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Function: llGroundRepel( float height, integer water, float tau );

Critically damps to height if within height * 0.5 of ground or water level (which ever is higher).

• float height Distance above the ground
• integer water boolean, if TRUE then hover above water too.
• float tau seconds to critically damp in

Do not use with vehicles.


Does not pull the object down if it is stuck higher than that, unlike the similar llSetHoverHeight.

To stop llGroundRepel, this seems to work: llGroundRepel(0.0, FALSE, 0.0)


  • Only works in physics-enabled objects.
  • This is not a prim property; stopping or resetting the script stops llGroundRepel; same with the similar llSetHoverHeight
  • Crossing a sim border will cancel llGroundRepel, unlike llSetHoverHeight
  • A negative height value allows you to hover underwater, same as llSetHoverHeight
  • A previous version of this page suggested that llStopHover will stop llGroundRepel, but it does not
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        llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS, TRUE);
        llGroundRepel(0.5, TRUE, 0.2); // In a 1/2 meter cube this is roughly the minimum height for any noticeable effect.
        // to
        llGroundRepel(4096.0, TRUE, 0.2); // There is no restrictive maximum.
        // However as the prim reaches 4096 meters (bear in mind the prim height will be (float height + ground height))
        // it will be too high to be allowed to exist.
}// This is actually a remarkably fast way to go straight up!!

See Also


•  llSetHoverHeight Similar to llGroundRepel, but also pulls down

Deep Notes

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function void llGroundRepel( float height, integer water, float tau );