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  • This "maint-server" project is scheduled 2011-12-13
  • Bug Fixes
    • SCR-230 llSetPhysicsMaterial() fails if you don't have modify perms
    • SCR-147 Timer event fails to trigger following heavy amounts of linked messages
    • SVC-7324 Physics stalls every 20-30 seconds
    • SCR-225 ERROR: Failed to set physics shape type
    • SVC-7422 llSetLinkMedia do nothing
    • SVC-7413 Bug in Control Event
    • SVC-5927 Temp on Rezzed objects get queued
    • SVC-7360 Driving a vehicle over into a full region gives strange error message: You can't enter this region because the sebehavior is full
    • SVC-7379 For group notices groupID is being sent in the AgentID field
    • SVC-7343 llMinEventDelay Bug
    • SVC-7354 Simulator fails to load notecard asset (Intan won't read config card)
    • Avatars that do not have access to Adult regions will no longer see avatars on those regions from neighboring regions.
    • Several simulator crash fixes.
    • Several minor simulator memory leaks fixed.
    • SVC-7499 Poseball rezzing items are either not giving poseballs or rezzing balls in wrong positions
  • New features
    • New LSL function: key llTransferLindenDollars(key id, integer amount)
      Attempt to transfer amount of L$ from the owner of the object to 'id'. Requires PERMISSION_DEBIT. Returns a key used in a matching transaction_result event for the success or failure of the transfer.
    • New LSL event: transaction_result(key id, integer success, string data)
      This event is triggered from an llTransfer* call (currently only llTransferLindenDollars).
      • id: matches the return value of the llTransfer call and if the transaction was a success will match the 'transaction id' shown in transaction history on
      • success: TRUE if the transfer succeeded otherwise FALSE.
      • data: On successful transactions will contain a CSV of destination ID and amount transferred. In failure cases it will contain an error tag on failure.
    • Error Tags for llTransferLindenDollars:
      • LINDENDOLLAR_ENTITYDOESNOTEXIST - The destination UUID is not a valid agent.
      • LINDENDOLLAR_INSUFFICIENTFUNDS - The source agent does not have enough L$ for the transfer
      • INVALID_AGENT - Destination agent is not a valid UUID
      • INVALID_AMOUNT - Amount is <= 0
      • THROTTLED - The scripted L$ throttle was hit for this object owner.
      • MISSING_PERMISSION_DEBIT - The script does not have debit permission
      • GROUP_OWNED - The object is group owned and thus can't give money
      • TRANSFERS_DISABLED - L$ transfers are disabled in the region
      • EXPIRED - The simulator timed out waiting for a response from the back-end service.
      • SERVICE_ERROR - There was an error connecting to the back-end service
    • SCR-31 New LSL function: llGetParcelMusicURL()
      • Returns the music URL of the object's current parcel if the script owner also owns the parcel
  • History:
  • History:

In the server version deployed on Tuesday, 11/29/11, a serious crash bug was discovered. In order to maintain the stability of the grid, we are rolling back to the previous server trunk version of

  • This is a "havok" project.. Scheduled 2011-11-15.
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-7424 Error rezzing certain mesh objects: "Unable to rez object because its mesh data is invalid."
    • Fix for root-prim meshes from an 'old server' not permitted to enter a 'new server'
  • Upgraded physics engine to Havok 2011.2. This brings in the latest work from Havok. We do not expect any noticeable change from this upgrade, but please let us know via jira if you see any new physics related issues.
  • Implemented llSetKeyframedMotion (
  • Known issues
    • Unattached mesh objects cannot region cross from this version into regions running an older version of Havok.
    • Unattached objects cannot region cross from regions running an older version of Havok into this version, if the root prim is a mesh. This is a bug in the main channel server, which has been fixed in this version.
  • History:

  • This project is scheduled 2011-11-08
  • Refactored server voice code.
  • bug fixes
    • Fixed syntax errors
    • Fix voice failure due to missing line in merge . voice channel info was not properly being set, hence it wasn't being passed back to the viewer
    • Fixed some private parcel voice issues
      • Voice dot disappears on entering a private spatial parcel
    • Fixed some calls to the vivox API
  • History:

  • Scheduled 2011-10-18
  • Agent inventory updates
    • Switch AIS capabilities from Agent DS to new Inventory API clusters
      • Inventory should be faster on Viewer 2.5.1 and above and any TPVs that have merged since Viewer 2.5.1.
    • Send BulkUpdateInventory and RemoveInventoryObjects messages over HTTP EventQueue
      • For greater reliability when items are delivered while users logged into the viewer (this is needed for the eventual release of Marketplace Direct Delivery).
    • Remove dead AIS backbone code
      • No visible changes
  • History:

  • This is the "Faster Scripts" project. scheduled 2011-10-11
    • Faster script calls, most notably Mono llGet*() calls that access object parameters (such as llGetMass() or llGetPos()) but don't actually change any object parameters, since most of those calls have built-in delays that automatically throttle the rate at which they can loop.
    • Run any LSL benchmark -- it should run faster in the new code given a similar simstate with any given number of objects and scripts.
      • Some LSL benchmarks can be found at this wiki page:
      • All of the benchmarks from the wiki are for math functions and as such will not show much improvement (see below) however the scripts provide good frameworks for observing performance improvements.
    • Some benchmark improvements will be more notable than others. In particular:
      • Mono benchmarks that primarily involve math functions (adding floats or integer, or even calls like llAbs()) will NOT show much improvement. This is because those operations tend to stay in the bytecode engine and do not execute any callbacks that require access to the object on which the script is running.
      • Mono benchmarks that access object paramters (llGetPos()) should show the most speedup.
      • LSL2 benchmarks that access object parameters should show measurable speedup, but since LSL is so slow already the proportional improvement will be less.
      • The more objects in the simulator the greater the proportional gains. The object lookup scales as Order(log(N) + C) where C is some constant.
    • So, the best expected percentage improvement would be from a single Mono script looping over something like llGetPos() in a region full of 15k objects.
  • Fix for SVC-7319 Mesh vehicles cannot cross simborders
  • New in
    • A fix for a crasher
    • A fix for world map search for estate-limited avatars
  • History:

  • This is a "maint-server" project. scheduled 2011-10-04
  • llCastRay() enabled.
  • float llGetMassMKS() -- identical behavior to llGetMass() except that the units of the value returned are kg
  • New primitive parameters option for use with llSetPrimitiveParams and related functions:
  1. PRIM_PHYSICS_SHAPE_PRIM -- Use the normal prim shape for physics (this is the default for all non-mesh objects)
  2. PRIM_PHYSICS_SHAPE_CONVEX -- Use the convex hull of the prim shape for physics (this is the default for mesh objects)
  3. PRIM_PHYSICS_SHAPE_NONE -- Ignore this prim in the physics shape. NB: This cannot be applied to the root prim.
  • void llSetPhysicsMaterial( integer material_bits, float gravity_multiplier, float restitution, float friction, float density )
    • material_bits is a bitwise combination of DENSITY, FRICTION, RESTITUTION, and GRAVITY_MULTIPLIER and specifies which floats to actually apply
    • gravity_multiplier must be between -1.0 and +28.0
    • restitution must be between 0.0 and 1.0 (note, a collision between two objects with restitution 1.0 will still not be perfectly elastic due to damping in the physics engine)
    • friction must be between 0.0 and 255.0
    • density must be between 1.0 and 22587.0 (in kg/m^3 -- see if you can figure out what 22587 represents)
  • list llGetPhysicsMaterial() -- returns a list of the form [float gravity_multiplier, float restitution, float friction, float density]
  • Simulator crash fixes
  • Bug Fixes
    • No error message upon calling llSetLinkPrimitiveParams on a non-root prim when setting PRIM_PHYSICS_MATERIAL
    • Object losing permissions when some prims are unlinked
    • SCR-53 llSensorRepeat not triggering no_sensor unless a sensor event handler is present
    • SVC-34 Right-clicking another Resident's moving object freezes it
    • SVC-6970 Object losing permissions when some prims are unlinked
    • SCR-176 llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget is not working properly
    • dataserver outgoing email queue can grow unbounded
    • Attempt to rez object failed, item is not returned, missing from database
    • Anybody can freeze an unscripted physical object
    • [PUBLIC] Folders are Texture Category Folders
    • Fix triangle normals returned by llCastRay
    • SCR-39 Create llCastRay for raycasting operations
    • llCastRay() does not work when called in an attached script
    • llCastRay() reports information about wrong link numbers if some child prims have physics shape type 'none'
    • llCastRay() clamping changes the ray direction
    • llCastRay() is reflected when ray end position is >256m in x or y direction
    • llCastRay() normals point in the wrong direction
  • Bug fixes since the initial release of this project:
  • History:

  • This is the "Mesh" project. deployed 2011-08-23
    • Mesh objects can be uploaded
    • Child prims can be set to have no collision shape (do not contribute to collision of object)
    • Objects that use the features above (mesh shapes or non-colliding parts) will have prim cost calculated based on actual impact to the parcel/region rather than simple count.
    • Max prim scale has been raised to 64m on a side
    • New physics engine
      • Overhaul how collision shapes are constructed and stored in memory.
      • 10 cm gap between colliding objects has been removed for most objects:
        • For convex prims (dynamic and static)
        • Concave prims (static only)
        • For small prims ( <~0.2m on a side ) it can't be completely removed so those objects may still exhibit a gap, but it will typically be smaller than it was before the change.
    • Parcel-full return sort order has changed: most recently "changed" get returned first, but still grouped by OTHER, GROUP, and OWNER in that order.
  • History:

  • "maint-server" project. deployed 2011-08-09
    • New Features
      • Enhancements for marketplace item delivery.
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fix for SVC-7104 "Granting/revoking perms broken for non-web-profile viewers"
      • Fix for SVC-7059 "(Spanish) [DATE I18N] Date in English in Group profile > Terreno/Bienes > L$ del grupo > Detalles tab and Ventas tab"
      • Fix for SVC-7067 "Postcards sent from LeTigre sims fail with error code also can not upload sound files on LeTigre"
      • Fix for SVC-6973 "France Villas Sim, we have been having MAJOR issues on this sim since the last update on the Havok software..We presently have 4 open tickets on it and TJ linden said to file a bug report"
      • Changed logging for TIMEWARP issues.
      • Removed some unused IM code.
  • History:

  • Avatar Visibility project deployed 2011-07-19
    • This new feature adds the ability to control if residents on a parcel are visible to others outside that parcel, as well as the ability to see them. In other words, if TheFirst Resident is on one parcel and TheSecond Resident is on another, while this feature is enabled on either parcel, they will not see each other. Text chat on channel zero is blocked following the same rules.
      • While this feature works with all viewer, a new version is required to change these options. In the version 2.8 viewer, the About Land / Options dialog will have a new checkbox.
    • The llGetParcelDetails() function will now accept a new parameter PARCEL_DETAILS_SEE_AVATARS that may be passed into the function, and it will return an integer flag indicating if the setting is on or off.
    • Both the large map and mini map work as before. Green dots will indicate the approximate location of an avatar, regardless of this new parcel setting.
    • LSL sensors will function normally, and can detect the presence of avatars on parcels with this setting enabled.
    • Text chat on channels other than zero are not blocked by this setting.
    • If an avatar is on a vehicle with this feature enabled, the entire vehicle will not be seen.
    • All existing parcels in Second Life default to the old behavior (showing residents on the parcel). To enable this feature on your parcel, you must have the new viewer with appropriate permissions, and then turn off the checkbox above.
    If the new viewer is used on an older simulator, the option will be checked and disabled.
  • Sound Audibility
    • This feature adds new parcel controls to limit the sounds that may be played by avatars. These are sounds from gestures, played from the viewer inventory, or from scripts on attachments. The parcel owner (or group member with powers to change parcel settings) can set the parcel to allow avatar sounds from everyone, only members of the parcel group, or nobody.
      • A new SecondLife viewer is required to change these settings from their default values. In the version 2.8 viewer, the About Land / Sound dialog box will have a new control:
  • All existing parcels will default to having this set to "Everybody" and thus behave as before this feature was introduced.
  • History:

  • Josh's "maint-server" project.
    • Features
      • Added new parameter to llHTTPRequest - HTTP_VERBOSE_THROTTLE. Value is 4, type is integer. If specified in the parameters list as a non-zero value (true), the script will emit errors when the throttle for outgoing requests is hit. If zero (false), the script will remain silent on errors. The default value is true.


key http_request_id = llHTTPRequest("", [HTTP_VERBOSE_THROTTLE, 0], "");
      • SCR-67: Added new constant PRIM_OMEGA for use with llGetPrimitiveParams, llSetPrimitiveParams, llGetLinkPrimitiveParams, llSetLinkPrimitiveParams, llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast. This gives access to the "target omega" property of primitives which can be set via llTargetOmega, but allows getting the current target omega for a prim (previously not supported) and setting the target omega on a child prim (previously only doable with a script on each prim).

The list has the signature [vector axis, float spinrate, float gain] like the parameters for llTargetOmega


// Set this prim rotating
llTargetOmega(<1.0,3.0,0.5>, TWO_PI, 1.0);

// Read back this prim's current target omega
list current_omega = llListToList( llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_OMEGA]); // should be [PRIM_OMEGA, axis, spinrate, gain]
vector axis = llList2Vector(current_omega, 1); // Should be <1.0,3.0,0.5>
float spinrate = llList2Float(current_omega, 2); // Should be TWO_PI
float gain = llList2Float(current_omega, 3); // Should be 1.0

// Set all child prims rotating
llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_ALL_CHILDREN, [PRIM_OMEGA, <1.0,3.0,0.5>, TWO_PI, 1.0]);
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed issue with "Buy" option remaining set on purchased child prims of no-mod objects (Originally VWR-9796)
      • Addressed issue with teleport and other service failures affecting simulator hosts.
      • Server-side support for STORM-1261 - send message IDs on login failure to allow localization
      • SVC-6905 : Fixed issue with objects resisting return, delete, take and autoreturn
      • WEB-3096: Fix unsubscribe link in IM-to-Email messages"
      • SVC-6953: Fixed issue where region restart notification appears to be from the avatar being notified.
      • SVC-5780: More specific error message when deeding land to group fails because transfers are blocked on the region
  • History:

  • Kelly's "mono2performance" project. deployed 2011-06-28
    • Script performance and robustness
      This release includes many features that improve the performance and robustness of scripts compiled to Mono. This includes a lot of back end infrastructure work with unit tests and script life cycle to make it easier and safer to work with the script system in the future.
    • New Script Profiling LSL Functions
    • Bug Fixes
      • SVC-3895 Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS
      • Improved 'Top Scripts' report
        Each object now reports an average script time per frame since the object was created or the last 30 minutes, whichever is shorter. This fixes a lot of odd behavior and misinformation in the previous results as well as makes it easier to determine recent lag sources instead of only immediate lag sources.
        It is still not expected for this result to exactly match the 'Script ms' reported in the simulator stats summary as these measure different things on different time scales.
      • (Fixed a) Sim crash in mono memory monitor.
      • Includes the fix that caused the zero day rollback.
      • Improved simulator performance when removing objects with scripts from a region.
      • Fixed a bug that could cause scripts to crash with NullReferenceException errors.
      • Fix for "Periods of very low (or nonexistent) script performance"
      • Fix for SCR-55 "script reset"
      • Fix for SCR-76 "llRegionSayTo() silently fails in LSL2 scripts"
      • Fix for SCR-66 "llRegionSayTo() Fails to send messages to attachments on sitting avatars"
      • Fix for SCR-61 "llOwnersay Truncates multibyte characters at the end of it's range"
      • Fix for SVC-6573 "Execution of script is not blocked on parcel for single user if scripts are not blocked for groups on parcel"
      • Fix for regions that would fail to start.
      • Fixed an issue that would create long pauses when avatars logged out or TP'd to other regions.
  • History:

  • The "Group Chat" project. deployed 2011-06-21
  • These are the simulator side fixes for group chat.
  • Enable addressing chat message to more than one agent in a region
    • A protocol was implemented on the sim and in the multiagent chat backbone service to enable addressing of a chat message to multiple agents. When more than one recipient agent is present in the same region a single request is made to the sim addressed to all recipients. Previously a request was made for each agent needlessly duplicating requests.
  • History:

  • Kelly's "maint-server" project. deployed 2011-05-31
  • This project failed during the promotion to main channel this week. There were deploy issues that made it difficult for regions to start up. This version contains a fix for that, but is otherwise the same.
    • Bug Fixes
      • SCR-61: "llOwnersay Truncates multibyte characters at the end of it's range"
      • SVC-6573: Block execution of ungrouped scripts on ungrouped land that blocks scripts.
      • SVC-2810: IM to Email sending out messages that can't be replied to.
      • SVC-4632: Getting past estate land bans
      • SCR-66: "llRegionSayTo() Fails to send messages to attachments on sitting avatars"
      • Added logging to help in investigating a "'TIMEWARP" issue that is causing some residents to be kicked off simulators
      • A simulator crash mode.
      • A dataserver crash in SMTP connection sending mail
      • Fix to allow services to start properly after deployment of new code.
  • History:

  • Because of deploy related issues with the new code this version was put back on to the main channel.
  • Andrew's "maint-server" project. deployed 2011-05-11
  • Fixed SVC-6951 "Random sim crashes in latest branches"
  • Fixed 2 simulator crashing bugs.
  • Made changes to message logging to be less impactful on simulator performance
  • Removed the physics changes tied to SVC-5880.
    • The fix for this bug was determined to have unintended and adverse reactions.
  • History:


  • This project had deploy related issues that we noticed during the deploy. We cancelled the deploy and put the regions back to the previous version.
  • Kelly's "maint-server" project. partially deployed 2011-05-17
    • Bug Fixes
      • SCR-61: "llOwnersay Truncates multibyte characters at the end of it's range"
      • SVC-6573: Block execution of ungrouped scripts on ungrouped land that blocks scripts.
      • SVC-2810: IM to Email sending out messages that can't be replied to.
      • SVC-4632: Getting past estate land bans
      • SCR-66: "llRegionSayTo() Fails to send messages to attachments on sitting avatars"
      • Added logging to help in investigating a "'TIMEWARP" issue that is causing some residents to be kicked off simulators
      • A simulator crash mode.
      • A dataserver crash in SMTP connection sending mail
  • History:

  • Andrew's "maint-server" project, deployed 2011-05-03
  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-6055 Avatar position reverts to original sittarget in simcrossing
    • SVC-6808 Muting a new-style 'Resident' avatar is ineffective when you're offline
    • SVC-6859 llTeleportAgentHome on an agent not over your land shouldn't result in the target getting the message
    • SVC-6882 Mini-map shows multiple dots for one avatar, but avatar is not ghosted
    • SVC-5880 Vehicles "Jumping" when crossing prims
      • This is caused by the physics engine reporting collision info for "hidden" faces (the vertical faces where the road objects butt up against each other). It has existed since the very beginning of SL and affects all objects (not just vehicles) however it became particularly bad for vehicles after the physics engine upgrade to Havok4 in 2008.04.
      • To repair broken vehicles a "workaround" was introduced to reduce the effect: vehicle collision events get special scrutiny and some collision events are removed. It helps, but is not 100% effective and also has some side effects such as causing vehicles to sometimes partially penetrate curbs, walls, and other obstacles, or even tunnel through walls for small vehicles.
      • To solve this problem correctly in Havok7 a config parameter was tweaked in the physics engine. Also, the aforementioned workaround for vehicles has been removed, so some vehicle behavior may change. Besides a reduction of vehicles penetrating obstacles they may also "jump" more when crossing seams that are not quite lined up right -- short obstacles may cause vehicles to jump where they used to roll smoothly.
    • SVC-6900 Group-owned objects located in private estates cannot send IMs to offline avatars
    • SVC-6403 llGiveInventory is not working!
  • New Feature
  • History:

  • Monty's "Fast Assets" project, scheduled 2011-04-26
  • Higher asset request concurrency for downloads issued by the simulator.
    • Allows concurrent simulator asset downloads from the asset backend.
    • Greatest improvement where regions have long download queue sizes
    • Lower request latency for non-texture requests particularly
    • Textures (HTTP and UDP) mostly unchanged
  • More fair queuing behavior for non-texture assets
    • Non-texture requests are serviced in order of receipt rather than last-in-first-out.
  • Security Fixes.
  • History:

  • Deployed 2011-03-22
  • Bug fixes and maintenance updates.
    • Fix for an issue introduced in "mono2-aware" where scripts could use more than 64kb of memory.
      • The fix might create stack heap collision errors in some scripts made since the release of "mono2-aware"
    • Security fix to prevent copying 'no copy' objects.

  • Emergency release deployed late 2011-03-16
    • Security patch to prevent content theft.

  • "server-maint" project, scheduled 2011-03-08
  • Bugs Fixed
    • SVC-6781: Duplicating old attachments does not copy attachment point/position/rotation info
    • Some people may notice a slight improvement in regions with heavy object creation/deletion. (Maestro claims he saw his object-creation benchmark speed up from 14 obj/sec to 17 obj/sec. Nothing was changed in object creation, however we did clean up object deletion, and Maestro's benchmark deletes objects as fast as they are created.)
    • History:

  • Kelly's "mono2-aware" project, scheduled 2011-03-01
    • Preparation for Mono2
    • This branch paves the way for upgrading the Mono virtual machine that runs scripts in Second Life. This branch ensures that scripts continue to work as we upgrade.

  • "Andrew's maint-server", scheduled 2011-02-22
    • Fixed a security issue related to deleting other people's objects.
    • Fixed two simulator crash modes.
    • Removed some unnecessary server logs.
    • Fixed SVC-6678: Changing Regions Very fast Causes " No Valid Agent ID "
    • Fixed SVC-6723: Scripted and linked objects not behaving properly when crossing parcel boundaries
    • Updates to Parcel API for supporting large land owners
    • NEW Feature added in
      • "Threaded Rez": Object rezzing is moved to a separate thread. This should minimize lag instances when complex objects are rezzed in a region.

  • Display Names project scheduled 2011-02-15
  • Features
    • Display Names Improvements
      • Modify simulator top scripts report to include agent IDs instead of usernames.
      • Messages sent to estate by user with last name resident are seen as forged by simulator
      • llGetDisplayName failed intermittently
      • Offline group invite email contains Username only and contains Resident last name in body of message
      • llGetDisplayName returns nothing if the resident has not chosen a new name (shouldn't it return at least the legacy name, like the viewer is showing for their name?)
      • Last name resident shown in title of IM Conference Window with no Display name
      • metadata embedded in postcards: shows username="Firstname Lastname" instead of "firstname.lastname"
      • Confirm LSL functions tool tips have current valid descriptions

  • Interest List project scheduled 2011-02-08
  • Features
    • Interest List Improvements
      The Interest List is part of the simulator that controls how updates are sent to viewers. It is a core part of the simulator responsible for timely updates.
      This version should change the way updates for static (non-moving) objects are detected and sent to the viewer. This should be noticeable in form of:
      • Faster region load times. It should take less time to see what is around you after a teleport or log in.
      • Faster updates when moving in a region. While flying, for example, objects should appear sooner than before.

  • "Viewer Metrics" project, scheduled 2010-02-01
  • Features:
    • Improved viewer-side metrics collection to help Linden Lab analyze performance of various features.

  • "Encroachment" project, scheduled 2011-01-25
  • Bug Fix / Feature
    • Ability to return objects that overlap ("encroach") on a parcel.
      Depends on future viewer modifications. More details on how this works (here).

  • "Simulator Shutdown" project deployed: 2011-01-18
  • Features
    • Addresses back-end issues to make simulator/region restarts faster and more reliable.
    • Also includes a bundle of 3 updates to our "central servers." The Centrals, as we call them, are all the various machines that do things besides simulating regions. The three updates are:
      1. Mapserver: a minor update to the machine that generates the region images that you see on the World Map
      2. Inventory API: you may remember that this service was deployed a few weeks ago. We've since had to disable it due to conflicts with older viewers. This deploy is to add a version number to the API capability that the sims hand out, thereby making it only accessible to newer viewers that can properly interact with it. Older viewers will use the legacy inventory protocol that has been on the grid since the dawn of time.
      3. Region Conductor: this is the service that decides which simulator to put regions on. When your region is down, either from a restart, crash, or whatever, the region conductor finds an empty sim to start it up on. The changes here are to improve the efficiency of how regions are placed on sims.

  • Deployed 2011-01-11
  • Features
    • TP / region crossing compression enabled grid wide.
    • Security fixes.