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Feature Design Document


Functional Spec

Teleport Functional Spec

Teleport Rules internal spec - needs to be incorporated into Functional Spec

Test scripts


Discussion for future improvements


Relationship to other features

List of features that need to be tested when this feature changes, and why.

Estates - Estates define visibility rules. Access rules follow visibility rules. You can teleport to places you have access.

Login - Login should nearly follow the same rules as teleport. New users are an exception.

Parcels - Parcel can have landing points and their own access rules.

World map - teleport via the world map

Landmarks - teleport via landmarks directly or via landmarks in the worlds map

Friends - Teleport to friends via worlds map

SLURL - teleport to a location passed to the viewer from a web browser.

Administrator powers - Can teleport anywhere. Can teleport anyone to your location.

User Guides



teleport by wokolution - Startingpoint to secondlife via SLMap.