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Housing, Windows, Doors

Name Creator Description
Curtain script Zilla Larsson A simple script to retract/stretch curtains, blinds, bedcovers and more
Keypad Door Tdub Dowler Door and keypad with changeable code. Follow instructions carefully!
One Script, many doors Kyrah Abattoir Door script able to manage more than 50 linked doors from a single script instance.
Simple Elevator in a Box Hank Ramos Simple elevator example.
Simple Pay Door Giygas Static Simple door you pay to get access.
Smooth Rotating Door Toy Wylie A script for doors that open and close smoothly using llTargetOmega
Smooth Rotating Linked Door With Hinge Lyn Mimistrobell A script for linked uncut (mesh) doors that smoothly rotates around a virtual hinge without the use of timers
Smooth Sliding Door SimonT Quinnell A script for sliding doors that open and close smoothly using llMoveToTarget. Asjusts for prim orientation.
Touch_Toggle_Light Toady_Nakamura Touch to change from dark to light. Use framework for other on/off projects.
Window Control Emmas Seetan For window opacity, helpful for buildings.