discussion) Jim Bunderfeld 2006-06-01 cache sounds so you can hear them on the first play
Auto-Detacher (discussion) Angela Salome 2006-06-03 stops newbies from wearing boxes they should rez and open
WarpPos Cross-Sim Transportation (discussion) Khalek Trescothick 2006-06-04 WarpPos example
Bulldozer Poseball (discussion) Yumi Murakami 2006-06-06 stops sit animation overrides from old AOs
Random 32 character string Function (discussion) Jim Bunderfeld 2006-06-08 example function
Chat-URL-Tracker (discussion) Cockerel Mommsen 2006-06-08 make URLs in chat clickable; semi-obsolete, most viewers have this built in now
Listen not working for new owner? (discussion) Guitar Petty 2006-06-10 a brute force way to address how llListen filters do not automatically change on transfer
Single Item vendor box with age check (discussion) Osgeld Barmy 2006-06-15 only allows new residents to buy
RLib - A Developer Library (discussion) Hitani Fugazi 2006-06-21 collection of LSL utility functions
Auto die tip jar (discussion) grumble Loudon 2006-06-21 self destructing tip jar for forgetful performers
Rotate prim while retaining scale (discussion) Lex Neva 2006-06-22 fixes prims built at the wrong rotation
PvP Logger (discussion) Yiffy Yaffle 2006-07-01 LSL version of bumps, pushes, hits display
Light with Touch On/Off and changeable color via chat commands (discussion) 2fast4u Nabob 2006-07-07
Online Status Indicator with PHP script (discussion) Aster Lardner 2006-07-08 relay online status to outside web sites
Single Item Vendor with IM & Email Support (discussion) Validus Bishop 2006-07-13
1000m Menu-driven Intra-Sim Teleporter (discussion) Nepenthes Ixchel 2006-07-15 needs update, tied to old 768 meter build height limit
Emergency Bouncer with Ban (discussion) Moonshine Herbst 2006-07-20 give parcel banning ability to group members
Personal Alt Bank (discussion) Deight Boccara 2006-07-22 pay and withdraw your alt's L$ balance without logging them in
Prim Shape reminder (discussion) Seagel Neville 2006-07-24 store and recreate useful prim shapes
Iris opening door script, using a torus (discussion) Ceera Murakami 2006-07-24
Prim Persistant Data Storage (discussion) ed44 Gupte 2006-07-26 compact data storage in prim description
No phy/no sit (discussion) LaZy Hulka 2006-07-27 disallow sitting on an object
Particle System Template (discussion) Angela Salome 2006-07-28
Temp Prim Rezzer (discussion) Eata Kitty 2006-08-02 check your covenant, many do not allow these
Enhanced Single-Item, Single-Prim Vendor (discussion) Mark Assia 2006-08-02 can point buyer to web shopping sites (will need updates, uses defunct sites)
Hud Script (discussion) LaZy Hulka 2006-08-02 show, hide buttons
Donation/Tipjar script with a 'goal' and progress meter (discussion) Angel Fluffy 2006-08-04
script to notify you when your land sells (discussion) Angel Fluffy 2006-08-06 sends you an IM when your land is sold
Bucky's Radio 2.6.4 (discussion) bucky Barkley 2006-08-11 very popular parcel music jukebox
Script controller (discussion) Dom DaSilva 2006-08-13 uses llSetScriptState to toggle scripts in an prim on or off
Visitor List with Notification & Query (discussion) Norman Desmoulins 2006-08-17 with offline querying by email
Multiple Anim (discussion) Norman Desmoulins 2006-08-17 pose stand with dialog to choose animation
Particle Script Simplifier (discussion) Norman Desmoulins 2006-08-17 liberally commented llParticleSystem wrapper
Radar/Scanner (discussion) Sable Till 2006-08-17 shows avatar distance, direction, time
Bucky's Web Browser 0.3 (discussion) bucky Barkley 2006-08-22 dialog and chat driven web page launcher
Growth Script (discussion) Floog Stuart 2006-08-25 makes a prim grow on its Z axis when the sun is out
llHTTPRequest <-> mySQL (discussion) Lasivian Leandros 2006-08-25 PHP interface helps LSL scripts query remote databases with llHTTPRequest
inworld Linden Blogs headlines reader (discussion) Osgeld Barmy 2006-08-27 retrive RSS from Osgeld's server
Bucky's Texture Chooser 1.0b19 (discussion) bucky Barkley 2006-08-29 organizer
Prototype Car (discussion) Tamaria Vixen 2006-08-29 for making and debugging ground vehicles
Flight Assist (discussion) Morph Wollongong 2006-09-03 pass flight ceiling, plus speed boost
Very simple swing door script (discussion) ed44 Gupte 2006-09-05
function debug (discussion) Frosty Fox 2006-09-06 simple switch for debug chatter
Make the wind work on physical objects (discussiono) Goapinoa Primeau 2006-09-07 push an object to follow llWind
Astronomical Julian Dates (discussion) Pale Spectre 2006-09-08 convert to and from calendar dates
InstaBlaze Firelogs (discussion) Poppet McGimsie 2006-09-09 mashup of random rock and fire scripts
Useful Shop Visitor Tracker (discussion) Meghan Eldrich 2006-09-12 with IM notify options
Phantom Alpha Door or Wall (discussion) ArchTx Edo 2006-09-13 uses private channel chat passwords to make a door open/close, lock/unlock
Touch texture change using states - window example (discussion) ArchTx Edo 2006-09-16 example of LSL states
Simple but fun "door" scripts (discussion) Vares Solvang 2006-09-16 unconventional doors
Nice, simple rotation script (discussion) Sue Stonebender 2006-09-16 can be linked to parent, good for doors.
LSL-2-PHP Library (discussion) Craze Copeland 2006-09-17 LSL function emulation in PHP
pirate translation script (discussion) Kiwini Oe 2006-09-19 yarrrrrrrrrrrrr
Long distance teleport (discussion) Lisbeth Cohen 2006-09-20 WarpPos teleporters
llMessageLinked and link_message example (discussion) ArchTx Edo 2006-09-21
Alt Cookie/Change Jar (discussion) Burke Prefect 2006-09-22 share L$ balances between listed users
Collision activated home security script (discussion) Vares Solvang 2006-09-25 teleports home avatars who bump into it
AO Overriding Pose Ball (discussion) Jesse Barnett 2006-10-09 stops sit animation overrides from old AOs
High Speed Config Loading (discussion) Squirrel Wood 2006-10-12 uses names of prim inventory items to store data
getting attention with particles (discussion) Angel Fluffy 2006-10-17 tip jar with particle effects
Online status and online tracker IM sender (discussion) Packard Sonic 2006-10-19
Offset Reporter (discussion) Domino Marama 2006-10-22 tracks changes to a prim's position and rotation
Simple Show/Hide Script (discussion) Sean Playfair 2006-10-22 show or hide a prim by chat commands
Multi point attachment (discussion) Joannah Cramer 2006-10-25 remember attachment offsets and rotations even after attached to another point
Some String functions (discussion) Newgate Ludd 2006-10-26 comparisons, type tests
Really, really simple window blinds script (discussion) Poppet McGimsie 2006-10-26
RSA Cryptography (discussion) Moose Pegler 2006-10-31 the modular exponentiation function can be used for other public key schemes
LSL RSA Cryptography Library V1.0 Moose Pegler 2006-11-03
Mazes Built using Walls (discussion) Moose Pegler 2006-11-08 convert labyrinths from outside programs into prims
Land Editor (discussion) Landing Normandy 2006-11-13 GUI powered landscaping tool
Parametric Surface Rezzer (discussion) Seifert Surface 2006-11-21 scripts for rezzing surfaces from arbitrary parametric equations
Truly Random Hue (discussion) Abu Nasu 2006-11-23 pick a random color with tons of saturation
1 prim double sliding glass door (discussion) Seagel Neville 2006-11-23 the "Star Trek" door found all over SL
Number/Name Prims in Link Order (discussion) Graysen Graff 2006-11-28 renames prims in a link set to match link numbers
SLurl maker (discussion) Silje Russell 2006-12-01 returns SLurl for the current position
mousehelddown - get more from touches (discussion) Goapinoa Primeau 2006-12-04 allows separate actions for short and long mouse clicks
Parcel DJ Station / Media changer (discussion) Dimentox Travanti 2006-12-04 change stations via a touch and dialog, with user list
Easy Sit Target Positioner (discussion) Lex Neva 2006-12-06 sit on a poseball, position yourself exactly where you want to be, and the sit target is calculated automatically for you
lift (elevator) (discussion) timeless Montreal 2006-12-11 nonphysical elevator
Reliably detect when avatar moves (discussion) Geuis Dassin 2006-12-16 workaround for moving_start/moving_end unreliability
HUD, Hovering Text, and Dialog Example (discussion) Clayton Cinquetti 2006-12-20
How to use llMessageLinked for advanced stuff (discussion) Shippou Oud 2006-12-24 example to address individual prims
LSL quine (discussion) Lex Neva, Seifert Surface 2006-12-24 more about quines if you like this
Simple Sim Diagnostic Tool (discussion) Shippou Oud 2006-12-29 region stats monitor
XY Text Light (discussion) Osgeld Barmy 2007-01-04 smaller simpler alternative to XYText
Crude 250m+ flight enhancer for newbies (discussion) Jolan Nolan 2007-01-04
Detecting a Double Click (discussion) Jiminy Roo 2007-01-05 in laggy areas this may not be too good to use
Prim side announcer (discussion) Soen Eber 2007-01-06 count prim sides, highlight and announce face numbers on touch
Working Age Detector (discussion) Shippou Oud 2007-01-07 determine avatar's age (not real life age) when clicked
OpenSourcing my Builder Objects (discussion) sparti Carroll 2007-01-13 pointer to free builder objects in Chessport
Menu Driven Window Tint Script (discussion) Abba Thiebaud 2007-01-14
The better double-click (discussion) Geuis Dassin 2007-01-14 one way to detect mouse double clicks in LSL
YAC, Yet Another Calculator (discussion) Mikhail Pasternak 2007-01-19 uses RPN (reverse Polish notation)
Particle Garden (discussion) Zara Vale 2007-01-19 garden grows slowly with random textures
Sensor Notice (discussion) Joker Opus 2007-01-20 send an llDialog notification to avatars in sensor range
Particle XY Text (discussion) Zara Vale 2007-01-21 signboard made out of particles
Giant Hammer Thrower (discussion) sparti Carroll 2007-01-23
The Little Box Of Calm (discussion) Gaynor Gritzi 2007-01-27 the purpose of this script is to bring about World Peace
Sensor door with unknown avatar detection (discussion) Fixyou Kit 2007-01-28 door opens for known avatars, warns about unknown avatars
collision_start switch to RezObject (discussion) ArchTx Edo 2007-02-04 rez an object when someone walks over or bumps into a prim
Timer Module (discussion) Isabelle Aquitaine 2007-02-12 track multiple timers
Another Simple Silly Blinds Script (discussion) Stacey Novi 2007-02-12 tints windows on touch
Vertex Modelling Tool (discussion) Sanderman Cyclone 2007-02-13 allows you to model by positioning vertices and create fitting triangles between them
KDC's non linear solar clock (discussion) Kyrah Abattoir 2007-02-15 clock that reflects SL day cycle
The Color Master (discussion) Tyken Hightower 2007-02-16 fancy menu driven color changer
Landowner Border Detector (discussion) BadPenguin Posthorn 2007-02-17 display border lines and boundary coordinates of contiguous land owned by the same landowner
PureEvil PickPocket Script Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons 2007-02-28
Open Source Interoperability Framework (discussion) Khemical Stonecutter 2007-03-02 links to LSL implementation of the Fractally Unified Network Knowledgesphere(FUNK)
Keyless Product Update Server (discussion) Dragon Keen 2007-03-11 an update server, but lets it be keyless, utilizing a mySQL backend system
XTEA Strong Encryption Implementation (discussion) Morse Dillon 2007-03-13 see XTEA Strong Encryption Implementation for latest version
Smooth Rotation (discussion) Gearsawe Stonecutter 2007-03-15 "This script is currently broken because of SL 'Features', use at your own discretion"
Night and day particle/sound switcher (discussion) Poppet McGimsie 2007-03-18 switches lights and environment sounds based on llGetSunDirection
Sky.FM radio tuner for land Music URL (discussion) DangerDave Writer 2007-03-18 includes stats and welcomer
Smooth fading of a linked set using one script (discussion) Nitrox Peel 2007-03-20 fades out or in a set number of linked prims using one script
GetNewInventoryName function (discussion) ZenMondo Wormser 2007-03-21 returns a list of items added to prim inventory since it was last called
Object Update System (discussion) Darien Caldwell 2007-03-21 localized update system utilizing llRemoteLoadScriptPin
Eazy-Cheez (discussion) Haplo Voss 2007-03-21 simple door and light control scripts
llSetLink* Helper Script (discussion) Domino Marama 2007-03-26 help identify face number on a prim
Basic piston (discussion) sirhc DeSantis 2007-03-30 slide a prim up and down with llSetPos
Press & Hold trigger emulation (discussion) Soen Eber 2007-04-01 trigger action if mouse button held down for 2 seconds
Texture cycler with press & hold trigger (discussion) Soen Eber 2007-04-05 hold mouse button to select a texture
Whats talking? (discussion) Misch Lameth 2007-04-12 show the owners of chatting objects
Simple Age Check (discussion) Squirrel Wood 2007-04-20 restrct things to avatars with a minimum account age (not real life age)
Regular Timer (discussion) Lee Ponzu 2007-04-28 sync a script to wall clock time
Cart Vendor (discussion) Talia Tokugawa 2007-05-03 a little different from the typical panel vendor
Simple Pose Ball Script (discussion) Shippou Oud 2007-05-13
Changeable SitPos Script (discussion) Seagel Neville 2007-05-17 user interface for UpdateSitTarget
message passing synchronizer (discussion) Lee Ponzu 2007-05-17 sync objects using llShout
Archive Box Labeler and Item Counter (discussion) Apollia Pirandello 2007-05-18 aid for storing inventory in a prim
Basic Mechanical Clock Script (discussion) Phoenix Ristow 2007-05-19
Strong XTEA Encryption LSL <-> LSL <-> PHP (discussion) SleightOf Hand 2007-05-22 encryption between LSL and an outside server
Greeter and automatic notecard giver (discussion) Benz Bingyi 2007-05-24 Linden visitor counter with added features
Regionwide switch (discussion) Marcush Nemeth 2007-05-26 remote control with llRegionSay
Quick and Dirty Vendor (discussion) Jim Guyot 2007-06-03 simple notecard driven vendor
Open source Wishing Well script (discussion) Jim Guyot 2007-06-04 pay and chat a wish to the well
Intra-Region Update Server (discussion) Emma Nowhere 2007-06-12 product updater
NoteCard Giver v1.0 (discussion) Russ Allen 2007-06-13 sends notecard to avatars in sensor range
Hopping creature (discussion) Catfart Grayson 2007-06-13 create a small physics enabled creature that moves around by small jumps
Chat Relay (discussion) Jippen Faddoul 2007-06-15 distribute a conversation in a large area with permission
Bouncing prim (discussion) Shippou Oud 2007-06-17 make a prim bounce off the ground
List Logic Functions (discussion) Very Keynes 2007-06-17 see LSL Examples for updated versions
Pay to teleport (discussion) Haplo Voss 2007-06-18 uses WarpPos
2 levels slow elevator (discussion) Dragos Zaoh 2007-06-28 nonphysical lift
Menu animation (discussion) Dragos Zaoh 2007-06-28 choose sitting poses from a menu on touch
Bitwise rotation (discussion) Eric Quine 2007-07-04 A function for bit manipulation, not prim rotation
Anti-copybot (discussion) JJValero Writer 2007-07-08 prevents a script from working in a different object
New WarpPos (now with safety net!) (discussion) Winter Ventura 2007-03-17 WarpPos with llSetPos fallback to guard against LSL regressions
Transaction History converter (discussion) Francis Chung 2007-03-17 written in Python; may need updates, SL transaction format has changed
Float Text Comment Display/Donation Taker Little Gray 2007-07-26 displays recent chat messages as random colored hover text, has built in tip jar
Elite Spanker v2.0 BigJohn Jade 2007-11-21 a spanker without chat spam
Sip Script 2.0 Kahiro Watanabe 2008-06-02 based on Theda Twilight's drinking animation script, with notecard options added
Passing a vector as an integer Senuka Harbinger 2008-06-15 convert vectors so llRezObject can use them
MultiMenu (Nested Dialog handler) Soen Eber 2008-09-04 manage dialogs using link messages, includes tutorial
VK-dbms-VM Very Keynes 2008-10-31 database with storage in script memory
Collections in LSL Pavcules Superior 2008-11-04 collections implementation based on VK-dbms-VM
Arrays in LSL Pavcules Superior 2009-01-18 array implementation based on VK-dbms-VM
OO/Class simulation in LSL Pavcules Superior 2009-01-28 simulate several OO features in LSL


Some of these scripts could still run, but they belong to the past.

Name Author Posted Description
Scripting - Beginners Guide (library) Peter Linden 2003-04-14 obsolete, early Linden tutorial
Object sends avatar into space Nada Epoch 2003-04-14 obsolete, llSetForce behavior changed
llGetSim function (discussion) Xylor Baysklef, Christopher Omega 2003-06-12 obsolete; we have llGetRegionName now
Fast Find # Of Lines in a Notecard (discussion) Ama Omega 2003-07-02 obsolete; should still work but we have llGetNumberOfNotecardLines now
another GetSim function Jake Cellardoor 2003-07-11 obsolete; we have llGetRegionName now
getNumLinks() Christopher Omega 2003-08-14 obsolete, we have llGetNumberOfPrims now
"invisibility" (SL patent protest Richard Stallman style) Antagonistic Protagonist 2003-08-28 obsolete; early attempt at invisiprims
Transfering large amounts of data between scripts via chat Strife Onizuka 2004-05-12 obsolete, the long llSetObjectName loophole was closed
SetPrimitiveParamsAdv Strife Onizuka 2004-06-17 obsolete extensions to llSetPrimitiveParams
A working invisibility script Cross Lament 2004-09-06 obsolete more early invisiprim experiments
llDetectedmass(key object) Alpha Zaius 2004-12-04 obsolete, only works on some prims; use llGetObjectMass
otter be in the API - listReplaceList() Caoimhe Armitage 2005-02-28 obsolete, we have llListReplaceList now
Touch Position on Prims (discussion) Jeffrey Gomez 2005-03-14 should still work but obsolete, now we have llDetectedTouch* functions
FreeView - Picture Viewer & Video Control (discussion) CrystalShard Foo 2005-04-02 obsolete, see FreeView 1.2
The Ridiculously Simple Method to a Phantom Av (discussion) Beatfox Xevious 2005-05-31 obsolete, this llVolumeDetect hack stopped working with SL Server 1.7
WarpPos -- llSetPos without the limits (discussion) Keknehv Psaltery 2006-05-26 obsolete original version; see WarpPos for updates
Short-Term CopyBOT countermeasure Ethan Cinquetti 2006-11-14 obsolete, copybot stopped using the public !quit command in 2006.
5 different gaming scripts (for learning) (discussion) Shippou Oud 2007-04-23 obsolete, see Linden Lab Official:Policy Regarding Wagering in Second Life
Twitter update script (discussion) Orlie Omegamu 2007-06-08 obsolete, see Twitter OAuth Library for current authentication


These library entries are no longer usable but included for reference.

Name Author Posted Description
Scripting Library is open Nada Epoch 2003-06-09 mod note
identify faces (discussion) Jake Cellardoor 2003-06-23 missing texture needed for script to work
What the Scripting Library is Nada Epoch 2003-07-26 mod mote, a mission statement
Coding Standards RFC Arpie Perkins 2003-08-31 coding style discussion; some broken links
Interpreter Rhysling Greenacre 2004-02-09 artificial life, missing attachments
PortRing - Automatically create a ring of teleporters Neo Rebus 2004-07-25 missing attachments
Pose ball with optional notecard support CrystalShard Foo 2004-11-16 missing attachment
Once Per Day, Minimum Nada Epoch 2005-03-24 moderator note
Scripting library minor changes Nada Epoch 2005-04-12 moderator note explains discussion thread links
Universal Permissions Suite (discussion) Jeffrey Gomez 2005-03-29 missing attachment or link
Open-Source Hyperteleportation (discussion) Hank Ramos 2005-08-18 source code removed
In-World Script Library Proposal (discussion) Azrael Baphomet 2005-09-29 old discussion
XML-RPC Online tracker (discussion) Jarod Godel 2005-11-27 missing attachment
EditPlus Wordfile (library) Nargus Asturias 2005-12-06 dead link, try here
PHP/Ming Generated Flash Movies for SL Lucid Vindaloo 2006-01-02 dead links
WANTED: Inventory for "Theme Packs" / Get Linden Dollars Lauren Linden 2006-01-14 old solicitation from LL
Open-Source Portable Music Player (discussion) Nat Mandelbrot 2007-02-19 dead link