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Radars and Visitor Counters

Name Creator Description
Ultimate_Radar Luxen Resident Zx Ultimate Radar v5.0.
Language_Scanner Luxen Resident Zx Language Scanner v5.0.
Visitor_Counter_Tracker Luxen Resident Zx Visitor Counter - Tracker v3.1.
1st necessity of SL Beer Dailey Monitors for avatars and (de)activates scripts states to control script performance/lag.
3D Radar Jesse Barnett Rezzes a ball for each avatar in range. Each ball tracks its own AV and displays distance.
Aim Detection Unrevoked Clarity Monitors for avatars and reports back to owner about who is aiming at them.
Avatar Radar (NewAge) Asia Snowfall Version 1.2; A nice new avatar radar script i just finish that you can place in your hud, Also features avatar locator
Best Neighbor Doran Zemlja Reduce ad clutter by hiding ads when users are on their own land nearby.
Display Names Radar Cerise Sorbet Simple HUD type avatar radar that can show display names and script memory usage
High-Capacity Greeter-Counter Rolig Loon Uses a memory compression algorithm to store hashed visitor UUID's in a string instead of using a list.
HUD Dots Radar Cerise HUD target example, draws dots on the HUD over avatars in view.
Sensor Visualizer Cerise Sorbet Shows the size and shape you get with llSensor range and arc parameters
Visitor Greeter Void_Singer Reduced spam visitor greeter, highly configurable, easy to modify.
Group Privacy Chance Unknown Security device to insure members of a group can have a private area. Deactivates when nobody present.
Visitor Logger (Web/Basic) Buddy Sprocket A very basic visitor logger - log visitors in SL to a text file on your web-site.