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This is a quick and dirty paste. Apologies, but wanted to put this information out there.

Thanks to all who attended!

Once I have the audio uploaded, I will post a link here as well.

List of Attendees

  • 2WAT Michigan
  • Adam Gillmore
  • and SL
  • Ann Otoole
  • Archetypus Deed
  • are there
  • bee Baroque
  • BizTutor Magic
  • Brooke Linden
  • but a
  • but it
  • but I
  • can you
  • Catwise Yoshikawa
  • Charity Steampunk
  • Colossus Linden
  • Constanza Amsterdam
  • currently the
  • Cyndie Alter
  • d join
  • darrius can
  • Darrius Gothly
  • did the
  • do any
  • do they
  • Eidolon Aeon
  • even a
  • Failed Deliveries
  • feel the
  • Good feedback
  • good to
  • have you
  • how will
  • I have
  • I know
  • I think
  • is there
  • it takes
  • Jarnz Dench
  • Jo Gedenspire
  • Juliette Pashinin
  • keep the
  • m amused
  • m serious
  • Madame Couturier
  • Madeliefste Oh
  • MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody
  • maybe you
  • me proposes
  • Medhue Simoni
  • Meta Linden
  • new items
  • oh thank
  • or any
  • Pamela Galli
  • Pandorah Ashdene
  • Pauline Darkfury
  • please disable
  • Prince Coolhack
  • QA is
  • Rachel Darling
  • Raven Pennyfeather
  • Repeating twitter
  • return to
  • right so
  • Rya Nitely
  • s a
  • s interested
  • s months
  • s why
  • sell what
  • so are
  • Sonya Haight
  • Sorvats Kappa
  • still seeing
  • subscribe to
  • Suella Ember
  • t believe
  • t know
  • t see
  • Thanks for
  • this is
  • totally agree
  • Trax The
  • TriloByte Zanzibar
  • Veralis Basevi
  • what catwise
  • windyy Lane
  • XL Hudson
  • you look
  • Ziki Questi


[10:58] Brooke Linden: i'm not speaking yet
[10:58] Charity Steampunk: I was speaking in mime
[10:58] Darrius Gothly: Howdy Brooke. Nice to see you.
[10:58] Rachel Darling: k; was hoping someone could do a voice test so we could see if we're working
[10:58] Rachel Darling: and hi, Brooke! :-)
[10:58] Pandorah Ashdene: is this meeting gonna be on voice?
[10:59] Brooke Linden: so i'll do a quick voice test
[10:59] Brooke Linden: i've gotten some pushback on voice, so i'll speak and im
[10:59] Colossus Linden: Hi all :)
[10:59] this is the most Lindens I've ever seen in one spot!
[10:59] Charity Steampunk: hello
[10:59] Darrius Gothly: Howdy Colossus.
[10:59] bee Baroque: /me waves to colossus
[10:59] Darrius Gothly: Heya Meta
[10:59] Charity Steampunk: oh yes
[10:59] bee Baroque: yes
[10:59] Darrius Gothly: I can hear you .. in and out.
[11:00] XL Hudson (xlr8rrick.hudson): yes
[11:00] Brooke Linden: i'm doing a voice test
[11:00] MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody: cant hear anything sadly
[11:00] Brooke Linden: i'll be speaking and typing
[11:00] Colossus Linden: Hey Darius, Bee, Apotheus
[11:00] you look familiar
[11:00] Brooke Linden: waiting a few mins
[11:00] Brooke Linden: for stragglers
[11:00] Eidolon Aeon: I also won't be able to hear voice.
[11:01] darrius can you mute you mic? You're echoing
[11:01] Colossus Linden: I'm talking. if you can't hear, you need to adjust your settings.
[11:01] Darrius Gothly: Y'know .. talking and typing at the same time .. is just showing off, right? LOL
[11:01] I know Pam doesn't have voice at all so she's going to have to follow the text bullets :(
[11:01] Rachel Darling: I'm not hearing anything
[11:01] Brooke Linden: voice + chat from me :)
[11:02] t see you there
[11:02] Charity Steampunk: Brooke, I like what you've done with your hair
[11:03] Brooke Linden: thx
[11:03] Brooke Linden: :)
[11:04] Brooke Linden: ok going to get started
[11:04] good to go now Brooke, thanks for waiting
[11:04] Brooke Linden: hi everyone
[11:04] Brooke Linden: i'm 2 months old
[11:04] Pauline Darkfury: Are we going with text, or do I need to get voice working?
[11:04] Rachel Darling: guess voice isn't working for me today
[11:04] Pamela Galli: both
[11:05] Brooke Linden: still getting to know the marketplace
[11:05] Brooke Linden: very excited to see so many
[11:05] have you bought anything on it yet and did it work? *grins* *
[11:05] Brooke Linden: each section i'll speak and then take time for ?a
[11:05] Brooke Linden: ?s
[11:05] Brooke Linden: product owner for marketplace
[11:05] bee Baroque: you are multitasking very well, brooke :) appreciate that
[11:06] Brooke Linden: 12 years of software experience
[11:06] Brooke Linden: understand priorities
[11:06] Brooke Linden: and goals of merchant community
[11:06] Brooke Linden: my attitude: we're here to provide aservicie
[11:07] Brooke Linden: we are a business, but when you succeed we do as welll
[11:07] Brooke Linden: dev team
[11:07] Pamela Galli: :-)
[11:07] Brooke Linden: galen dev lead lead
[11:07] Brooke Linden: team of 3 other devs
[11:07] bee Baroque: hi galen o
[11:07] Brooke Linden: 1 qa person
[11:07] Brooke Linden: along with 2 cs people
[11:08] Brooke Linden: roles of the dev team:
[11:08] Brooke Linden: bug fixes
[11:08] Brooke Linden: feature development and operational issues
[11:08] keep the lights on"
[11:08] Brooke Linden: i want them focused on that stuff
[11:09] Brooke Linden: and i will be helping prioritize
[11:09] Brooke Linden: your needs with those of the business
[11:09] Brooke Linden: and balance long term goals with short term requests
[11:09] Brooke Linden: questions on team
[11:09] Madeliefste Oh: what is a qa person?
[11:09] Darrius Gothly: Who are the CS people?
[11:10] Madeliefste Oh: and what is cs?
[11:10] Brooke Linden: cs people are dakota and kimmora
[11:10] Darrius Gothly: TY
[11:10] Brooke Linden: customer service
[11:10] QA is software testers
[11:10] Brooke Linden: they are on planes right now
[11:10] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): quality and assurance
[11:10] Brooke Linden: they handle all marketplace cs requests
[11:10] Brooke Linden: moving one
[11:10] Brooke Linden: *on
[11:10] Brooke Linden: guidelines
[11:11] Brooke Linden: specific examples are helpful
[11:11] Brooke Linden: as opposed to generalizations
[11:11] Brooke Linden: if you wonder why we did something , just ask
[11:11] Darrius Gothly: You say "ask" .. what is the best channel to ask through?
[11:11] Brooke Linden: i understand there has been frustations
[11:12] Brooke Linden: we've not been responsive
[11:12] Rachel Darling: Brooke, are you guys covering both the in-world commerce projects/strategy as well as the online Marketplace? Or just focused on the SLM?
[11:12] Brooke Linden: please be constructive in requests
[11:12] BizTutor Magic: Is it ok to talk on mic in here?
[11:12] Brooke Linden: i'm focused on marketplace, but i'm working with other product owners
[11:12] Rachel Darling: /me raises hand
[11:13] Rachel Darling: so IS there a Commerce team that's focused on content sales altogether as a strategy, and if so, who are they please?
[11:13] Brooke Linden: so office hours are a good place
[11:13] Darrius Gothly: ty for the repeat Galen.
[11:13] or any questions for that matter. what's the best method for reaching you guys with our concerns?
[11:13] Brooke Linden: this actually leads into next section to discuss comm
[11:14] Brooke Linden: content team is really a group of people that we're working on building relationships
[11:14] Brooke Linden: xd group: user experience
[11:15] Pauline Darkfury: A request / feedback related to your request that we ask instead of guessing why on changes. If the team could please be more proactive about giving the needed detail before we ask, that could cut the speculation before it starts.
[11:15] Rachel Darling: between yourselves you mean? There are separate teams? Or is it a single cohesive team working on building relationships with merchants in SL?
[11:15] Brooke Linden: this group is looking at the overall process and experience for merchants and residents
[11:15] Good feedback Pauline - agreed.
[11:16] Constanza Amsterdam: does this group know SL, have they been Merchants themselves or even residents Brooke?
[11:16] Brooke Linden: so we are trying to get better about communicating why we've done something
[11:16] Brooke Linden: again i'm not going into details
[11:17] Darrius Gothly: Bio Blogs would be a nice way to draw pictues of your team for us to read at our convenience.
[11:17] Brooke Linden: i'd rather come up with a comprehsensive strategy to present
[11:17] Rachel Darling: one point that we'd really like to see addressed in addition to hearing why something was done, are things that are in the works to be done, Brooke.
[11:17] Madeliefste Oh: What are things on the marketplace you are working on at the moment? what new developments can we expect?
[11:17] Brooke Linden: commerece blog is how we'll more shoppers and exciting new features
[11:17] Rachel Darling: it's impossible for us to plan our businesses around things after the fact, and very time consuming to boot
[11:17] Brooke Linden: email direct to merchants
[11:18] Pamela Galli: !
[11:18] Brooke Linden: for big changes/policy changes
[11:18] Pamela Galli: Notice in SL Commerce group?
[11:19] Brooke Linden: forum: feedback from merchants, but mostly merchant to merchant comm
[11:19] Brooke Linden: twitter will come back
[11:19] Brooke Linden: i'll be using twitter for announcments
[11:19] Catwise Yoshikawa: comerce group would be better, I don't use twiter :p
[11:19] Brooke Linden: jira: issues and feature requests
[11:19] windyy Lane: i dont use twitter
[11:20] Pamela Galli: no twitter
[11:20] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): no twitter either..
[11:20] Jarnz Dench: no twitter here either
[11:20] bee Baroque: no twitter either :D
[11:20] Rachel Darling: Twitter is an outside medium. Why not use the Commerce Forums and Announcements and the blog?
[11:20] Brooke Linden: inworld merchants group
[11:20] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): anyone who DOES have twitter? XD
[11:20] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): no twitter, use the notices for the group
[11:20] Pamela Galli: We all use the SL Commerce forum
[11:20] Rya Nitely: I don't use Twitter either
[11:20] Brooke Linden: apotheus silverman
[11:20] Brooke Linden: will own
[11:20] Pandorah Ashdene: no twitter - use commerce group messages
[11:20] Madeliefste Oh: not on twitter either
[11:20] Pauline Darkfury: Would it be feasible to have a RSS / Atom widget at the top of the commerce forum giving the latest official Twitters so that we don't miss things?
[11:20] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Use SL blog instead?
[11:21] TriloByte Zanzibar: twitter's fine for me, it's the forums I don't go to anymore :)
[11:21] Pamela Galli: Yay Apotheus, group owner
[11:21] bee Baroque: o/
[11:21] Brooke Linden: thanks for helping apotheus
[11:21] so are JIRAs going to start being addressed? They truly seem to have gone to the wayside once MP went live. There are soooooo many unassigned/unreviewed. Even if someone could just post a "hey, we've seen this" so we know it's not ignored, it'd be nice
[11:21] s interested in helping moderate, please IM me
[11:21] Pauline Darkfury: I'd prefer if it was kept to the official blog pages, that's where we all look regularly, but a feed widget is a good compromise if Twitter somehow makes it easier for you
[11:21] Darrius Gothly: Apotheus? Can we get a Twitter echo into SL Commerce Group chat?
[11:21] Colossus Linden: For those of you concerned with twitter, I believe that Brooke will be using it to support announcements made in the forum so you won't miss anything by not having a twitter account.
[11:21] Meta Linden: (voice comment from Apotheus) anyone who wants to help admin the SL Commerce Mercants group, please IM Apotheus Silverman
[11:21] Ann Otoole: /me wonders if Apoth will crash from a surge of IM windows
[11:21] Brooke Linden: customer service for escalation of issues and just dealing with fixes
[11:21] Brooke Linden: that need to be made on accounts
[11:22] Brooke Linden: question about twitter
[11:22] Brooke Linden: it will be a link to other forms of comm
[11:22] Pandorah Ashdene: thanks, Colossus
[11:22] Repeating twitter messages as group notices seems reaonable to e
[11:22] Darrius Gothly: TY Apotheus.
[11:22] Constanza Amsterdam: there ae to many Merchants inworld, that dont use twitter, the group, the SLM or look on the blogrums, how will you reach those mERCHANTS bROOKE?
[11:22] Constanza Amsterdam: oeps caps :P
[11:23] Brooke Linden: jira cleanup occuring
[11:23] XL Hudson (xlr8rrick.hudson): I have never used twitter and never will
[11:23] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Is there sufficient staff around to solve the Jira's in a prompt fashion?
[11:23] Brooke Linden: direct email for important issues to merchants
[11:23] Darrius Gothly: AY!
[11:23] Darrius Gothly: *YAY!
[11:23] Brooke Linden: office hours
[11:23] Brooke Linden: these will be changing
[11:23] Brooke Linden: new format going forward
[11:24] how will you identify those merchants? last email I got was advertising one product by one merchant and LL originated. I guess you found us then *chuckles*
[11:24] Brooke Linden: one more office hour next week
[11:24] Constanza Amsterdam: direct email with only usefull info i hope? ㋡
[11:24] Brooke Linden: then the format will change
[11:24] Brooke Linden: and i'll set up new meetings
[11:24] TriloByte Zanzibar: Adam, it's the same staff previously mentioned :)
[11:24] Meta Linden: we identified merchants to email by finding everyone who has an active listing on the marketplace
[11:24] Brooke Linden: questions on communication?
[11:25] is there a plan to make commerce OH more "regular"
[11:25] Pamela Galli: Does new format mean no OH or different OH?
[11:25] Ann Otoole: any plans to either dispose of the flagging system or make it so competition griefers get banned as well as fixing the legal implications removing ip for ip violations because it is not an ip violation but you use ip violation because your system is deficient? Loads of wrong comms there.
[11:25] Constanza Amsterdam: Meta, that is maybe what 25% of all the Merchants in SL? Maybe even less....
[11:25] Brooke Linden: twitter will be supporting for other channels
[11:25] d join twitter if there was a compelling reason to
[11:26] Brooke Linden: urgent issues and cross posting
[11:26] Brooke Linden: current plans for the marketplace
[11:27] Brooke Linden: enhancements: fixes
[11:27] Brooke Linden: a couple of bugs
[11:27] Brooke Linden: that should now be fixed
[11:27] Brooke Linden: if you're still seeing issues, please file a jira
[11:27] Catwise Yoshikawa: I had that bug...lost all my xmas sales :_(
[11:27] did the final migration of the ratings etc work?
[11:27] Brooke Linden: it was very poor timing
[11:27] Rachel Darling: what bug?
[11:27] Brooke Linden: maturity
[11:28] Catwise Yoshikawa: Rachel, enhancements broke when we select not to active and then we could not buy it again :p
[11:28] Catwise Yoshikawa: and then they fix it and we buy enhancement but don't have any impression
[11:28] what catwise says is correct, I don't have the exact JIRA # handy
[11:29] still seeing issues? Serious? Big issue for me is the number of delivery failures when there are multiple items in the cart, this is hugely exacerbated by the unnacceptably long time before refunds ~ 8 hours. Customers are contacting us after a matter of minutes and expecting deliveries. If we issue a delivery to make up for your failure, then Marketplace refunds 8 hours later, then we're short but customers don't always understand, nor should they have to wait 8 hours before this system gives up. I'd like to see a 15 minute refund time, then they can be advised to buy inworld where it works. Do we JIRA this? It's already well known.
[11:29] do they affect how many people see enhancements? This meeting started with a request (by Brooke) for specifics, not generalities. I request the same.
[11:29] are there any plans to make the "enable mature" button "stick" by account? it's a pain to have to enable it every time you log on to MP :(
[11:29] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Fair point, Sassy.
[11:30] XL Hudson (xlr8rrick.hudson): ++Sassy
[11:30] Colossus Linden: Xoph, I'll see if we have time to get into specifics. I believe that all enhancement bugs were fixed.
[11:30] Brooke Linden: moving on to gifting
[11:30] Pauline Darkfury: As a generalisation, G/M/A will be the same as in-world G/M/A? I have products which are M, but not A under traditional standards, but the M on SLM prior to now has been more akin to A in world.
[11:30] Brooke Linden: yes, g/m/a will be very similar
[11:31] Brooke Linden: there are some differences
[11:31] Brooke Linden: but due to the commerce aspect
[11:31] Brooke Linden: so very small
[11:31] Brooke Linden: currently mature -> adult
[11:31] Brooke Linden: gifting
[11:32] Failed Deliveries in general
[11:32] Catwise Yoshikawa: yes loving
[11:32] oh thank god!
[11:32] Brooke Linden: there will be a gifting button ont he listing screen
[11:32] Darrius Gothly: Similar to the JIRA I filed?
[11:32] Brooke Linden: before valentine's day
[11:32] Catwise Yoshikawa: great
[11:32] Brooke Linden: to help gift sales for vday
[11:33] Sonya Haight: do you have a link Darrius?
[11:33] Rachel Darling: yay!
[11:33] Brooke Linden: failed deliveries: we are still working on the project to fix this
[11:33] Brooke Linden: it's the removal of magic boxes
[11:33] Darrius Gothly: Sonya -
[11:33] Sonya Haight: ty
[11:33] Darrius Gothly: yw
[11:33] Brooke Linden: targeted for q2,
[11:34] please disable the cart or fix the delivery failure/refund time BEFORE Valentines day too then. If you have the resources to fix that, please just change the refund time in the short term, it's surely easy and quick to do
[11:34] Rachel Darling: and how will that work? Selling without magic boxes? We'll sell from inventory? Automatic listings?
[11:34] Rachel Darling: from in-world vendors?
[11:34] even a warning on the carts that bulk purchases are more likely to fail would help cut down on them
[11:35] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Would it not be possible to fix the failed deliveries BEFORE Vday?
[11:35] Brooke Linden: this is a huge project
[11:35] Brooke Linden: months long :)
[11:35] Archetypus Deed: Or how about a notice in the cart tht lets users know that due to updates, deliveries may take up to 8 hrs or whateve the time is
[11:35] TriloByte Zanzibar: you can reduce those failures substantially by duplicating your magic boxes (make a copy, then give each a unique name)
[11:36] it takes 8-12 hours for the customer to see a refund. usually by then, they've IMed the merchant and demanded inworld delivery. So we either upset them by not giving them the item till it falls out, or we do then we're out the money or a dup item when it finally shakes out
[11:36] right so just change the redelivery failure/refund timeout. We're all tired of customers blaming us for taking their money when Marketplace Linden has it and holds on to it for hours
[11:36] Pamela Galli: Put warning in listings
[11:36] TriloByte Zanzibar: it costs a few extra prims, but greatly improves delivery success rate
[11:36] Brooke Linden: if someone has a link to the jira
[11:36] Brooke Linden: please let me know
[11:36] currently the system waits to ensure that the item actually failed prior to giving the refund
[11:36] Pauline Darkfury: Something which many merchants may be unaware of is that the XSL Magic Box happily supports having multiple boxes spread across a number of sims with the same contents, and this may well help reduce failures for people. It may be helpful if the LL team confirmed that is a supported and good thing to do, and encouraged people experiencing heavy problems to try that.
[11:36] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Why not remove the automatic refund system completely and have the merchant refund the items when the delivery is failed?
[11:36] Darrius Gothly: JIRA on Refunds -
[11:36] Rachel Darling: anything over 15 minutes should be considered a failure, frankly.
[11:37] Pamela Galli: I have boxes on 3 sims, still get failures
[11:37] Jo Gedenspire: is it not possible to enable a re-delivery set to one off only to help delivery problems as well as Loving's suggestion of a notice?
[11:37] Ann Otoole: why burn time on a patch when the fix is getting rid of magic boxes?
[11:37] Pamela Galli: Right
[11:37] s months away
[11:38] Pamela Galli: They are not going to fix it
[11:38] Brooke Linden: on hold for fixes on magic boxe
[11:38] Brooke Linden: so developers can work on long term fix
[11:38] but I think Sassy's idea of shortening the "escrow" is a valid one. surely that can't take too much time?
[11:38] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Then why launch the Marketplace in the first place when a lot of deliveries continue to fail? Shouldnt it be better to solve it first and THEN launch it?
[11:38] Brooke Linden: but we will look at the issues
[11:38] 2WAT Michigan: i have a question please - I think there would be a great tool to be able to ban certain residents from purchasing from you on the marketplace, the resonaing for this is due to false nagative reviews from competitors/griefers/people who dont take it seriously and people who attemt to copy items and are banned from in-world locations but still able to buy on marketplace,... would that be ever possible?
[11:38] Brooke Linden: and determine if they are magic box related or not
[11:38] Darrius Gothly: I would like to suggest that we Merchants form our own focus group to help narrow down workarounds and identify common causes.
[11:38] I have an ideal, Commerce team give each merchant $1 US per delivery failure, that's called "owning the problem"
[11:38] can you give any info about the appropriate number of items per magic box and copies of magic boxes for best behavior?
[11:38] Ann Otoole: however the shopping cart could be disabled until the fix is in because the delivery failures are correlated to shopping basket queues.
[11:38] XL Hudson (xlr8rrick.hudson): So just dont respond to customers for 8 Hrs
[11:39] Pamela Galli: In your listings, warn customers about failures
[11:39] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): I agree Ann.
[11:39] Brooke Linden: do people have questions on the current plans
[11:40] Brooke Linden: or should i move onto hot topics
[11:40] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): i agree sassy :p
[11:40] Veralis Basevi: agrees with 2WAT 27 pairs of shoes flagged because they purchased shoes inworld and dont know how to read a nc lol ban in Sl ban in Marketplace
[11:40] I think you can see what the main HOT topic is?!
[11:40] Suella Ember: Apologies if already mentioned (I keep missing things due tyo RL distractions) but the possibility of having departments would be nice :) (Which may be a hot topic you are about to discuss)
[11:40] Darrius Gothly: Agreed Sassy. Failed deliveries are killing a LOT of business and customer confidence.
[11:40] Sonya Haight: deliveries are the biggest problem
[11:40] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Like Ann said, could you just disable the basket untill the delivery problem has been fixed?
[11:41] Brooke Linden: office hours: one more next week
[11:41] Pamela Galli: darn I like OH
[11:41] Brooke Linden: then changed format, will set up new format hours going forward after next week
[11:41] Rachel Darling: same agenda or new one, Brooke? And what will the new format be?
[11:41] but it will be on a regular basis?
[11:41] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): point for 2wat.. that most be able.. if it can be done with affiliate vendors then it most be also able for marketplace for each mp store owner
[11:41] Brooke Linden: it will be regular
[11:42] Pauline Darkfury: Allowing customers to get auto-redelivery of copy/no-trans (enabled by a specific redelivery allowed: yes/no) would be fantastic. The hippoVEND Redelivery Terminal has proved to be a valuable resource for merchants in-world, and should really be a fairly simple concept to implement for SLM. It covers not just infrastructure failure, but also customer goofs where they hit discard instead of keep, inadvertently delete their sole copy, want to grab the latest version, etc
[11:42] TriloByte Zanzibar: Glad to hear it, Brooke :)
[11:42] Brooke Linden: my goal is at least monthly
[11:42] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): based on web interface and script in boxes that verify ownership of objects
[11:42] Meta Linden: most of the ratings & reviews have been completed
[11:42] Darrius Gothly: Pauline - That would make a great JIRA Feature Request. I love the idea and would vote for it.
[11:42] Meta Linden: there are just a couple of edge cases that I will be finishing this week
[11:42] Veralis Basevi: i use a vendor that does that pauline redilivery of xstreet items at my store
[11:43] Ann Otoole: customer redelivery will lead to abuse on no copy items unless implemented perfectly. I prefer merchant initiates redelivery.
[11:43] Veralis Basevi: sorry mp items :P
[11:43] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): marketplace
[11:43] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): xD
[11:43] Brooke Linden: for delivery issues
[11:43] 2WAT Michigan: :-)
[11:43] TriloByte Zanzibar: customer redelivery option was on the backlog at one point last year, and will hopefully be something that happens this year
[11:43] Brooke Linden: any fixes on the current system will delay
[11:43] s why COPY items were mentioned, no issue with redelivery for copy items
[11:43] Brooke Linden: the long term fix
[11:43] Meta Linden: if you have issues as of Friday please comment in the JIRA that is there
[11:43] Meta Linden: or IM me directly
[11:43] Pauline Darkfury: Yes, that's why customer redelivery needs to be handled the same way hippoVEND does it, explicitly enabled as an option on a per-product basis
[11:43] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): So what do we do in the meantime brooke? While you fix the bug.
[11:43] TriloByte Zanzibar: yes. that's how it had been outlined
[11:44] Rachel Darling: Brooke, if the meetings are likely to be monthly, is there any plan for you guys to have more exposure to and communication with us on the Forums, more regularly?
[11:44] Darrius Gothly: Was one of the fixes the Email Notification of Sales?
[11:44] me proposes that customers with delivery failures are directed to send the commerce team their notecards/IM's demanding product/refunds
[11:44] Brooke Linden: use suggested solutions for improving delivery
[11:44] Brooke Linden: i'll see if we can work with some merchants to come up with a list
[11:44] feel the pain"
[11:45] Brooke Linden: trust me, we feel your pain :)
[11:45] t believe that is true actually sorry!
[11:45] Catwise Yoshikawa: I feel it too :p
[11:45] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): me either
[11:45] do any of you run an SL business on alts? I mean are you in the thick of things, experiencing what we do?
[11:46] m amused to know the Lindens don't know how to pronounce these last names either.
[11:46] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): lol
[11:46] Colossus Linden: Sorry Xoph
[11:46] t know how to pronounce it myself.
[11:47] Pauline Darkfury: Brooke, a serious suggestion for you as a team. Allocate an hour per week where you will collectively pretend to be a secret merchant (don't ever tell us who this is), create some products, setup a 4096 store somewhere on mainland, SLM store, do things 100% as we have to do them and sell some products, so that you get a true appreciation for all issues facing is
[11:47] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): took me six months to learn how to pronounce my last name correctly
[11:47] Brooke Linden: hot topics
[11:47] Brooke Linden: o Search
 o Ratings and reviews->improvements on reporting/viewing, controversy over required review if leaving a rating
[11:47] m serious Brooke, when a member of the commerce team is prepared to stand on the wall and say "ask your customers to contact me direct and i'll explain", then i'll start to believe. When you're paying us out of your own pockets per failure, then i'll start to believe. Right now, i'm not getting that warm and fuzzy group hug sort of feeling :)
[11:47] Brooke Linden: great idea pauline :)
[11:47] Rachel Darling: I spend 60 hours a week on my store. an hour a week couldn't come close to feeling my pain :-p
[11:47] Catwise Yoshikawa: we need to know when someone rate our items
[11:48] Veralis Basevi: im with ya rachel
[11:48] Catwise Yoshikawa: cause mainly they rate with onw star because an error delivery :p
[11:48] sell what ya' got" pretty simple sales concept, if the system isn't capable of reliably selling what we got, then the rest isn't all that hot at all
[11:49] Brooke Linden: investigation going on with search to make it more effective
[11:49] Brooke Linden: short term and long term
[11:49] Medhue Simoni: which search
[11:49] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): inworld search?
[11:49] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): :D
[11:49] Brooke Linden: marketplace search
[11:49] Darrius Gothly: MP Search
[11:49] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): -.-
[11:49] Sonya Haight: still out of luck on the in world one Medhue, sorry
[11:50] Medhue Simoni: I'm taking care of it, lol.
[11:50] Brooke Linden: rankings in search,
[11:50] Brooke Linden: is a problem
[11:50] new items defaulting to last page... UGH!
[11:50] Catwise Yoshikawa: still 0L items ar top when you go to a category
[11:50] Brooke Linden: that some people have mentioned
[11:50] Brooke Linden: some of this can be addressed with configuration
[11:50] Pamela Galli: Regarding weekend takedowns -- although during the week the AR team can quickly get things off the MP, over weekends huge packages of top quality items are passed out on the MP and inworld. It is ruining these poor targeted merchants. Can someone not be tasked to do these takedowns as they do weekdays?
[11:50] Brooke Linden: separate merchant/ store search from the product search
[11:51] Medhue Simoni: What about product anouncements on our store page?
[11:51] Brooke Linden: work on summary of search issues and identify a plan
[11:51] windyy Lane: store name seems to have prioity over an item name in search
[11:51] Brooke Linden: weekend take downs
[11:51] Darrius Gothly: YAY!
[11:51] Brooke Linden: looking into how this can happen
[11:52] Catwise Yoshikawa: and avatar name also has priority..that is not good
[11:52] Ann Otoole: I've been in the database/search biz for decades. I cannot see why a query is so hard to deal with. Maybe delete your "variables" (gaming) and use a real database. One you have to pay for.
[11:52] Brooke Linden: product anouncements on store pages
[11:52] Brooke Linden: and other store enhancements
[11:53] Brooke Linden: i wouldn't expect work until q2 at the soonest
[11:53] Prince Coolhack Caproni (coolhack.caproni): i personally like av name search, when i type the avs name into search, not as a related item in search
[11:53] subscribe to this merchant" would be nice. So fans could be notified when their favorite merchants add new product. At least that would offset them defaulting to the last page
[11:53] Pamela Galli: yes!
[11:53] Madeliefste Oh: agreed, loving
[11:53] Brooke Linden: one other to gifting
[11:53] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): agree with cool.. av name search was pretty easy and handy
[11:53] Veralis Basevi: sweet idea loving props .....that would be great lol
[11:53] Brooke Linden: one other thing on gifting
[11:53] Madeliefste Oh: Grant actually had promised that already
[11:54] Medhue Simoni: Hey at least we get a time period, unlike mesh
[11:54] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): saw a item you liked and to lazy to search inworld
[11:54] Brooke Linden: store link in orders and order history as part of this
[11:54] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): type in the name in marketplace and done
[11:54] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): ye loved that feature at xstr
[11:54] Sonya Haight: oh thats a good one
[11:54] Catwise Yoshikawa: but not when you search for neko hair and just got merchants with neko in name :p
[11:55] return to product purchased" like SLX used to have. it'd be nice to do it from the delivery page instead of having to dig down to your purchase history
[11:55] Pamela Galli: Yes Pink got Xstreet search fixed so that 2/3 of search terms had to be found for an item to be returned
[11:55] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): The forums are full of feedback, try looking there :)
[11:55] Brooke Linden: will be setting up user groups for pre development feedback
[11:55] Brooke Linden: coming up with guidelines and allowing people to volunteer
[11:56] Pamela Galli: now we are back to Red Shoe returning everything red AND every shoe
[11:57] MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody: one question from me. how can we protect ouself or can get protected a bit better of scam? for some reason from time to time its seems that people just think that items are full perm or copyable/tranferable means they can resell it without explicite permissions to that, even had questions in groups how to fix it that the actual owner of anitem fixes it to appear as original builder just to say "yes its my work" but actually does just a few lilttle moddings like 2 extra prims.
[11:57] windyy Lane: when we get a review an email to us would help
[11:57] 2WAT Michigan: with regard to hot topic - ratings and reviews, i have a question please i think it slipped by in chat earlier - There would be a great tool to be able to ban certain residents from purchasing from you on the marketplace, the resonaing for this is due to false nagative reviews from competitors/griefers/people who dont take it seriously and people who attemt to copy items and are banned from in-world locations but still able to buy on marketplace,... would that be ever possible?
[11:57] Catwise Yoshikawa: and what about that guy selling full perm items from others in marketplace :p
[11:57] Ziki Questi: i think it would be nice if the marketplace's home page banner wasn't still showing a christmas tree :)
[11:57] Medhue Simoni: yes, emails on reviews are needed now
[11:57] s a Jira requesting "Owner After Next" permissions for those who sell building components but it's been ignored since 2007. feel free to vote on it!
[11:57] Ann Otoole: what are you going to do about the rampant abuse of the flagging system to competition grief resulting in LL incorrectly engaging in legal actions (IP take down) when it was really a wrong category?
[11:58] Pauline Darkfury: An observation which isn't strictly commerce, but is relevant in many ways, there's approx as many people here using Phoenix as Viewer 2, so please keep that in mind for any aspects of commerce where the viewer is in any way relevant.
[11:58] I have an item that had 30% of buyers rating it on xstreet, but less than 0.5% rate on SLM. At that rate, ratings are not useful.
[11:58] Veralis Basevi: Thank you Ann :P
[11:58] MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody: yeah loving i know, just interesting for me now where we have lindens here :)
[11:58] Medhue Simoni: Customers are using the review to message us
[11:58] Medhue Simoni: and we do not know they reviewed
[11:59] Pamela Galli: We used to have marketplace messaging
[11:59] Catwise Yoshikawa: yes meshue, I have the same problem
[11:59] Brooke Linden: flagging abuse: we need to look at options
[11:59] Ziki Questi: the implementation of assistants to help merchants with the stores would be helpful
[11:59] totally agree with Medhue - and a lot of the time they don't take away the bad review after they've got our attention
[11:59] Catwise Yoshikawa: people rate with onw star because they have error in deliveries
[11:59] Veralis Basevi: the option is to take it away
[11:59] Rya Nitely: we need a system that will encourage ratings but also protect against unfair ratings that can destroy the success of an item
[11:59] Veralis Basevi: Knowone has the right to flag an item because what they thing is a wrong category
[11:59] Darrius Gothly: Can spend? DO spend. LOL
[12:00] Ann Otoole: i stopped. too much gold farmer spam.
[12:00] but a lot of it is the same ignored issue over and over, Brooke.. it all boils down to just a few things, really
[12:00] Darrius Gothly: YAY @ Typing only ... ty ty ty
[12:00] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): (you did well :))
[12:00] Brooke Linden: thanks
[12:00] Brooke Linden: set up another office hour for next week
[12:00] maybe you should split that into two questions so they notice that it's two things.
[12:00] Brooke Linden: make a different time
[12:00] Brooke Linden: i'll review chat logs
[12:01] Brooke Linden: open up for agenda suggestions to dive into deeply
[12:01] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): Another point that came to my attention when you spoke about longer terms solutions and a better market.. is the fact as been spoken / rumors.. inventory cap for faster loading of avatar.. what will that do with the market place it self as store owner / creator.. will cost problems ( based on longer terms ) not everybody is waiting on creating alts to store there products.. so yes a good suggestion for that would be great
[12:01] Brooke Linden: thanks everyone
[12:01] Raven Pennyfeather: Thank you Brooke
[12:01] Thanks for doing this, Brooke
[12:01] bee Baroque: thank you, brooke
[12:01] this is a longshot, but I would like a popup that makes people click a button before they can buy something. It could be used for license agreements and intelligence tests.
[12:01] 2WAT Michigan: thanks for you time and hard work, i personally loook forward to the future :-)
[12:02] Brooke Linden: it's a good start
[12:02] Darrius Gothly: Very well done for a "First" Brooke. Next time .. we won't be so nice. *evil cackle*
[12:02] Brooke Linden: more work to do
[12:02] MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody: thanks for hearing us :)
[12:02] Madame Couturier: Thank you Brooke:)
[12:02] Catwise Yoshikawa: thanx
[12:02] bee Baroque: thanks, lindens
[12:02] Darrius Gothly: LOL
[12:02] Raven Pennyfeather: :))
[12:02] MarcoAntonioDiego Rhapsody: get your whips out for brooke *laugh*
[12:02] Ziki Questi: thanks, brooke ... this is an encouraging start
[12:02] Juliette Pashinin: Thank you Lindens.
[12:02] and SL commerce notices!!!!!
[12:02] Cyndie Alter: thanks for listening Brooke and the rest of the Lindens, it's a good start :)
[12:02] Pauline Darkfury: Thanks, Brooke (and others), it does seem like it's been time well spent
[12:02] Brooke Linden: bye :)
[12:02] Rya Nitely: thanks Brooke and voice came through loud and clear
[12:02] Medhue Simoni: thanks brook
[12:02] Catwise Yoshikawa: yes not only twiter, rememberª!!! XD
[12:02] Archetypus Deed: Thsnkto all the lindens
[12:02] Darrius Gothly: Thank you to all the Lindens.
[12:02] Jo Gedenspire: thx all and nice meeting you all:)
[12:02] Trax The Rebelion (traxer.hellmann): ahhh allready over hehe
[12:03] Adam Gillmore (adams.scarmon): Thanks Brooke.
[12:03] Pauline Darkfury: Please do keep engaging with us, and I think most of us will try to work with you, instead of being adversaries
[12:03] Meta Linden: Thanks to all of you. Great meeting, looking forward to more.
[12:03] Sorvats Kappa: thanks all
[12:03] Darrius Gothly: Daily?
[12:03] Catwise Yoshikawa: thank you all, lindens
[12:03] TriloByte Zanzibar: thanks Brooke, Galen, Colossus, and Meta
[12:03] Colossus Linden: Thanks everyone for attending and commenting
[12:03] Juliette Pashinin: sorry Raven didnt mean to bump you
[12:03] Ziki Questi: thanks, colossus
[12:03] Colossus Linden: and Thanks Brooke for running a great OH

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