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This page is a list of activities that can be enjoyed on Second Life.

It is not about specific places, items or groups but about the general activities (e.g. role play, not role play region X run by avatar Y or da discussion meeting on weekday Z at time HH:MM).

The purpose of keeping things general is that the information stays up to date as the general activities change much more rarely.

Each activity page linked from here should contain some information on the activity, information on how to get started with that activity, tips that make it more enjoyable. This can include relevant in-world tools (e.g. navigation HUDs for sailing or driving or flying), viewer features (e.g. showing parcel borders on the mini map) or information elsewhere on this wiki or the Knowledge Base or even external websites.

In no particular order activities on SL that some residents enjoy are (Wiki links to be added, this is still work in progress)

Music and Voice

Information on Activities where the main focus is on an Audio Stream or Voice Channel with an audience.

DJ Parties | Live Concerts | Choreographed Dance Shows | Open Mic | Book and Story Readings

Building and Landscaping

Information on creating within Second Life and for Second Life

Landscaping | Building | Building Contests | Decorating your own Home


Information on group discussions in Second Life

Reading Circles | Relationships | Politics | World Views


Information on combat related games in Second Life

Damage Systems

Second Life Health System | Gor Meter | DCS | (need to add more, including vehicle based ones here)

Interpersonal Relationships

Information on friends and partners on SL

Socializing | Neighbors | Making Friends on SL | Couple Dancing | Dating | Marriage | Adult Activities

Farming and Agriculture

Information on games to produce virtual creatures and goods, often in production trees.

Breedables | Farming Systems


Information on games in Second Life.

Some of the other categories also contain games (vehicles exploration, combat, role play, breedables, farming,...)

Tabletop Games | Skill Gaming | Fishing


Information on shopping on SL.

Treasure Hunts | Sales | Promotional Events | Marketplace

Visual Arts

Information on Activities where the main focus is on watching something

Art Exhibitions | Particle Shows | SL Photography | Machinima | Fashion Shows | Watching Videos | Theatre


Role Play

Information on Role Playing in Second Life

Some Role Play on SL also includes Combat so the links there might also be relevant.

Amusement Parks and Rides

Information on activities that involve theme parks and similar devices

Water Slides | Rollercoasters

Avatar Changes

Information on activities that involve changing your avatar in some way

Mesh Bodies and Heads | Bakes on Mesh | Clothing | Tiny Avatars | Petite Avatars | Animal Avatars | Robot Avatars | Fantasy Avatars

Contact with Linden Labs

Information on interacting with the Lindens and Moles.

Linden Lab Official:User Groups | Belliseria | Bay City | Blogs | Forums | Linden Bears

Premium Accounts

Information on activities only available with a Premium Account

Belliseria Game of Houses