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Constant: string NAK = "\n"+llChar(21)+"\n";

The string constant NAK has the value "\n"+llChar(21)+"\n"

NAK is a value returned by the llGetNotecardLineSync function when the requested notecard data is not available due to the notecard not being in the region notecard cache. The value returned equals the characters with codes "10, 21, 10", which is to say the ASCII "NAK" character surrounded by two newline characters.

If the NAK response is encountered, the card can be fetched into the region notecard cache by using the llGetNotecardLine or llGetNumberOfNotecardLines functions. If the notecard doesn't exist at all, further llGetNotecardLineSync calls will continue returning NAK.

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NAK is an acronym that stands for "Negative AcKnownledgement".

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string NAK = "\n"+llChar(21)+"\n";//An ASCII "NAK" character (21) surrounded by two newline characters (10).