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Name Creator Description
Binary Clock Fox Diller A Binary Clock.
Date Library Corto Maltese Date library, based on number of day since march 3rd 1600, can be used to calculate weekday, date differences, and date offset, and date formating.
Day of the Week DoteDote Edison Function to get day of the week from llGetUnixTime.
Days in Month IntLibber Brautigan Clicking on it returns the number of days in the present month. Useful for scripting calendars and tier systems that need to know the number of days in the month at hand or to calculate for any month. Even adjusts for leap years.
GetTimestampOffset Siann Beck Returns llGetTimestamp() with an hour offset.
Give InvItem every n hours Criz Collins Will give an inventory item on touch only every n hours, even if somebody touches the object more than once.
Scheduler Haravikk Mistral Schedule multiple events using a single script timer
SL NTPoHTTP client SignpostMarv Martin Second Life Needs Time Parsing over Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Emulates the function of llGetWallclock for any timezone by using SLOpenID's SLNTPoHTTP service. Also supports ISO 8601 and RFC 2822 timestamps. Script is dependent upon an external service operated by the author!

Timer Module Isabelle Aquitaine Manage multiple timers via linked messages.
Unix time code to list format
Void Singer converts Unix timestamps to their [Y, M, D, h, m, s] equivalents (ex: 1234567890 to [2009, 2, 13, 3, 31, 30])
List format to Unix time code
Void Singer converts [Y, M, D, h, m, s] timestamps to their Unix equivalents (ex: [2009, 2, 13, 3, 31, 30] to 1234567890)
Weekday from Unix timestamp
Void Singer Gets weekday from Unix timestamps (ex: "Friday" from 1234567890)
Weekday from (Y, M, D) format
Void Singer Gets weekday from (Y, M, D) timestamps (ex: "Friday" from (2009, 2, 13))
Unix2DateTime Flennan Roffo Conversion from Unix time (llGetUnixTime()) to date and time string and vice versa.
Input number of seconds, get a string back that shows days, hours, minutes, seconds Fire Centaur Returns a string that displays days, hours, seconds
Synchronize Cay Trudeau Makes synchronized start to a task on even/odd seconds