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Event: on_rez( integer start_param ){ ; }

Triggered when an object is rezzed (by script or by user). Also triggered in attachments when a user logs in, or when the object is attached from inventory.

• integer start_param parameter supplied to llRezObject or llRezAtRoot

start_param is always zero when an object is not rezzed by llRezObject or llRezAtRoot.
start_param is available at any subsequent time by calling llGetStartParameter (unless it has been overridden by llRemoteLoadScriptPin).


  • If an object is rezzed by another object then the object_rez event in the parent object does not trigger at the same time as the on_rez event in the child object.
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<lsl>default {

   on_rez(integer start_param)
       // Restarts the script every time the object is rezzed



state_entry & on_rez

state_entry will be triggered prior to on_rez if state_entry has not be run prior.

See Also


•  object_rez triggered when this object rezzes an object from inventory
•  state_entry triggered during script startup, reset and state change


•  llGetStartParameter
•  llRezObject
•  llRezAtRoot

Deep Notes


event void on_rez( integer start_param );