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Emblem-important.png Important!

Using these skins modifies some files in your \SecondLife or \SecondLifeReleaseCandidate folder (on your hard drive) from what is installed by the software from Linden Lab.

Use caution when installing these skins, as modifications to your installed software files are not officially supported by the Second Life support!

This category lists viewer skins that Residents have produced to work with the new Skinning architecture being developed (in early form) in recent versions of Second Life Viewer 1 and new skins being developed for Viewer 2.

For instructions on posting new skins here, see Template:viewer skin

Viewer 2 Skins

Viewer 2 uses a different structure for its skins so skins developed for Viewer 1 are not applicable to Viewer 2 and vice versa.

List of Viewer 2 Skins

Viewer 1 Skins

The Tutorials to learn to make your own Viewer 1 skin begin at Skinning HowTo/Basics

Adding Skins:

1- Replace silver or default files with downloaded material.

Here is a quick video tutorial by Ewan Mureaux using the JB Kraft Dark Skin for Viewer 1 and how to install it. Be aware that this may change in the future.

Here is the way to install a skin in 1.20.14 onward (ie main release)

2- Modify the Skins Panel to add different skins across reinstalls. Modify the skin panel

List of Viewer 1 Skins