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This article is about teleports. For LSL related information, see Category:LSL Teleport. For opensource specs, see Teleport (OS). For help troubleshooting teleporting, see Troubleshooting_teleporting.
A stargate

A Teleport is an instant change of your locations. Teleporting is probably the most frequent way of traveling. There are many ways to teleport to a specific location. Overall, there are many ways of teleporting.


In the old times, teleporting was not possible. Later, when the world expanded, it was possible at a Telehub, with cost. Later, when the world reached unexpected size, teleporting was allowed for everyone and for free.

Inworld teleporting

The majority of teleporting is done with the help of inworld tools and commands:

Avatar commanded teleports

These are well documented on the wiki, on the forums or on the knowledge base.

Object commanded teleports

There are various objects named teleporters, used to move avatars from one place to another. Some of them work only in the same region and at a limited distance. Others have a large range, while others are even more powerful and work throughout the grid. Short-range teleporters are used to move people from a floor to another. Medium-range teleporters are good to connect a skybox to the ground. The long-range teleporters create a continuous link between two distant places on the grid. They are all actioned by a Script.

Stargate System

The most advanced teleport system is done by the Stargate system. It looks realistic and is made of a central database that links multiple places. An avatar can teleport to many places if the code of the destination is known. Currently, there are stargates almost anywhere on the grid. Their number is for sure higher then 100[citation needed].

Not all stargates are functional, some of them are only for decorative purposes.

Outworld commanded teleport

Even if some people name them this way, they are in fact ways to login from a place. When such a command is received, you in fact open your Second Life browser to the specified location. The most used ways are by using the online map or one of the inworld links from the wiki (see for example the links in Small Railways).

Unwanted teleport

The grid is full of Land With Restricted Access. Some of these parcels don't allow teleport access, while others use varios tools to teleport unwanted visitors away. Also, the land owner has the power to eject unwanted people.

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