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Name Creator Description
List2CSV Kunnis Basiat List2CSV & CSV2List that include preserving type and escaping characters.
list_cast Fractured Crystal Casts a list of strings into the type they appear to be. Designed for preprocessing user input for feeding into llSetPrimitiveParams
List: Find Last Index Void Singer Returns the last index of searched item in a source list. (backwards version of llListFindList)
List: Multi Find Void Singer Returns the first found index of multiple search items in a list. (Multi-item version of llListFindList. Fwd and Rev versions included)
List: Reverse Void Singer Returns an input List in reverse order
ParseString2List Strife Onizuka Same as llParseString2List and llParseStringKeepNulls, but not limited to 8 spacers or separators. Thus substitute a call to the llParseString2List and llParseStringKeepNulls functions by a call to ParseString2List whenever you have more than 8 separators or more than 8 spacers.
TightList Strife Onizuka Tight List is a family of functions for encoding lists as strings and then decoding them back into lists.

There are two flavors: TightList and TightListType. TightListType preserves types and uses a 6 char header, while TightList uses a 1 char header that doesn't preserve type.

Count Occurrences in a list Dora Gustafson Look for and count anything, that can be an element, in a list. Two scripts, one straight and one recursive