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Experience Tools provide a way to request persistent permissions across multiple logins and with multiple objects and scripts. In order to use these functions, you must have an experience key. For further information, see Experiences in Second Life in the Second Life Knowledge Base.

The Experience Tools API fall into three categories:

Experience Information

• integer llAgentInExperience(key agent)
• list llGetExperienceDetails(key experience_id)

Experience Permissions

• event experience_permissions(key agent)
• event experience_permissions_denied(key agent, integer reason)
• void llRequestExperiencePermissions(key agent, string name)

Experience Persistent Storage

These are all asynchronous functions, they all return a handle that corresponds to a dataserver event.

• key llReadKeyValue(string k)
• key llCreateKeyValue(string k, string v)
• key llUpdateKeyValue(string k, string v, integer checked, string original_value)
• key llDeleteKeyValue(string k)


• key llDataSizeKeyValue() Gets the number of bytes used by the experience along with the experience's byte quote
• key llKeysKeyValue(integer start, integer count) Gets the names of the keys
• key llKeyCountKeyValue() Gets the number of keys
• string llGetExperienceErrorMessage(integer value) Converts an integer error code to a wordy string representation
LSL Constant Message returned via llGetExperienceErrorMessage Description
XP_ERROR_NONE 0 no error No error was detected.
XP_ERROR_THROTTLED 1 exceeded throttle The call failed due to too many recent calls.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCES_DISABLED 2 experiences are disabled The region currently has experiences disabled.
XP_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETERS 3 invalid parameters One of the string arguments was too big to fit in the key-value store.
XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED 4 operation not permitted Experience permissions were denied by the user.
XP_ERROR_NO_EXPERIENCE 5 script not associated with an experience This script is not associated with an experience.
XP_ERROR_NOT_FOUND 6 not found The sim was unable to verify the validity of the experience. Retrying after a short wait is advised.
XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE 7 invalid experience The script is associated with an experience that no longer exists.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCE_DISABLED 8 experience is disabled The experience owner has temporarily disabled the experience.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCE_SUSPENDED 9 experience is suspended The experience has been suspended by Linden Lab customer support.
XP_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ERROR 10 unknown error An unknown error not covered by any of the other predetermined error states.
XP_ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED 11 experience data quota exceeded An attempt to write data to the key-value store failed due to the data quota being met.
XP_ERROR_STORE_DISABLED 12 key-value store is disabled They key-value store is currently disabled on this region.
XP_ERROR_STORAGE_EXCEPTION 13 key-value store communication failed Unable to communicate with the key-value store.
XP_ERROR_KEY_NOT_FOUND 14 key doesn't exist They requested key does not exist.
XP_ERROR_RETRY_UPDATE 15 retry update A checked update failed due to an out of date request.
XP_ERROR_MATURITY_EXCEEDED 16 experience content rating too high The content rating of the experience exceeds that of the region.
XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED_LAND 17 not allowed to run on this land The experience is blocked or not enabled for this land.
XP_ERROR_REQUEST_PERM_TIMEOUT 18 experience permissions request timed out The request for experience permissions was ignored.