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Function: string llGetNotecardLineSync( string name, integer line );

Requests the line line of the notecard name from the dataserver.
Returns the string containing the text of the requested line from the notecard.

• string name a notecard in the inventory of the prim this script is in or a UUID of a notecard
• integer line Line number in a notecard (the index starts at zero).

line does not support negative indexes. If line is past the end of the notecard EOF is returned by the dataserver.


This function returns a string containing the requested line from a notecard in prim inventory. If the notecard does not exist it returns the constant NAK and will shout a message to the debug channel. If the notecard has not been previously cached on the simulator it will return the NAK constant.

It is not safe to assume a notecard has been previously cached. Data for a previously cached notecard may be dropped from the cache at any time, especially on a busy server.


  • If line is out of bounds the script continues to execute without an error message.
  • If name is missing from the prim's inventory and it is not a UUID or it is not a notecard then an error is shouted on DEBUG_CHANNEL.
  • If name is a UUID then there are no new asset permissions consequences for the object.
    • The resulting object develops no new usage restrictions that might have occurred if the asset had been placed in the prims inventory.
  • If name is a new empty notecard (never saved) then an error "Couldn't find notecard ~NAME~" (~NAME~ being the value of name) will be shouted on the DEBUG_CHANNEL. This is because until a notecard is saved for the first time, it does not exist as an asset only as an inventory placeholder.
  • If notecard contains embedded inventory items (such as textures and landmarks), EOF will be returned, regardless of the line requested.
  • If the requested line is longer than 1024 bytes the returned string will be truncated to the first 1024 bytes of the line.
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string NOTECARD_NAME = "notecard";


    touch_start(integer total_number)
        READ_KEY = llGetNumberOfNotecardLines(NOTECARD_NAME);
    dataserver(key request, string data)
        if (request == READ_KEY)
            integer count = (integer)data;
            integer index;
            for (index = 0; index < count; ++index)
                string line = llGetNotecardLineSync(NOTECARD_NAME, index);
                if (line == NAK)
                    llSay(0, "---NAK---");
                else if (line == EOF)
                    llSay(0, "---EOF---");
                    llSay(0, line);

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function string llGetNotecardLineSync( string name, integer line );