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Open Source Portal


Information about getting and using the Second Life Viewer source code.

Source | Mailing List | Issue Tracker | Documentation

Volunteer Portal

Learn more about Volunteering in Second Life and access shared volunteer resources.

Resident Help Network Portal | Resident-Created Help Portal

Market Data

Market_Data_Portal - Learn about initiatives to find out more about the people who enjoy Second Life, and find out how you can participate
  • Links to Demographic Studies - Read reports that different researchers have put together about SL Residents, and feel free to add your own.
  • The 2007 Second Life Market Data Project - Learn more about a current large-group initiative to collect demographics and values data from voluntary survey participants.
  • Market Research Suppliers - Choose from a list of vendors who specialize in researching Second Life Resident Demographics, or add yourself or your company


Using "Show Preview"

  • You can keep track of the latest updates by using the Recent Changes link in the navigation bar or by adding pages you are especially interested in to your watchlist, but these lists can fill up very quickly if someone makes lots of small edits to a page within a short period of time.
  • Instead of pressing Save Page every time, use Show Preview before you commit your edit and check you have written what you intended to and it appears how you expected it to. Only commit and Save Page once you know you won't need to edit the page again for a while.
  • Get it right before saving and you can easily keep track of Recent Changes to see what is happening here!

LSL Portal

A reference guide to Linden Scripting Language (LSL). Bring inworld objects to life!
Functions | Events | Types | Operators | Constants | Flow Control | Script Library | Categorized Library | Tutorials

Creation Portal

Information about building and designing in Second Life

Clothing | Machinima | Music | Textures | Sculpted Prims | WindLight | Video Tutorials | Good Building Practices

QA Portal

Help out with quality assurance!

APIs and Web Services Portal

Official Second Life APIs:

Unofficial APIs:

  • World API - Info about Residents, groups and places.
  • Search API - Search for events, groups, people, places.
  • Snapshot API - Info from snapshots sent from the Viewer.

Community Development Resources

Community_Development_Guide - This section is designed to aggregate knowledge about Second Life community development in one place and create a "living document" any Resident can edit and contribute to. It is our hope this guide will be useful to interested individuals, businesses, and organizations using the Second Life Main and Teen Grids.

Need help? Visit the Help Portal


Community-powered Second Life help on a variety of topics: