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Avatar and Groups

Name Creator Description
NameTest Oz Linden Given an old name, display the current name for the same avatar
Display Names to Key Joran Yoshikawa Simple way to get UUIDs from displaynames
*DS*_Display-Username_Online_Indicator Daemonika Nightfire This simple hover text-based script is used to shop owners in Second Life, customers at the current display name and user name to display publicly. Additionally shows the status of the Userkey and online. Furthermore, there are click of a chat link that opens the profile owner.
Find Avatar Key Huney Jewell Explores UUID of avatar whose name is said in local chat or who touches the prim.
Group Information v1.0 Tyrennic Rivera When clicked the prim will show group information (set on the prim) from the official Second Life Search page.
Group key finder Emmas Seetan Touch to find the key of the group
Hello Avatar Linden Lab SL's default script.
Hello Avatar Companion Chase Quinnell Companion to the original Hello Avatar script
Name2Key in LSL Maeva Anatine Get the Name2Key feature inside your scripts. Works even on lastly subscribed avatars.
Online Indicator Kristy Fanshaw Will show if the user is online or not. Displays users profile picture and allows to send IM's to user. Also gives a link to open the users profile
Open Group Join Alicia Stella User Touches Object to Join Group from Group Info window, (no bot.)
Resource Impact Calculator SmarTek Engineer Use to control the lag caused by avatars, maximizing sim's performance.
Scripted Attachment Detector Bobbyb30 Swashbuckler A script that will display avatars wearing scripted attatchments in hovertext. This may be worn as an hud or rezzed.
Show Agent Script Count and memory PixelProphet Lane Fast and efficient method to display the amount of scripts and memory usage for an agent
Under Age Boot Chance Unknown Security device example to teleport home accounts below a minimum age limit; can be useful in combating free griefer accounts.
Unmutable Descript Nagger Bobbyb30 Zohari To nag avatars to take off their scripted attatchments.
UUID Song Generator Sendao Goodman Translates a UUID into a simple song and plays it.