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I'm Kael Platt, a not so new SL resident.

This page is meant as a notebook to organize info and notes on SL, keep a track of interesting places to visit or visited, and link interesting and important pages in the wiki and the web in general.

This page in under constant revision and you are warned it may not be in human readable form. I tend to scribble in very cryptic ways. XD

- Other wiki users worth noting

- Torley Linden

Watermelon addict, very useful video tuts.

I ripped some info from his page to save clicks. XD (This needs to be sorted out.)


- Tid Kidd

Newbie help page =)

- Benjamin_Linden

Very interesting discussions on several topics.

- Bridie_Linden

She does bug tracking for the RC viewers.

- Important wiki pages

Help page

- get help on wiki stuff.

- General web pages

- Grid locations