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Function: key llGetOwnerKey( key id );

Returns a key that is the owner of prim id

• key id prim UUID that is in the same region


  • Returns id if id is not found in the region or is not a prim.
    • Owner information becomes unavailable immediately on derez or detach. For example, if a prim chats at derez or detach time, id can be returned even inside listen events of nearby objects. SVC-5095
  • Also returns id for avatars, use llGetAgentSize instead to distinguish them from prims that do not exist.
  • Returns NULL_KEY if the id passed in is not a valid key
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    //  listen to anything talking on channel 1
        llListen(1, "", NULL_KEY, "");
    //  Type "/1 " + message (such as "/1 poke") to chat 'message' on channel 1.

    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
        key ownerOfThisObject = llGetOwner();
        key ownerOfSpeaker = llGetOwnerKey(id);

    //  if whoever is talking is the owner of this object
    //  or if the owner of the object talking is the owner of this object
        if (ownerOfSpeaker == ownerOfThisObject)
            llOwnerSay("'" + name + "' has the same owner as me ^_^");

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function key llGetOwnerKey( key id );