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Function: vector llGroundNormal( vector offset );

Returns a vector that is the ground normal from the current position + offset.

• vector offset

The requested position needs to be in the same sim.


This function is defined as: <lsl> vector llGroundNormal(vector offset) {

   vector slope = llGroundSlope(offset);
   return <slope.x, slope.y, 1.0>;

} </lsl>


  • Despite the name, llGroundNormal DOES NOT RETURN A NORMAL VECTOR!!! If your calculation requires a normal (for example if you are using the result as an argument to llAxes2Rot) then you must force it to be a normal with llVecNorm(llGroundNormal(offset));
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See Also


•  llGround Gets the ground height
•  llGroundContour Gets the ground contour
•  llGroundSlope Gets the ground slope

Deep Notes

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function vector llGroundNormal( vector offset );