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Function: vector llGetAgentSize( key id );

Returns a vector that is an estimated size of the requested avatar by id.

• key id avatar UUID that is in the same region

ZERO_VECTOR is returned if id is not in the region or if it is not an avatar.


  • The returned vector is an estimate calculated from the avatar's current shape including shoes. x is a constant 0.45[1], y is a constant 0.60[2], z is smaller than the rendered height by a fixed amount. Add .17 to z for crown to sole standing height, or add .195 for crown to floor (standing avatars are rendered slightly above the floor or ground).[3]
  • Some third party viewers have a "z modifier" setting that is intended to change animation heights. The modifier is also reflected in llGetAgentSize and defeats scripted height detection.
  • The return value is the same width and depth but 0.05 meters shorter than the avatar's reported bounding box when standing. An avatar's bounding box changes when an avatar sits, while llGetAgentSize is constant for as long as the shape does not change.
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<lsl>//A simple script that makes a box hover above the owner's head. default {

   state_entry() {
       key owner = llGetOwner();
       vector pos = llList2Vector(llGetObjectDetails(owner, [OBJECT_POS]),0);
       vector agent = llGetAgentSize(owner);
       pos.z += 0.5 + agent.z / 2;//"pos" needs to be adjusted so it appears above the owner.
       if(agent)//makes sure it found the owner, a zero vector evaluates as false
   touch_start(integer num) {


  • This function is a good way to quickly test...
    • if an avatar is in the same region.
    • if a UUID known to be in the region is an avatar.

To use this function to test either case use as follows <lsl>if(llGetAgentSize(uuid)) {

   //uuid is an avatar in the region

} else {

   //uuid is not an avatar in the region


  • DEFAULT_AGENT_SIZE in llcommon/indra_constants.h is 1.9. This will be the z value if an avatar's shape has not loaded yet. It is possible but extremely rare to see a fully loaded avatar with this exact size, so:

<lsl>vector agentSize = llGetAgentSize(uuid); if (agentSize.z == 1.9) {

   // avatar is probably Ruthed


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  1. ^ const F32 DEFAULT_AGENT_DEPTH = 0.45f;(please use SourceLink/bitbucket instead, SourceLink is deprecated)
  2. ^ const F32 DEFAULT_AGENT_WIDTH = 0.60f;(please use SourceLink/bitbucket instead, SourceLink is deprecated)
  3. ^ llGetAgentSize returns the same value as LLVOAvatar::computeBodySize()(please use SourceLink/bitbucket instead, SourceLink is deprecated). See indra/llcommon/indra_constants.h(please use SourceLink/bitbucket instead, SourceLink is deprecated) for defaults and limits.


function vector llGetAgentSize( key id );