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Agent and Avatar are both terms referring to a user interacting with Second Life. The term Agent is usually used when that user is interacting with an LSL script.

All avatars appear to have reference keys of type UUID-4 as defined in RFC-4122:

key avatar_uuid = "xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx";

//  where:
//      4 is 4
//      x is [0-9a-f]
//      y is [8-9a-b]

There are a few avatar UUIDs that aren't strictly v4, not because they don't fit the pattern above, but because they weren't randomly generated (which is a requirement for v4). They were assigned to some of the original Linden Lab employees: Doug, Cory, Philip, Jed, Stefan, Eric, Frank, Avi, Oldjohn, Andrew, Hunter, Old, Ian, James (the list was likely longer but their names and UUIDs have been lost to the sands of time).