LSL Protocol/Restrained Life Relay/resetting environment settings

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Some objects mess with the environment and viewer debug settings (windlight, resolution). Those changes stay in effect after @clear in the current viewer. While it would be nice if the viewer would undo those changes, it does not at the moment (todo: poke Marine).
Possible Solution
The relay should reset them on release (both !release and if the object is not available anymore). The relay should only do the reset if those settings have been messed with by the world object. Resetting implies going back to the default day-time of the sim with is undesirable in case it is not required. --Maike Short

The relay could save the current setting (@getsenv, @getdebug) before changing it, allowing later restoration. So as not to re-save previously changed settings a start/end session protocol could be used by the in-world object. !release or loss of object would rollback all enviroment and debug setting changes to the value they held when the start was issued, thus preserving the previous desired state. Viewer support for a save operation or the ability to receive all the settings from a single query, and restoring them in a similar way would be useful and reduce the relay/viewer chatter. If not the relay can implement this using the existing queries. --Psi Merlin