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Name Creator Description
Teleporter_Anywhere Luxen Resident Zx Teleporter Anywhere v5.1 - Grid Wide
No Limit Teleporter Morgam Biedermann Teleport to infinite altitudes (up to 4096m)
PosJump Uchi Desmoulins A much more efficient alternative to the popular warpPos function for bypassing 10m distance-moved limitations.
Teleport HUD Jesse Barnett WORKS TO 4096 METERS!! Very user friendly teleport HUD. Add destinations by touching "Add" & naming destination in chat. Automatically gets sim name and coordinates. Will only display the destinations in the sim you are currently in. Demonstrates more advanced list manipulation and stride functions.
Teleporter (landmark based) Void_Singer Uses Landmarks to offer map teleports. Works as Hud or inworld objects, just drop in landmarks and go.
WarpPos Keknehv Psaltery Non-physical movement without the 10m limit.