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How To Escape From Cages And Griefer Attacks

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Some Basics

Getting Spammed

Unless you're keeping to a private estate somewhere totally separated from the mainland, you've noticed that these are becoming more frequent in SL. These are generally auto self spawning, moving and spinning prims that either send you IM's, shouts, blue dialogs, inventory offers of notecards or other such things. What can you do? First, make note of the object name that is spamming you. You need it for the next steps. In the short term, you can set yourself in "busy mode" buy going to the world menu and choosing "set busy". What this does is essentially blocks all attempts to contact your avatar. This can be a bit bad tho, especially when you have friends online and are expecting inventory transfers. But doing this will give you the freedom for a few minutes to set up some other safe guards. The first is "Mute by Object Name"... Some where in this unfortunate experience you will probably have seen "Object 'BlarB14r' has given you a note card "Eat shrimp for whirled peas"" or something similar. When you have the name of the object nailed down, go to the View menu and choose "Mute List". This will bring up your mute dialog. Here, click "Mute object by name...". You will be prompted to type the object name. This is where things can be tricky since I've seen objects with those weird characters in their names, strange spellings and capitalization, so this is a great time to utilize your copy and paste skills. Note that Mute by name IS case sensitive and does not recognize partial names. Once you have that mute set up, you will be safe from that particular object and can go to the world menu and choose "Set Not busy". But what about big attacks with many prims with lots of different names (the random name chooser/scanner is a good example). There really is not a lot you can do here, set busy mode, right click one or two of the objects, choose Report Abuse... from the pie menus and file an Abuse Report. Then teleport some place else (a private estate is good idea here). Then remove the busy mode.

Some hints to help with this... Turning OFF IM's to EMail in your preferences at this time will save you many headaches later as you attempt to catch up on your stored IMs.

Getting Orbited

Sitting down on a non-physical prim is the easiest way to prevent orbiting... But this doesn't help you much if you are on your way to 100Km. First thing to do, is relax, grief is something everyone in SL has to deal with at some time. To escape an attack, quickly click your minimap to bring up the full map and quickly double click a near by or even better a far away sim. If you do this fast enough, you will be able to escape before a client crash or SL logout. These are often the most difficult types of griefing to report using the AR tool primarily because these are caused either by a scanner object (sometimes called nukes or bombs) dropped in a sim, or by non-physical/physical bullets fired from a gun (most common). One way to do this is to look at your "push report" tool (need to explain this, how to find, etc). Another way is to acquire a simple shield that reports the owner of a collision or intersection object.

Getting Caged

These attacks are more annoying then anything else. There are many different types of cages. Generally they follow the same mode of operation, follow the avatar target and using push or a combination of physical/nonphysical stacked prims either immobilize the avatar or just harass the avatar by constant following. These are the easiest to make AR reports with since right clicking the cage and choosing "Report Abuse..." from the pie menu. Escaping is accomplished by teleporting to another sim. Another technique is to sit move, a technique where you move to your goal by repeatedly right click an object in the distance and choose sit, to a no-script region or a fast auto-return region (Governor Linden land usually has a 5 minute auto-return) and be patient. If you are able to drag the cage into a no script region generally the cage will become inert at this point. If you're the owner of the region, right click and choose delete on the cage works wonders.

Particle Attacks

Select from your menu VIEW -> TURN OFF PARTICLES (or press the following 4 keys CTRL ALT SHIFT = ). Finding the prim source of abuse can be difficult. Detaching the camera with the advance tools and zooming out to see the particle storm sphere and locating the approximate center of the sphere helps narrow down your search. Right click the prim, choose report abuse.

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