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Constant: integer STATUS_SANDBOX = 0x20;

The integer constant STATUS_SANDBOX has the value 0x20

This status flag keeps the object from getting away.

It causes the object to be unable to leave the sim or move more than 10 meters from the location where the flag was set.

If the object tries to leave the sim or move more than 10 meters it ceases to be physical and throws a "Hit Sandbox Limit" error.

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Constants Value Description
STATUS_PHYSICS 0x001 Object is physical
STATUS_ROTATE_X 0x002 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_ROTATE_Y 0x004 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_ROTATE_Z 0x008 Can turn along this axis (physical objects only)
STATUS_PHANTOM 0x010 Object is phantom
STATUS_SANDBOX 0x020 Keep object within 10 meters and in the same region
STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB 0x040 Prevent click-and-drag movement on the root prim
Constants Value Description
STATUS_DIE_AT_EDGE 0x080 Delete and do not return object if it goes off world
STATUS_RETURN_AT_EDGE 0x100 Return object to owner if it goes off world
STATUS_CAST_SHADOWS 0x200 not currently used
STATUS_BLOCK_GRAB_OBJECT 0x400 Prevent click-and-drag movement on all prims in the object
STATUS_DIE_AT_NO_ENTRY 0x800 Delete and do not return object if it cannot enter a parcel


•  llSetStatus
•  llGetStatus


A demonstration script. The object containing this script will be stopped from reaching the programed destination. The physics will be removed and the script will error (needing to be reset).

        llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS | STATUS_SANDBOX, TRUE); // Switch physical and sandbox on.
        llMoveToTarget(llGetPos() + <0.0, 0.0, 20.0>, 1.0); // Attempt to move to a point outside the "sandbox".
// After being stopped, physics can only be enabled again when the object is moved back to within the "sandbox".
// If the script is reset (manually or by a call to llResetOtherScript from another script in the same prim)...
// ...the sandbox center will be reset to the objects position at that time.

// Very handy when developing physical objects that may not behave as expected.

Deep Notes

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integer STATUS_SANDBOX = 0x20;