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STATUS: draft


001 Implemented in Satomi's Multi-Relay HUD 1.03b2 (thanks Winter!)

001 Implemented in Dahlia's multirelay >= 0.44b2

Possible uses

!x-follow: Make the victim stay next to the issuer

!x-follow/2c0df8cb-148b-4907-beb6-c01832321f3f/3: Make the victim follow Winter Seale at 3m

!x-follow/clear: Allow the victim to move freely again

!x-followclear: (DEPRECATED) Synonym of !x-follow/clear. Will be removed in next version.

Syntax and semantics


target_key = defaults to the key of the object issuing the command
distance = how close you should stay to the target_key, defaults to 2 meters
tau = the tau that llMoveToTarget should be given, lower means you move faster. defaults to 1.5


This is essentially a leash with no particles, just the movement part. Only one object may have an active follow at a time. If multirelay receives a second x-follow while another one's still active, it should deny it. If the key is not currently present, the relay should scan for it regularly (example: every 5 seconds) and continue moving toward it when it's found.