Structural Design Overview

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In Meeting 1 Zero Linden was giving a small overview of how Linden Lab is thinking about a new architecture for the Second Life grid.

These slides are also viewable in Second Life on the open source island Hippotropolis.

Today and Tomorrow

First a slide on how things work today:

SLGArchWG1-01-Grid Now.jpg

Today the viewer only connects to the region and the region keeps track of everything and acts as a proxy to the central databases. With the numbers envisioned in Project Motivation the central servers will not be able to cope with that.

The solution Linden Lab sees is to divide the structure into an Agent Domain and a Region Domain, each of them handling the components they are named after. Moreover there are some more central services such as Identity, Location, Currency and Search and there might be the case that multiple domains need to work together.

SLGArchWG1-02-Two Domains.jpg

Made decisions

  • It will all be based on REST
  • Certified HTTP will be used where appropriate (exactly-once messaging between reliable hosts). Implementation is ongoing.
  • Capabilities will be used
  • LLSD will probably stay on not be changed to JSON. According to Linden Lab this should be no problem as there is a library for most languages to handle LLSD.

Final example setup

SLGArchWG1-24-SL Grid 2008.jpg

If all this is implemented it might look like this in the end.