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Constant: string JSON_NULL = "�";

The string constant JSON_NULL has the value "�"

Return value for llJsonValueType function indicating the Json data type of a given address specifier in a given string-serialized JSON text.

Also the return string value for llJsonGetValue function when the bare word 'null' is at the given address specifier in a given string-serialized JSON text.

Also used to encode the bare word 'null' within a Json text to signify an empty, valueless placeholder Value at that location (the empty LSL String, "", can be used as well for that).

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Type Flags Value Unicode Integer URL Encoded HTML Encoded Description
JSON_INVALID U+FDDO 64976 "%EF%B7%90"  Value returned when inputs are not well formed.
JSON_OBJECT U+FDD1 64977 "%EF%B7%91" 
JSON_ARRAY U+FDD2 64978 "%EF%B7%92" 
JSON_NUMBER U+FDD3 64979 "%EF%B7%93" 
JSON_STRING U+FDD4 64980 "%EF%B7%94" 
JSON_NULL U+FDD5 64981 "%EF%B7%95" 
JSON_TRUE U+FDD6 64982 "%EF%B7%96" 
JSON_FALSE U+FDD7 64983 "%EF%B7%97" 
JSON_DELETE U+FDD8 64984 "%EF%B7%98"  Used with llJsonSetValue to remove a key-value pair.


•  llJsonValueType
•  llJsonGetValue


// Showing usage of JSON_NULL
// within a Json text string
string jText;

        jText = llList2Json(JSON_OBJECT, ["A", 4, "B", 5]);
        llOwnerSay(jText); // jText is '{"A":4,"B":5}'
        llOwnerSay(llJsonGetValue(jText, ["B"])); // The string "5"
        jText = llJsonSetValue(jText, ["B"], JSON_NULL);
        llOwnerSay(jText); // jText is now '{"A":4,"B":null}'
        llOwnerSay(llJsonGetValue(jText, ["B"])); // The Unicode value of JSON_NULL


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   JSON_NULL may be deceptively returned instead of JSON_INVALID when noncompliant Json text is encountered by either llJsonValueType or llJsonGetValue. Fixed with release


string JSON_NULL = "�";