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Name Creator Description
HTTP-In URL Registration Oz Linden Shows how to get a URL for the HTTP Server in your object and register it with an external web service, including how to do backoff and retry when acting as an HTTP Client.
GA Event Notifier Victor Hua Gathers seven days event data from a Google calendar and display it through a simple interface. The lsl script can access several calendars at once through seperate php files. One file per calendar. Host the included php on your own web server.
Google Charts Dedric Mauriac Create links to display raw data as a chart image.
Load URL Emmas Seetan Touch to get a dialog to visit the URL inside the script.
PHP_RegionFunctions Gypsy Paz and Zayne Exonar Three useful PHP functions to get region info
Static_URLs (No longer working) Jor3l Boa How to generate a static url for HTTP-In temporal limitations.
VirtualID URL Mapper for HTTP-in Cenji Neutra A script showing how to setup a static URL of the form <your-alias> which maps to the dynamic HTTP-in URL LSL generates and keeps it up-to-date.