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Transcript for Thursday May 12, 2011

[12:59] Adamburp Adamczyk /me wonder s if amanda brought the coffee'n'donuts?
[12:59] Amanda Linden hey there adam. sorry i couldn't talk when you imed me
[12:59] Amanda Linden was in meeting.
[12:59] Adamburp Adamczyk np
[12:59] Lisa Fossett /me made cupcakes
[12:59] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie got bugged instead :0
[12:59] Amanda Linden ha
[12:59] Amanda Linden we were in the same meeting.
[12:59] Lisa Fossett chocolate
[12:59] Lexie lol
[12:59] Adamburp Adamczyk just needed help on something to avoid a costly error
[12:59] Amanda Linden
[13:00] DogWomble Dollinger hey lexie
[13:00] Lexie Hi everyone ㋡
[13:00] Lisa Fossett /me offers plate of cupcakes
[13:00] DogWomble Dollinger whispers: and i see a jeremy! hi jeremy!
[13:00] Torben Hi Amanda, Lexie & Jeremy
[13:00] Lisa Fossett devil's food with choccy icing
[13:00] Lexie yummm
[13:00] Jeremy Linden Hello!
[13:00] DogWomble Dollinger hi raymond :)
[13:00] Torben and Ray
[13:00] Raymond Linden Howdy
[13:01] Torben /me waves
[13:01] Torben wow, it´s cozy today
[13:01] DogWomble Dollinger isn't it always cozy here?
[13:01] DogWomble Dollinger we just need a campfire
[13:01] Torben dang, I left it at last meeting^^
[13:01] Jeremy Linden Do Lindens outnumber Residents today?
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk jeremy! me auld muckeronney, ho the devil are you?
[13:01] Amanda Linden updated.
[13:02] Amanda Linden
[13:02] Amanda Linden i'll send out a group notice...
[13:02] Jeremy Linden /me looks up "muckeronney" on Google.
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk means "gadgey/chap/person"
[13:03] Torben /me thinks the group notice worked
[13:03] Amanda Linden great!
[13:03] COCOON O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
[13:03] COCOON ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
[13:03] COCOON HEY HEY!!
[13:03] Torben hi all, hi Mari
[13:03] Amanda Linden welcome all. we'll get started in a bit
[13:03] Marianne McCann Hiya
[13:03] Lisa Fossett hey, MM :)
[13:03] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:03] Lisa Fossett come have a seat
[13:03] Dresden Ceriano hey everyone
[13:04] Amanda Linden /me munches on salad
[13:04] Amanda Linden :)
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger amanda is eating healthy food!!!!
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger we need some more pizza
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger or burgers
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk then tally me bananas
[13:04] Marianne McCann Quick, call out for Mama Joan's!
[13:04] Amanda Linden yum
[13:04] DogWomble Dollinger we can't all be healthy all the time :)
[13:05] Lexie /me hides her donut
[13:05] Marianne McCann Hey Qie
[13:05] Amanda Linden ok, ready to get started?
[13:05] Marianne McCann mmmhm!
[13:05] DogWomble Dollinger i think so amanda :)
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk think so
[13:05] Amanda Linden ossm.
[13:05] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:05] Qie HI Mari, all. *smiles*
[13:05] Lisa Fossett embrace the donut...enjoy...savor
[13:05] Amanda Linden raymond/lexie -- you have some v cool updates....
[13:05] Marianne McCann "Be one with the donut"
[13:05] Lisa Fossett feeling guilty ruins the experience :)
[13:05] Raymond Linden Hey All - Unfortunately, I do not have a ton of updates today
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk /me fingers crossed for the linden bus timetable collectors
[13:05] Amanda Linden no?
[13:05] Raymond Linden The changes I was hopping to push out by this meeting did not go out
[13:06] Raymond Linden We are working to fix the emoticon issue - they are displaying higher than they should
[13:06] Marianne McCann Aww...
[13:06] Lexie we pushed hard
[13:06] Torben awww
[13:06] Amanda Linden well, raymond and i are going to the lithium user conference next week....
[13:06] Torben can´t do more than try
[13:06] Amanda Linden hopefully we can help to move more quickly...
[13:06] Raymond Linden Also, the comments link was removed in Answers, but there is still an area to enter comments
[13:06] Amanda Linden and learn more about best practices.
[13:06] Raymond Linden WE are working to get those sections removed
[13:06] Lexie right
[13:07] Raymond Linden And the Reply button at the bottom of threads . . .
[13:07] Raymond Linden So, I actually have a question for you all on that . . .
[13:07] Amanda Linden (agenda for those just joining)
[13:07] Amanda Linden shouts:
[13:07] Raymond Linden Who is running into issues with that Reply button?
[13:07] Raymond Linden I cannot replicate the issue you are having
[13:08] Raymond Linden The Reply button should reply to the OP
[13:08] Dresden Ceriano i think it depends on how you've accessed the page
[13:08] Raymond Linden It is working for me, but it seems like the button is replying to the last post for some users
[13:08] Lexie I think so too Dresden
[13:08] Torben I didn´t run into any issue with it
[13:08] Raymond Linden Ah
[13:09] Raymond Linden Dresden - do you have specifics?
[13:09] Marianne McCann I had been having issues with the reply button. I've not seen them in a coupel weeks, though
[13:09] Raymond Linden We are also working on adding a Poll widget to the Community as well
[13:09] COCOON it doesn't work for me ...... :'-(
[13:09] Marianne McCann When, on occassion, clicking "reply" would send me back a page
[13:10] Dresden Ceriano like if you access a link that leads to a reply then try to use the reply button
[13:10] Raymond Linden The Green Reply button on the bottom, right?
[13:10] COCOON yes
[13:10] Marianne McCann /me nods
[13:10] Lexie or a perma link?
[13:10] Lexie same issue then?
[13:10] Dresden Ceriano yes
[13:11] Benji Hi there - Sorry to disturb.
[13:11] Raymond Linden Ok, thanks Dresden. Good info
[13:11] Amanda Linden cool....
[13:11] Raymond Linden We'll relay this back to Lithium to troubleshoot and hopefully get this resolved
[13:11] Amanda Linden lexie, any updates from you?
[13:12] Amanda Linden or did you cover?
[13:12] Lexie I have one
[13:12] Adamburp Adamczyk /me hopes lexie checked my meddling?
[13:12] Dresden Ceriano Cerise wrote a script that makes you always reply to the OP
[13:12] Lexie I saw that Dresden
[13:12] Dresden Ceriano okay
[13:12] Lexie So in Answers..
[13:13] Lexie One of the issues is that new users forget to come back and mark the accepted solution
[13:13] Torben yuss
[13:13] Lexie I am currently going back to the oldest Q&A and if a clear choice for accepted solution is there, I am marking it
[13:13] Lexie You may see some increase in your accepted solutions ㋡
[13:13] Lisa Fossett That's a lot of let work, Lexie
[13:13] Marianne McCann cool
[13:14] Marianne McCann Agreed, Lisa
[13:14] Lexie Lisa: I think it is worth it. We will continue to look at ways to help new users go back and mark those
[13:14] Lisa Fossett absolutley
[13:14] Lexie But you all give good answers so we dont want them buried!
[13:14] Lexie : )
[13:14] COCOON it will help them 'learning'
[13:14] Lisa Fossett I don't know the way it's set up...can anyone mark an answer correct or only the person who posed the question?
[13:15] DogWomble Dollinger but then the next question will be how can we encourage people to mark them answered?
[13:15] Lexie Only the person who posed the question Lisa
[13:15] Raymond Linden I believe just the original poster
[13:15] Lisa Fossett Yeah, that's an issue
[13:15] COCOON by spamming them with E-mails .......
[13:15] COCOON untill they answered ;o)
[13:15] Dresden Ceriano yeah curse them out... lol
[13:15] Lexie There have been reminder PMs sent too
[13:15] COCOON rofl
[13:15] Lisa Fossett There's a lot of obstacles to getting them to do so
[13:16] Lexie and the reminders did help!
[13:16] Raymond Linden The reminder PMs seemed to work pretty well
[13:16] Lexie : )
[13:16] Lexie That's it for me.
[13:16] Raymond Linden Yep, for me too. We'll try to get that Poll widget added by tomorrow or early next week
[13:17] Marianne McCann excellent
[13:17] Amanda Linden we're super excited about the poll widget.
[13:17] Amanda Linden :)
[13:17] Lexie yes!
[13:17] Lexie I think it will be fun
[13:17] Marianne McCann /me begins to ponder some mainland-based polls
[13:18] Dresden Ceriano /me begins to ponder some pole dancers
[13:18] Adamburp Adamczyk mm - please don't get me on my soapbox ;) NOT a good week for mainland support
[13:18] Yann hey what up Doc?
[13:18] Han Shot First hi dantia
[13:19] Dɐuʇıɐ Goʇɥןʎ hay
[13:19] Marianne McCann /me checks her inventory for a soapbox
[13:19] Lexie /me takes it away ㋡
[13:19] Marianne McCann ;-(
[13:19] Yann /me poke Jeremy :p (lol)
[13:19] Marianne McCann /me pouts
[13:19] Amanda Linden :)
[13:19] Lexie Who has the next update?
[13:19] Adamburp Adamczyk /me chucks it into the water - really doesn't wanna do that
[13:19] Amanda Linden think rand and jeremy
[13:19] Amanda Linden you're up.
[13:19] Rand ok
[13:19] Rand Mostly work on the wiki for me.
[13:19] Rand I created a new wiki portal for official policies -
[13:20] Jeremy Linden /me doesn't really have anything beyond "making the KB up-to-date and readable"
[13:20] Rand Yes, KB work is *ongoing*
[13:20] Rand :-)
[13:20] Rand Reworked the API documentation to clearly indicate which are "real/official" APIs -
[13:20] Rand Also, in process of cleaning up obsolete information in the wiki, and
[13:20] Adamburp Adamczyk /me ask jeremy to remember that - is iof some major relevance to alter
[13:20] Rand (sorry for lengthy text)
[13:20] Jeremy Linden Adam, remember what?
[13:21] Qie so... there's some wailing and gnashing of teeth about lost wiki history. I don't know how really gone it is, but... it would be kind of nice if it were archived and separately searchable, all the ancient history that's likely confusing to new users.
[13:21] Rand So that's about it
[13:21] Adamburp Adamczyk 13:20] Jeremy Linden doesn't really have anything beyond "making the KB up-to-date and readable"
[13:21] Rand Jeremy is still working primarily on land articles I believe
[13:21] Yann hugs Amanda and Lexie :)
[13:21] Amanda Linden rand and jeremy have been very busy!
[13:21] Amanda Linden thanks yann, back at ya.
[13:21] Rand And we have an editor who is cleaning up the Marketplace articles
[13:21] Amanda Linden woot!
[13:22] Rand ...and thats about all (whew)... :-)
[13:22] Lisa Fossett That's a LOT :)
[13:22] Marianne McCann Qie - yes. I would love to be able to see what was removed, knowing it is simple dated information.
[13:22] Amanda Linden cool.
[13:22] Rand yes! :-D
[13:22] Jeremy Linden Yes, I've been working on articles about Private Regions. They were... in need of some attention.
[13:22] Amanda Linden ok....
[13:22] Amanda Linden next item is land user group.
[13:22] Amanda Linden yep, i hear ya!
[13:23] Amanda Linden i've gotten lots of requests.
[13:23] Rand Qie - I don't believe we removed anything of historical value ... and here is a great resource for that:
[13:23] Amanda Linden we've had some changes going on internally and we really need a product person who is responsible for land to lead those meetings....
[13:23] Amanda Linden so, i should have updates for you on it in the next few weeks.
[13:23] Marianne McCann Good
[13:23] Qie thanks, Amanda
[13:23] Amanda Linden we know the need, but we just need to do some work on our end.
[13:23] Amanda Linden it's totally on us to come back to you and set one up.
[13:24] Amanda Linden def on my list. :)
[13:24] Amanda Linden thansk for continuing to raise it--i know it's a burning need.
[13:24] Amanda Linden i'll do my best to get it going ASAP.
[13:24] Marianne McCann Will be VERY nice to have it.
[13:24] Amanda Linden ok, love the next idea...
[13:24] Qie Okay, Rand... that's good. Some of us are just maudlin old romantics, about the social history of the early days of the Internet, etc., etc.
[13:24] Adamburp Adamczyk /me agrees
[13:24] Amanda Linden visibility of sl answers/kb at new user info hubs
[13:25] Amanda Linden interesting!
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk yayyyyyyy it worked!#
[13:25] Amanda Linden tell me more---not sure who added that one.
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie! i did it!
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk twas me
[13:25] Marianne McCann Ya, what Qie said. Those can often end up being the source of one silly little nothing, for a researcher
[13:25] Lexie I would like to hear thoughts on that
[13:25] Marianne McCann Big time. Infohubs need to... you know.. have info.
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk 'tios my addition
[13:25] Lexie What do you think we need, and how would you do it?
[13:25] Adamburp Adamczyk some ae far worse off than others
[13:26] Lexie *updated info
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk for clarity: i know of some with virtually zero access to these resources
[13:26] Amanda Linden which ones--the community ones o ours.....
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk yours manda
[13:26] Amanda Linden kk
[13:26] Lisa Fossett I'd like to hear AA's ideas on how they'd be shown.
[13:26] Adamburp Adamczyk i mean the visibility of them
[13:27] Marianne McCann For an example of "not this" - the largely empty "information" pavilion at Ahern
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk in cintext: i spend a lot of time at one that is near me
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk named "boardroom" trying to help noobs
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk an entire sim
[13:27] Lisa Fossett nods...and there's really nothing.
[13:27] Marianne McCann For examples of possibilities... Good question. I'd suggest shared media for one. Something...
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk yet there are a total of TWO kiosks#
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk on an entire region
[13:27] Adamburp Adamczyk the poor souls have no idea where they;re looking
[13:28] Qie so... is there more substance coming from the RHN thing? because... this is really the same problem.
[13:28] Adamburp Adamczyk i;d suggest you guys need to improve visibility, maybe add more to these infohubs
[13:28] Marianne McCann Boardroom is a dreadful place for a hub. There is often no way out of there, due to its location, and it really doesn't fit as a hub.
[13:28] Marianne McCann But that's an aside.
[13:28] Lisa Fossett Yes, and no, Qie
[13:28] Lisa Fossett RHN has no control over the content in the infohubs
[13:28] Qie maybe that's the problem
[13:29] Lexie good point
[13:29] Lisa Fossett We do on our own gateways
[13:29] Qie *somebody* needs to be executing a new user experience vision.
[13:29] Marianne McCann I'm all for any way to use the existing tools to bring information into the world. Give people innovative ways to get that information somehow inworld, versus having to open a web page and/r the internal browser
[13:29] Marianne McCann (open a web page *outside* of SL)
[13:29] Lexie ok
[13:30] Marianne McCann Qie - I have heard that some auditing on the hubs is ongoing. If so, i do hope a long look is taken at Boardroom
[13:30] Adamburp Adamczyk it needs ity
[13:30] Adamburp Adamczyk i spend a lot fo tme there to help, and i truly despair at how bad it is compared to the likes of oip
[13:30] Lisa Fossett The infohubs also have other issues in that they become gathering points
[13:30] Lexie This is good feedback to have!
[13:30] Lisa Fossett of a lot of undesirable behaviors
[13:30] Marianne McCann Ya. Heck, Waterhead may even be better. At least you can walk out of it to somewhere else....
[13:31] Lisa Fossett that are bewildering and a huge obstacle to new people
[13:31] Qie it's all way more confusing now than when I was a newbie. back in the dark ages, there was the One True Viewer, so one thing to learn. Anyway, I think newbies, once they sign up, have it really rough now.
[13:31] Lisa Fossett Frankly, when I'm mentoring, I go to the hub, find someone who needs help, and get him out of there to a gateway that is safe and secure
[13:31] Marianne McCann True, Lisa. Anti-social behavior is common, from racist/sexist/harassing rants on voice, to common targets for griefing, to noobs making sexual advances...
[13:32] COCOON the good old BUTTERFLY ISLAND ..... sweet memories ^^
[13:32] Lisa Fossett I feel sad because I know for every one I help, there's many more who don't get help and are left to flounder
[13:32] Marianne McCann It's a big pain point I think for the NUE. It was when I was a noob in 2/2006, and still is.
[13:32] Adamburp Adamczyk i agree lisa
[13:33] Lexie So the hubs are not friendly and are needing more current info
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk we can only help so much - even less when the official resources are not particularly clear
[13:33] Lisa Fossett yes, an understatement, Lexie
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk some are lexie, some aren't
[13:33] Lisa Fossett I've pondered suggesting voice be turned off so the voice trolls can't play.
[13:33] Marianne McCann I think "hubs" themselves are not in and of themselves a bad idea. But ya. They tend to foster bed behaviour and don't have much to encourage good behavior
[13:33] Amanda Linden what's the best one you ugys have seen?
[13:33] Amanda Linden guys
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk oip
[13:34] Lexie I know it varies and I know it can be difficult to help when the hubs are "out of control"
[13:34] Lisa Fossett OIP is the Best?
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk imho, yes
[13:34] Marianne McCann Nova Albion about 1 year ago (it does not get much traffic now)
[13:34] Jem Help people Island has been helpful for many
[13:34] Lexie why OIP?
[13:34] Lisa Fossett for info maybe...
[13:34] Adamburp Adamczyk excellent resources if youi get past the gobs***es there
[13:34] Marianne McCann Ross in terms of content alone...
[13:34] Lexie ok
[13:35] corvino oi
[13:35] Marianne McCann welcome, Corvino
[13:35] Qie actually, yeah, Ross is good.
[13:35] DogWomble Dollinger do people have landmarks for the welcome areas that they like?
[13:35] COCOON someone posted this week in the forum an idea about forcing residents to go through some 'interactive game' where they need to follow some basic learning steps, before they can jump to the rest of the grid ....a lot of games do use that!!!
[13:35] Marianne McCann The difficulty I see is that the hubs do not currently answer one of the bigger Resident questions: "What do we do here."
[13:35] Adamburp Adamczyk there sued to be thatr
[13:35] Lisa Fossett We've been back and forth with that idea, Wildcat
[13:35] COCOON well I still think that is a good idea
[13:36] Adamburp Adamczyk there was one of them
[13:36] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:36] Marianne McCann There is not a lot of attempts to show people other experiences outside of the hub, so they stay there. And grow bored, and turn to anti social behavior
[13:36] COCOON make them do something
[13:36] Lexie Marianne I think you have a point there.
[13:36] Marianne McCann (at least that's my take on it)
[13:36] Lisa Fossett Good point
[13:36] COCOON you get mostly the usual replies as SL IS BORING
[13:37] COCOON but they haven't even dropped a prim on the floor yet ^^
[13:37] Adamburp Adamczyk or "where aer teh sex clubs"
[13:37] Marianne McCann In Hau Koda, there's a "travel agency" with simple LMs to other spots to explor. It's a good start, but if there was some way to say "you need to see thrse three places this week" or something
[13:37] COCOON lol adam yes
[13:37] Marianne McCann Some sort of way to get people to circulate and grow beyond the hubs themselves
[13:37] COCOON yes marianne
[13:37] Lisa Fossett /me remembers Pathfinders Picks
[13:37] Lisa Fossett Something that shows them the DG
[13:37] Qie yes
[13:38] Marianne McCann Ya, Lisa. Today, it could be a DG tie in
[13:38] Marianne McCann Or even DG and events
[13:38] Lisa Fossett GMTA
[13:38] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:38] Lexie Yes they do!
[13:38] Lisa Fossett right
[13:38] COCOON maybe a learning game where residents can earn a little bit Linden dollars to encourage them ....
[13:38] Lisa Fossett For everyone who says SL is boring...I know they don't know how to find stuff
[13:38] COCOON indeed Lisa
[13:39] Marianne McCann Right, Lisa.
[13:39] draconis.neurocam i still think, new users should be taught how to make content, that afterall is the thing that makes ls what it is, and it seems like it is downplayed a lot
[13:39] Lexie Do you think new Residents are reading the info at hubs? Or do most not see it?
[13:39] draconis.neurocam SL*
[13:39] Marianne McCann To me, it's one of the "big three hub questions" and the one most in need of a counter
[13:39] COCOON I think most don't bother
[13:39] Lisa Fossett I'm not downplaying making content
[13:39] Lisa Fossett It's the foundation of all that's here. But, some people are just not creative
[13:40] Lisa Fossett To keep them here, they need to find something else that interests them.
[13:40] COCOON the hubs should STIMULATE newcomers ... and make them curious about the grid capabilities
[13:40] Marianne McCann I think short, concise stuff does get read. But given the rules signs are pretty clear at them, and routinely disregarded... I dunno
[13:40] Qie that's sort of the challenge: making it easy for *diverse* people to find what will interest them and keep them engaged long enough to find the *next* thing that will interest them. Then they're hooked.
[13:41] Lexie I think short, concise and eye catching are key
[13:41] COCOON yes Qie
[13:41] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk lexie, it's a 50/50 split
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk some pay attention to it, some don't
[13:41] Lexie ok
[13:41] Lisa Fossett perhaps you can rotate topics through? Have a contest with inputs for content on the info boards?
[13:42] Lexie interesting
[13:42] Marianne McCann I agree, Lexie
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk one thing to mention: location of infohubs
[13:42] Marianne McCann And yes, hubs should be, well, jumping off points. But they are not
[13:42] Lexie (bye Torben)
[13:43] Lexie Great thoughts on this topic!
[13:43] Amanda Linden amazing discussion.
[13:43] Amanda Linden v helpful.
[13:44] Lexie yes!
[13:44] Amanda Linden and a great add on to our previous discussions on new resi experience.
[13:44] Amanda Linden love it
[13:44] Marianne McCann I know that, in Bay City, we love our bubs. But we do also face a lot of issues from Residents there
[13:44] Marianne McCann hubs*
[13:44] Lisa Fossett Lexie, is there any way to monitor the interaction with various modalities? As in...this sign got clicked on X number of times?
[13:44] Amanda Linden i have a dumb question....
[13:44] DogWomble Dollinger there's no such thing amanda
[13:44] Lexie Lisa, I know we have scripts that can do that
[13:44] Adamburp Adamczyk yes amandda, i;m wearign a bucket
[13:44] Amanda Linden how do resi's find mainland hubs....
[13:45] Amanda Linden new resi's
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk they get there from the acc creation
[13:45] Lisa Fossett Those kinds of metrics could help you find out what is used and perceived more helpful
[13:45] Amanda Linden ah, right.
[13:45] Amanda Linden i haven't gone through the process lately
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk maybe you should?
[13:45] COCOON they get dumped really ....
[13:45] Lexie right Lisa, good point
[13:45] Marianne McCann Moose Beach is featured off the tutorial. Others, I'm not sure precisely how they're alotted nowadays
[13:45] draconis.neurocam the way i always did was opening the map amanda, but ive been here since 2005, so i have no idea how new people get to them
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk maybe all of the lindens, including rodders, should do it
[13:45] Amanda Linden i should def go through it again.
[13:45] Lexie me too
[13:45] Amanda Linden lot sof changes to the new reg process.
[13:45] Lisa Fossett I've often wondered how resis find the hubs
[13:46] Amanda Linden you all should
[13:46] Lisa Fossett I ask sometimes
[13:46] Amanda Linden it's completely fresh.
[13:46] Marianne McCann
[13:46] Lisa Fossett many have NO idea how they got there.
[13:46] Amanda Linden much simpler and more engaging.
[13:46] Lexie try it out
[13:46] Amanda Linden yeah, lisa--that's sorta what i figured.
[13:46] Amanda Linden which is why i asked (not so dumb) question
[13:46] Lisa Fossett some say they were looking for help and they plopped down there
[13:47] Amanda Linden hmmm.
[13:47] COCOON O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
[13:47] COCOON ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
[13:47] Amanda Linden hey peewee--welcome
[13:47] Lisa Fossett the Help section of the DG is rather haphazard.
[13:47] Peewee Musytari hey hey cat :)
[13:47] Adamburp Adamczyk DG?
[13:47] Peewee Musytari hey amanda :)
[13:47] Amanda Linden destination guide
[13:47] Lexie How so Lisa?
[13:47] Amanda Linden right.
[13:47] Amanda Linden yeah, tell more...
[13:47] Marianne McCann Lisa - maybe from the LM thing on HIP?
[13:47] Adamburp Adamczyk ah
[13:47] Lisa Fossett I dunno
[13:47] Lisa Fossett (the how part)
[13:48] Lisa Fossett some of the "help" areas aren't so welcoming or full of helpers
[13:48] Lisa Fossett The second step is missing
[13:48] Lisa Fossett It's set up so the resi clicks to go to one of these places
[13:48] Lisa Fossett but not all of them are staffed
[13:48] Lisa Fossett or have pertinent info
[13:48] Lisa Fossett some of them are EXCELLENT
[13:49] Lisa Fossett but some are deserts
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk /me remembers the day the ontynes all turnede up at an infohub
[13:49] Lexie ahh ok
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk i've never seen such a shambles as that
[13:49] Lisa Fossett I think we'll be working on this, right?
[13:49] Amanda Linden :)
[13:49] Amanda Linden ya know--it's funny.
[13:49] Lisa Fossett It's better
[13:49] Amanda Linden we're doing a lot of good work on new resi experience....
[13:50] Lisa Fossett but not as good as it could be
[13:50] Amanda Linden this UG i mean.
[13:50] Amanda Linden really helpful....
[13:50] Amanda Linden yep so we'll be workin' on it. :)
[13:50] Lexie We want that to be a reallyyyyyy good resource
[13:50] Lisa Fossett Right
[13:50] Marianne McCann IMO, the Hau Koda infohub has some nice tools... a changing room upstairs, the previously-mentioned LM in the travel agency.... but it also has some troubles with entrenched Residents and a lack of quick, concise 'do this" info
[13:50] Lisa Fossett you need 3 things:
[13:50] Doctor Gascoigne I like that hub alot mari
[13:50] Lisa Fossett 1) Resis need to know how to find it in the DG
[13:51] Lisa Fossett 2) the DG needs to direct Resis to the right place
[13:51] Lisa Fossett and 3
[13:51] Lisa Fossett The destinations need to have the best content possible for the Resis
[13:51] Doctor Gascoigne the help section needs to be kept up to date and comprehensive
[13:51] Lexie right
[13:51] Lisa Fossett yup
[13:52] draconis.neurocam i remember back when we had to go to infohubs back when they were telehubs, and you had to fly everywhere, you could not just teleport where you wanted, back then everyone was familiar with them
[13:52] DogWomble Dollinger well i'm wondering, given that some new user areas don't seem to be working that well, is it worth trying to establish a process of identifying the ones listed that are a problem and working out how to improve them,?
[13:52] Amanda Linden love that....
[13:52] Lisa Fossett We need to, first, I think...
[13:52] Lisa Fossett establish what's desirable
[13:52] Lisa Fossett and then decide to bring every one of them up to that level
[13:53] Amanda Linden sounds like that might be our next meeting....
[13:53] Lisa Fossett or remove them
[13:53] Lisa Fossett Mind you, what is desirable should vary...a VAI hub is not the same as hobo hub, etc.
[13:53] Lexie agreed Lisa
[13:53] Lisa Fossett (names pulled at random)
[13:53] Qie there must already be data about what kind of experience was had by residents who left quickly.
[13:54] Lisa Fossett I'd like to know what data is available
[13:54] Lisa Fossett and use it.
[13:54] COCOON I think that most don't fill it in ^^
[13:54] Lisa Fossett I know this might be troublesome for LL to share
[13:54] Lisa Fossett but it's very important to designing a good hub
[13:55] Qie I mean if Ahern reliably kills off more newbies than Waterhead... it would be nice if somebody could figure out why
[13:55] Adamburp Adamczyk amanda/lexie? a suggestion? for a contest
[13:55] Lexie IMO many of you have already mentioned a very key factor. What to do..Why am I here?
[13:55] Amanda Linden yep...
[13:55] Lexie Its not just about learning how to fly
[13:55] Adamburp Adamczyk how about long term residents design an infohub?
[13:55] Lexie its where to fly TO
[13:55] COCOON ..... and how does this viewer works?
[13:55] Amanda Linden let lexie and i regroup on this.... and coem back to you guys with a framework for our discussion next week.
[13:55] Lisa Fossett Good point, Lexie
[13:56] COCOON if you don't know how to drive a car .... well
[13:56] Amanda Linden ha
[13:56] Lexie hehe
[13:56] COCOON what are you with a PORSCHE ^^
[13:56] Amanda Linden sound like a plan? we'll just do updates and pick up where we left off.
[13:56] Lisa Fossett /me realizes this will take a while :)
[13:56] Qie thanks Amanda, sounds good.
[13:56] Lexie Sounds like a good plan for the next meeting
[13:56] Amanda Linden with a bit more framed guide discussion points.
[13:56] Amanda Linden great.
[13:56] COCOON yeah
[13:56] Amanda Linden /me hearts this UG
[13:56] Lexie <3
[13:56] Lisa Fossett Group hug!
[13:57] Lexie
[13:57] Amanda Linden /me hugs group
[13:57] Amanda Linden ha
[13:57] Lisa Fossett Still have cupcakes!
[13:57] COCOON someone a mouse?
[13:57] Lexie cupcakes!
[13:57] Yann hugs back Amanda :))
[13:57] Amanda Linden yum.
[13:57] COCOON O.o *mew* *mew* o.O
[13:57] COCOON ☠ °•·.·´¯`·.·•✰ ◕‿◕ ✰•·.·´¯`·.·•☠
[13:57] Lexie Thats a good poll question..cupcakes or hugs?
[13:57] Lexie
[13:57] Marianne McCann /me dusts self off
[13:57] COCOON and mouses
[13:57] Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks both!
[13:57] Yann i have the dabet but i take the cup cake with an kiss :p
[13:57] Lexie hahah
[13:57] Peewee Musytari /me has linden cream pies lol
[13:57] Lisa Fossett That could lose its PG rating, Lexie ;)
[13:57] Lexie hahahaa
[13:58] DogWomble Dollinger you mean friendly hugs aren't PG? :P
[13:58] Adamburp Adamczyk °°° °° Bathtime! °° °°°
[13:58] Adamburp Adamczyk for raymond
[13:58] Hejnal Hykova Greetings Everyone
[13:58] Adamburp Adamczyk /me once caught guy afk - in a group poll 52% voted for him to get a bath
[13:58] COCOON lol
[13:59] Lexie hehe
[13:59] Adamburp Adamczyk for the record: i didn't dunk him- back then i didn;t really know him
[13:59] Rand ok bye all ... look for chat log to be posted soon.
[13:59] Lexie Great meeting!
[13:59] Adamburp Adamczyk bye rand
[14:00] Phoenix-FirestormViewer Rocks tc ㋡
[14:00] Lisa Fossett Thanks, ya'll