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Function: llGroundRepel( float height, integer water, float tau );

Critically damps to height if within height * 0.5 of ground or water level (which ever is higher)

• float height Distance above the ground
• integer water boolean, if TRUE then hover above water too.
• float tau seconds to critically damp in

Do not use with vehicles.



        llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
        llGroundRepel(0.5, TRUE, 0.2); // In a 1/2 meter cube this is roughly the minimum height for any noticeable effect.
        // to
        llGroundRepel(4096.0, TRUE, 0.2); // There is no restrictive maximum.
        // However as the prim reaches 4096 meters (bear in mind the prim height will be (float height + ground height))
        // it will be too high to be allowed to exist.
}// This is actually a remarkably fast way to go straight up!!

See Also


•  llSetHoverHeight Same as llGroundRepel but without the height condition
•  llStopHover To stop hovering

Deep Notes

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function void llGroundRepel( float height, integer water, float tau );