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Function: llSetObjectName( string name );

Sets the prim's name according to the name parameter.

• string name

If this function is called from a child prim in a linked set, it will change the name of the child prim and not the root prim.


  • The name is limited to 63 characters. Longer prim names are cut short.
  • Names can only consist of the 95 printable characters found in the ASCII-7 (non-extended) character set, with the exception of the vertical bar/pipe ("|") character.
    • Invalid characters in the range 1 to 31, as well as the pipe character (124) are replaced with a question mark ("?").
    • Other invalid characters in the range 128 and above are replaced with two or more question marks, depending on how many bytes their UTF-8 representation requires.
    • Objects with all-whitespace names (e.g., a space or a series of spaces) will appear as "(Unnamed)" if they emit chat via llSay, llOwnerSay, llInstantMessage, etc., although this behaviour may vary in third-party viewers.
  • While an object is attached, the script cannot change the name of the object as it appears in the user's inventory.[1]
    • Changes to the name of the root prim (with llSetObjectName for example) will not be saved to inventory; when the attachment is detached (to inventory, not dropped) this name change is discarded and the name in inventory is used instead.
    • When attachment is dropped (to the ground) and taking it into inventory, the inventory item will have the new name (not the old).
  • Changes to the names of child prims will be saved back to inventory when the object is detached to inventory. They survive detachment.
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Set this prim's name Set the root prim's name
        llSetObjectName("NEW PRIM NAME");
            [PRIM_NAME, "NEW ROOT PRIM NAME"]);
Test if a string is valid as an object name
// Returns TRUE if 'name' is a valid object name, FALSE otherwise
integer isValidObjectName(string name)
    string original_name = llGetObjectName();
    integer valid_name = llGetObjectName() == name;
    return valid_name;

See Also


•  llGetObjectName Get the prims name
•  llGetLinkName Get a linked prims name
•  llGetObjectDesc Get the prims description
•  llSetObjectDesc Set the prims description
•  llGetObjectDetails Get a list of object details


•  Limits SL limits and constrictions

Deep Notes

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  1. ^ Whether or not this is a bug is still debated, regardless LL has said they will not fix it. This behavior was first recognized as a pain point in 2006 and only confirmed to be lava-flowed more recently (2011).


function void llSetObjectName( string name );