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Name Creator Description
Merge Sort Xaviar Czervik Implements a Merge Sort in LSL, however this code is 300(ish) times slower than llListSort. Don't use this in a script!
String Compare Xaviar Czervik Compares two strings and reliably returns either 1, -1, or 0 if they are the same.
String: Reverse Void Singer Returns an input string in reverse order
String: Last Index Void Singer Returns the last index of search found in string (the backward equivalent of llSubStringIndex)
Insertion Sort Dora Gustafson Short version can easily be expanded to sort parallel lists something that can't be done with the built in llListSort()
Tail Messages (NewAge) Asia Snowfall A super nice easy to use script for those non-scripters out there! NewAge coding has done it again where you no longer need to scroll up and down adding buttons and adding messages, Features a tag system (you'll see what i mean :P)