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Function: string llDetectedName( integer item );

Returns a string that is the name of the detected item.

• integer item Index of detection information

item does not support negative indexes. Returns NULL_KEY if item is not valid.
If the item detected is an avatar then the legacy name is returned.


llDetected* functions only work if called from within Detection events (collision, collision_start, collision_end, sensor, touch, touch_start, touch_end) or in functions called by Detection events. They will fail silently and return unusable values if called during other events.


  • If item is out of bounds this function returns NULL_KEY and the script continues to execute without an error message.
  • Events that enable the llDetected* functions always return at least one detected item.
    • Detection events are not raised if there is nothing detected.[1]
    • The detection event's items detected parameter is initially never less than 1.[2]
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    touch_start(integer num_detected)
        string name = llDetectedName(0);

        llOwnerSay("Touched by " + name);

       // name is the legacy name, as in "John Doe", or "John Resident" if the avatar has the default last name.

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  1. ^ The exception is no_sensor but it doesn't enable llDetected* functions.
  2. ^ Like all event parameters, the user can overwrite the initial value.


function string llDetectedName( integer item );