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You may request specific areas to be documented on my talk page. I encourage you to do so, its fun.

Who I am

I am a regular SL member like the rest of you here, just trying to enjoy myself and have fun.

I do scripting within the metaverse and believe strongly in helping the builders and content creators in the ways I know how.

I specialize in bug hunting and research of problems that affect people, also the area of exploits and permissions bugs. Security in software and hardware has always interested me, and I hope to make a career out of it in life.

What I do on the wiki

Here on the wiki I am working to document the clients behavior, quirks and side nodes on how things are parsed in the message system. I in time am trying to go through and make a full map of how each piece of the client works so that others do not need to spend the hours tracing and documenting code like I have. I think its vital that its easy to understand how each piece of the project works, and any quirks to its behavior that might affect interaction with other software.

Hopefully people, maybe even some of the lindens will find this information useful.

Feedback of any kind, even criticism is my driving force behind the project.

What else you might find on this page

Some of the other things you might find scattered below here are notes, research and small code pastes that I am using for my work. Your free to try to understand it, but do not expect it to all make sense, my mind is a mess sometimes.

Packet Priority List