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Function: key llGetLandOwnerAt( vector pos );

Returns a key that is the land owner at pos.

• vector pos region coordinate


If the land is in public domain NULL_KEY is returned. This land can be claimed by anyone with available tier. Land on the Preview grid is divvied out this way. Land on the main grid never enters public domain and is instead auctioned off by LL.

If the land is group-owned, the group key is returned.


default {
    state_entry() {
        //llKey2Name does not work for groups, and it requires avatars to be on sim (owner is not known when absent tested 2019-06-10).
        //Actually printing the owner name (also for groups) is somewhat tricky - if you feel otherwise, please update this example.
        llOwnerSay("The land owner under this object is " + llKey2Name(llGetLandOwnerAt(llGetPos())) + ".");

See Also


•  llGetParcelDetails

Deep Notes


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  1. ^ Early release notes were not very accurate or thorough, they sometimes included information about features added in previous releases or failed to include information about features added in that release.


function key llGetLandOwnerAt( vector pos );